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  1. Hi - I thought this was solved, but it turns out while it briefly was, it is broken again. I do NOT understand why this began doing this sometime yesterday. I have an URGENT need to complete some work and deliver it to someone - I was supposed to have sent the completed work last night, as it will be needed for use tomorrow, so this is a HUGELY urgent thing for me to fix. I have had an unchanged configuration with CbB and SPLAT, for more than a year, where my midi controller has been plugged into the same ports, everything worked great, etc., when all of a sudden, yesterday afternoon I discovered my midi controller's activity was no longer being detected within CbB OR in SPLAT. Meaning, pressing keys on the midi controller, should have produced midi data in CbB or in SPLAT, and it was not, though it all worked fine the night before, and I had made no changes. I THOUGHT I had this fixed, by doing an uninstall/delete/install of the USB drivers for the midi controller, and it began to work in a new project, after doing the above, but when I loaded up an existing project, it quit working again, and now setting up a VSTi instance, midi track, audio track, and routing assignments, it only works when I press notes on the FM8 virtual keyboard, but NOT when I press notes on the midi controller. (It does also work outside of CbB, if I run FM8 (or any synth) in stand-alone mode - notes pressed on the midi controller trigger sounds in the synth, as is supposed to be the case. Additionally, midi activity is detected by the Windows System Tray's MIDI Input/Output Activity monitor, and by MIDI Ox, if I run that - while in the CbB project. MY APPARENT solution - I uninstalled and deleted the midi drivers for my class-compliant Roland A-800 Pro midi controller, unplugged the USB cable, restarted my computer, logged in, and plugged the USB cable back into the same port I had it in prior to uninstalling. Windows went through the device setup process, and it began working again after that. Nothing else I had tried (including Windows corruption detection/repair or ripping out CbB and doing a clean install) had fixed anything, but for whatever reason, uninstalling the Roland device drivers and letting Windows install the same drivers again did the trick). This WORKED, and I saved the new project I had set up, but now is again no longer working. 01) The midi controller was properly declared/selected in Preferences>MIDI>Devices under Inputs, and available to CbB 02) The A-Pro USB drivers were properly loaded and working properly when viewed in Device Manager 03) The routing assignments in the CbB project are properly made, between audio/midi/VSTi, including specifying Omni for Input on the midi track 04) Playing notes using the VSTi virtual keyboard for FM8 properly produces midi data and sound (same for other synths) 05) Existing midi track data properly plays back for all midi tracks and VSTi instances/instruments, so even the Midi Output Channel specified for the midi tracks are correct and unchanged. 06) MIDI Ox shows proper midi data for keys pressed on the midi controller, as does the indicator light in the Windows System Tray MIDI Input/Output Activity app 07) No related errors seen in Windows Event Viewer 08) Antivirus software is temporarily disabled, (though I already had anything needed already listed as exclusions to being scanned) 09) There is no detected corruption in Windows, after running diagnostics 10) I performed a complete uninstall, including removing any vestigial Registry entries or Windows folders, and a clean install of CbB 11) SAME issues when trying to work in SPLAT, and same conditions as above, except I did not also do a clean reinstall of SPLAT. 12) I also do not have a spare midi controller at this location, to try swapping it out, but by all indications, my Roland A-800 Pro seems to be working properly, and both Windows and MIDI Ox ARE detecting the appropriate midi note event data when I press keys on the midi controller - it is just not being recognized/'seen' by either CbB or Splat. I am ALL EARS for any ideas - I really really really need to get this resolved as soon as possible, because I have commitments I cannot currently deliver on time, and that is a problem. I hope I am just a paranoid idiot, and there is something I am overlooking. The pain meds don't exactly help me properly reason through things, either, but I just cannot figure out why this is happening. THANKS to anyone who even read all of the above, and for anybody's assistance in my quickly getting past this. Bob Bone
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