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Found 6 results

  1. Hi folks! Many of you have had trouble setting up devices to control Cakewalk. In this video I hope to ease your frustration! WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/K7x30ZmO5V0
  2. Hi The Problem: I have a Mackie Control Universal, the old grey one. It seems to have developed a problem in that it sends intermittent, uncommanded midi signals which cause the virtual master fader in cakewalk to move rapidly up and down about a decibel in volume. It seemingly happens randomly, several times a minute, sometimes once a minute or less, lasting a few seconds at a time. I have used Midi-Ox to record the output signals - see the attached pic. My Mackie has the upgraded cpu chip (v3.0.0 up from v2.1.2) and two PWM chips, upgraded to v3.50. Things I've Tried: Tried 2 different Midi interfaces - a Focusrite 4i4 and a Miditech 4x4. I have taken the Mackie all apart and undone and redone all the connectors. I have swapped all the chips with the other upgraded ones from my mackie extender. I've also tried putting the old chips back in (v2.1.2). I've tried pressing every button and turned every knob and moved ever fader to see if something was sticking. I disabled the physical Master Fader on the Mackie by pulling its connector off and ran Cakewalk to see if that would stop the problem. It didn't, the virtual Master Fader still recieved a midi signal from the Mackie and randomly shook the fader up and down. Checked the Mackie is in MCU mode. Checked the controllers setup in cakewalk - Mackie first, Extender 2nd amd C4 third. Ran Cakewalk with just the Mackie and no extender or C4 controller. The whole setup seems ruined now. It was working fine before the weekend. As it only affects the virtual Master Fader (or the Bus Fader - depending upon what I have the physical fader set too in the Mackie options), is there a way of disabling the Mackies input to cakewalk's Master Fader? I don't really use it so I wouldn't miss it. I know I can select in Cakewalks Mackie options which fader to assign to the physical Master fader - either 1.Master Fader or 2.Bus Fader. I would like to be able to disable it completley. Any help would be really appreciated. I've spent all weekend on this. And as I said, my whole Cakewalk/Mackie setup is ruined by this. Regards, Chris
  3. I have installed Bandlab/Cakewalk as well as the Mackie app for my Producer 2.2 interface. I cannot hear any audio output though the phones out on the 2.2 But Windows sounds are there in the phones so Windows likes the interface. I've followed the tutorials and opened a new project, insert instrument (drums) and can see the drum set and mouse hit the drums and it shows that it's triggering but no sound at all. I suspect it may be a bus assignment but I've tried everything I can think of (and I know MIDI) and no audio. Here's another thing. After installing Cakewalk I launched it without the interface attached and before I installed the Mackie application. On launching Cakewalk I got an error message that "the master bus is set to silent". So I tried to find the right setting and could not figure out the master bus problem. But now when I start Cakewalk without the interface connected (but with the app already installed) and now the error message is "the drivers installed are not compatible...." so I can't listen through the laptop headphone jack. I've looked everywhere and can't find a solution. Thanks in advance for your help. Mike in Nashville
  4. so, i have gone through all the support pages and looked through google but i cant find anything on this. i just received my mackie onyx artist 1-2 today and installed all the drivers. however it isnt appearing in any of the driver lists. like at all. its also not letting me playback mp3 or wav files saying unable to open audio playback device plz help
  5. Hi, I have been using a Mackie MCU Pro for a few weeks now with no issues (after the initial setup), loading a project today in cakewalk the following issues have arisen: - No buttons on the track strips in the MCU will update Cakewalk, but muting (for eg) in Cakewalk will set the button on the MCU. - Transport not responding - None of the buttons in the view, fader bank, or the whole right hand section respond - the faders do map okay, but i can't move off the 1st bank. I've tried re-mapping the Mackie in Cakewalk as a surface, restarting Cakewalk and the Mackie and loading them in order (i.e. Mackie on 1st), restarting PC, loading other Cakewalk projects. I'm reading and looking for answers now, but any advice or help or links would be fantastic. Thanks in advance Chris.
  6. This issue seems to have been in Sonar as long as I can remember and it's still in the latest Cakewalk, but it's really annoying me now as I've been working on a control surface plugin with some different selection options. To repro, you need a control surface using the Mackie plugin with the "Select highlights track" option set and a project with multiple tracks - I'm going to use tracks 1 and 2 but the actual track numbers don't matter From the control surface press the SELECT button for track 1 - track 1 is now highlighted Press the comma key on the PC keyboard - track 1 is now selected From the control surface press the SELECT button for track 2 - track 2 is now highlighted Press the comma key on the PC keyboard - tracks 1 and 2 are now selected Now this all works fine until you use the GUI, either mouse or keyboard up/down keys to highlight a track. Once you've done that for the first time, the behaviour changes and the comma key select toggle will ignore any track highlight changes that came from the control surface. So you get this: From the GUI (either mouse or keyboard) move to track 1 - track 1 is now highlighted Press the comma key on the PC keyboard - track 1 is now selected From the control surface press the SELECT button for track 2 - track 2 is now highlighted Press the comma key on the PC keyboard - no tracks are selected Press the comma key on the PC keyboard again - track 1 is selected So, the highlighting via the control surface is a sort of "second class" highlight that doesn't work with everything. To restore the correct behaviour, you need to close and reopen the project.
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