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Found 5 results

  1. New guy here, bear with me. This is the first time I'm setting up a guitar to use effects in a VST. I create a new audio track, I set the track input to a channel on my USB mixer. Output is set to Master. Plug in my guitar. Turn on input monitoring and I hear reverb, or echo, or something. I can't figure out where it's getting that; I don't have reverb on the channel, nor is it on the master bus I created. If I add a guitar VST, it immediately starts feeding back in a loop. I'm using headphones, so it's not audio feedback. I think something is routing the song back through the input, or something. I can't even get to square one. Any thoughts, suggestions or guidance? Perhaps a link to a tutorial? I've found a few, but none of them address this. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi there... I have searched the internet, and browsed through the manual. I think the terms I am looking for are not the cakewalk terms (or anyone's) ? Or I'm just really bad at searching. I am not big into audio and don't know much, but I'd like to learn more. I have been using Davinci Resolve's Fairlight page to edit the audio for videos, but it kept crashing. Two things I could do easily in Fairlight are joining the two audio clips from a song that my camera split, and syncing two audio sources together by waveform. There is an audible click when I put the split clips from my camera together in cakewalk. (It could possibly be my camera's fault, but that's never happened before, or I'm doing something wrong in cakewalk.) And if I want to sync external audio to my camera's audio, I can do it with a few mouse clicks in fairlight which analyzes the waveforms and puts the clips in sync. I have no idea how to do that in cakewalk. I'm guessing it has something to do with the audio snap, but when I tried to follow instructions from the manual it didn't help. If that's where it's at, I'd be happy with just a confirmation on that, and I'll try harder. I'm hoping there's something automated in cakewalk, because I suck at doing it manually. Sorry for the probably dumb questions. When I search for things, a lot of the results don't make sense to me when I'm working with a live performance all recorded at the same time with a couple mics. (What would that be called in the audio world?) P.S. I'm not mixing anything, but I'm really curious... How do you lay down live recordings in a mix and have them in sync with everything? I mean, what's the term I should search for to understand how people do this?
  3. Evan Thomas

    Extreme UI Latency

    I am completely new to the world of DAWs so apologies in advance for sounding clueless. I have just installed Cakewalk and I essentially cannot use it at all due to extreme lag with the UI. Anytime I click anything or even try to adjust the window, there is a 4-5 second delay before the action is registered. I am not sure how to fix this or even what settings I should begin to look into. To the best of my knowledge, all settings are at default, and my audio drivers are up to date. Does anyone have any idea what I might try to fix this issue? In case it is helpful, here are the relevant specs of my PC: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 RAM: 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz Like I said before, I am completely new to this stuff so please let me know if there is any other information I can provide to help diagnose the issue.
  4. To start things off: I'm still fairly new to Cakewalk. The only things I've done in this remake is take the original song I did in the free trial of Ableton Live 10 and redo the song in Cakewalk. I'm still progressing as I go along. What I did was take the intro and turn the synth notes into loops, importing the .wav samples into Cakewalk. Everything else is from scratch and memorization. I hope you like it. I would do all of this on my computer, but my computer has been acting funny and I lost all my stuff, leaving me to reinstall everything. So, there aren't any screenshots or video recordings of me recreating the song. Here is the link to the song: https://soundcloud.com/audiseemusic/mastermind My mastering needs work, so please bare with me. Thank you for listening.
  5. Hello, I have just installed CW curious about music production a hobby. There is no output, all the gauges and so on are showing levels but there's no sound. Other programs and sources and so on play as usual. I haven't changed anything physically. I've played around with all the audio output preferences but nothing seems to get CW playing back. Obviously I've missed something super basic but if anyone could help me get CW to play on an output that would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
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