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Found 4 results

  1. This comes from a thread on one of the CbB Facebook groups where a number of users were saying how much accidental scroll wheel interference when working in Cakewalk is driving them mad. It would be super useful to be able to disable mouse scroll wheel operation either DAW-wide or for specific views. My personal grind is with the console view, especially accidentally changing parameters either on the tracks (fader levels mostly) or in the Pro Channel. Would be awesome to look at this for a future update. I'd also be keen to know if this is something other users have been similarly plagued by. Cheers ūüôĆūüŹľ
  2. Has anybody else seen this? If you have Fractal Audio Axe Edit III running while using Cakewalk, it somehow disturbs mouse double-clicks and resizing events: more than half of the double-clicks are not registered in Cakewalk and if resizing for example track height, it may jump suddenly to unexpected height. As soon as Axe Edit III is closed, mouse works perfectly again. I do not see this behavior in other programs like Firefox, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere, After Effects or Microsoft Word while Axe Edit III is open. Can anyone repro this? My mouse is Logitech M185. EDIT: My Axe FX 3 MK II is connected via USB to PC but for audio I use AES/EBU. USB is for the firmware updates only. EDIT2: When starting Axe Edit III, mouse works OK while user presets and cabinets are read. Problem arises when Axe Edit III has completed all initializations and is ready for use. EDIT3: I tried other free USB 2.0 and 3.0 slots for the Axe FX III MK II USB cable. No effect. EDIT4: Video track height: same issue but Cakewalk fixes height immediately after the glitch unlike when resizing track height. EDIT5: Issue is in the busses, too. EDIT6: I think this issue is in the system level: when resizing windows of many other programs, they may too blink momentarily to wrong height but window size jumps back to mouse location when the next mouse location is read. I suspect Axe FX III's USB driver is the cause for this problem. EDIT7: Changed title.
  3. When I'm working in the Track View and have my tracks set up (using folders or just very few tracks) so that there's an empty space below them, I use my mouse in that area to zoom with the wheel, set Now Time, and make selections (the Smart Tool goes to Select down there). The reason is that it's a guaranteed "safe" place to click, with few consequences if my finger slips. I don't have to be concerned with accidentally focusing or selecting a track or muting a clip or any of the things that might happen if I clicked in the wrong place in a track. How about you? (I'm curious, and I've never created a poll before, so here it is)
  4. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and would know how to fix it? I recently installed the upgrade to Band Lab, and now and trying to mix the mouse doesn't work on playback of the tracks. It works fine while not in playback and on other applications. Anyone have a idea way?
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