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Found 4 results

  1. HI I am trying to configure Cakewalk to accept two different midi inputs simultaneously. I have been using a digital piano and midi usb interface and recently added a NI Komplete controller, each has its own interface cable. I am assuming I should be able to assign separate midi input ports to each track and to control each midi input signal separately. There are two parts to my question the first is whether simultaneous multiple midi inputs to separate tracks is possible. The second is that there seems to be a deeper problem concerning midi port assignment that may have to do with windows, that is preventing me from changing midi ports at all. Once I setup Cakewalk for Komplete controller using the Komplete Kontrol EXT-1 and DAW-1, cakewalk no longer accepts to load the older interface, even after closing Cakewalk, turning off the NI controller , reopening CW, starting a new project and re configuring the midi devices as I have for years ( Input midi uno interface) . I am receiving a Windows reporting insufficient memory message. (computer has 64 G of RAM processor is i7 9700k, Windows 10 pro). Presently both midi interfaces indicate signals are being transmitted and MIDI OX confirms reception of the midi signal from both controllers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. I'm using an iConnectivity Audio4+ interface, and reproduced this issue at will with a new blank project. Insert a soft synth track folder, set MIDI track input to the USB MIDI channel 1 of my interface, save project, close Cakewalk, then open and reload project. The MIDI input is no longer the USB channel - usually set to Omni all devices. I see similar changes in other combinations - for example set to All Devices channel 3, reloading it is set to the MIDI port channel 3 on my interface. Confusing and frustrating each time I start work again on an existing project. Any one else see this, or suggestions? I'm using Version 2020.1(Build 28, 64 bit). The only device I've seen so far that correctly persists is the virtual controller.
  3. Hi everyone, I've been a Sonar user since the early stages already for a very long time. As I have transitioned towards this new version (that I still tend to call Sonar, sounds kinda cool), there were some minor issues surfacing from time to time which I plan to bring up eventually here. In this context, there is a problem with the MIDI assignment of inputs, which has changed since recently. Namely, when you connect a keyboard while Kontakt player is running and you assign the MIDI as it requests in a message, the inputs and outputs of all other MIDI synths will be randomly reassigned. However, when you plug in your MIDI controller and then run Cakewalk, everything is normal. I guess this is some sort of bug and needs to be fixed. Opinions and views are very welcomed indeed, perhaps there's some workaround or even fix that I haven't managed to come by so far for this. Cheers!
  4. In some other Daws, you can route another Kontakt Instrument to trigger Midi on a separate other instrument. Ex: Kontakt Library patch to a vintage horns patch. I go to Kontakt preferences and select Send Midi to Outside World, choose CCs and Notes. Looking at youtube examples other programs show a dropdown of Kontakt Out that you would select for the Input of a 2nd track. This doesn't appear as an option in Sonar. It only shows my input devices (Kybd, controller, etc., Virtual Instruments) , but no Kontakt out option. Is that not supported in Sonar or am I doing it wrong. I'm running Kontakt as a soft synth in Sonar, not as a stand alone instrument. I only use 1 instance of Kontakt and multiple midi tracks addressing different midi channels and patches in Kontakt Any ideas or workarounds any users came across? Thanks, Michael Warren
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