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Found 6 results

  1. Dear developers! It would be very interesting to know about plans to finalize the Matrix module! If it, this module, would be improved to the level of Cakewalk Project 5, it would be the best alternative to Bitwig and Ableton on the market!!! At the moment, for me personally, the module is useless. But it could become a very cool and very popular feature, which is in Bitwig and Logic. Let's support the idea to finalize the matrix (already written about it on the forum) and make it one of the features of the future Sonar! What do you think?
  2. Hello everyone. I'm trying to set up a MATRIX project where i'll be using 2 short stereo audio files / loops triggered by COLUMN A... this works fine. BUT I'm trying to put 3 stereo files (about 17 minutes of duration each) in COLUMN B. These files are 3 distinct audio environments design to play at the same time, over 3 independent audio outputs. So far, it is not working properly. These three files are being "warped" / Grooved-clipped somewhat. This, even if I think i'm doing everything that should be done to prevent this. In details: Clips are not marked as loop or tempo strech/follow tempo when i'm looking at the CLIP property pane before importing to the Matrix. In the MATRIX view, global loop is OFF When importing the clips, they get the "one shot" symbol on the cell (not the loop one) Even then, I can hear audio artifacts usually related to "groove looping" / Time matching on playback. When i Double-click on the matrix cell that contains one of the long audio clips, to have a look in the LOOP CONSTRUCTION VIEW, file is unexpectedly marked as loop and I can see slice markers... When disabling the LOOP option in the loop construction view (attempting to confirm this file is to be treated as a one-shot), the file (or matrix cell that contains it) is not launching playback at all when i click on it from the MATRIX. ... Soooo.... has anyone used successfully long audio files as ONE SHOTS in the MATRIX View or not? What am I forgetting to do in my preps here if so? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I've been writing a piece involving the matrix view and nothing else. After finally cutting up my samples and loading them into the matrix view, I saved and exited Cakewalk. Upon opening the project it crashed. After finding several threads about, this I read that the problem might be a plugin, and that I can track down which one by using safe mode. After opening the project in safe mode, there was only one plugin to disable called GroovePlayer. Now I didn't open any plugins at all, so I figured it must be something related to the matrix view. Anywho, I clicked no to disable GroovePlayer, the only plugin in the project, and it still crashed. So I decided that maybe something's up with the project. When I created a new project imported a clip, saved, closed Cakewalk, and reopened it, the project didn't crash. So I redid all of the work in a new project, saved, exited, reopened, and lo and behold, it crashed. The only thing used was the matrix. No plugins whatsoever. I need help asap this is for a project due tomorrow (technically today). Thank you in advance. I'm using an acer swift 3 with windows 11
  4. Hi folks! The Matrix View in Cakewalk by Bandlab allows you to improvise a composition and record your actions! Check out my video, demystifying the Matrix! WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/E8VHm2X7aPw
  5. I wanted to make a beat with the matrix view seeing that you can do audio and midi and people asked about this matrix and could you use it like an MPC so I made this video to show you the step I took to make a Boom Bap beat with the matrix view . Let me know if you have any questions.. 🤔
  6. In other words, if I trigger the first column is it possible to have the second column automatically trigger after the first column finishes playing? Thank you for any help, yeto
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