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  1. I just spent a few hours in a MIDI track composing a vocal melody line which matched a pre-recorded vocal track as far as notes and timing goes, and then added in lyrics. When I played the song back, it worked great in the Staff View for that track. The purpose of doing this was so I could monitor the song words in real time when practicing or playing a live gig. I was hoping to make use of the Lyrics View for this purpose when doing a live gig as it is easier for me to read stationary words than to have them jump from the right edge of my monitor screen to the left side when reaching the end of a line, so switched over to Lyrics View all seemed fine until I reached the last two lyric lines of the song. At that point, some words that had already gone by were re-inserted among the correct words so as to look really confusing. Glancing back at the Staff view lyrics at the same point in the song, everything there still looked totally fine. I went back to Lyrics View and tried to edit out the mismatched words, but as soon as I started doing that it messed up the lyrics in both the Lyric View and Staff View. Thankfully, I had saved the song after finishing the lyrics for the Staff View, so I was able to simply close the file without saving it again, and reopen it. Next, I tried deleting all lyrics in the Staff View, from the measure just before the mismatch begins, to the end of the song. Looking at the Lyrics View, I thought I would see the same area devoid of lyric words, but they were still there! Has anyone else run into a similar problem? If so, is there a solution? If this is a Cakewalk bug, which seems to be the case, I hope the Band Lab crew will come up with a fix for this really soon. If they don't, does anyone know of an add-on that could reliably be used to do what I want? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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