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Found 13 results

  1. Today is an extra ordinary livestream. I will be interviewing Andre Fly the founder of Cinematic Alpha, and featuring some of his Kontakt Libraries (currently on Fall sale). I will also be welcoming Ivan Martinez Lacamara, film and TV composer who has worked extensively on the soundtrack for the Netflix series Money Heist (La Casa de Papel).We will also be doing live giveaways of some of Cinematic Alpha's libraries along the way. I look forward to seeing you later today (hopefully after Spectrasonic's announcement) 😂 More about Cinematic Alpha here: https://www.andrewfly.com/cinematicalpha.html
  2. Hi, i just got my UM2 the day before yesterday and i'm trying to do a livestreaming with OBS, but so far it seems impossible. I intalled the ASIO driver, but i got the behringer UM2 working with WASAPI with the following configuration (attached) I get monitor from my pc's speakers and also from the output of the UM2. I've seen may videos and read tutorial, all them say to use the ASIO driver but i only got this working with WASAPI, and i have no iudea how to connect this with OBS b ecause tutorial say i have to change my cakewalk imput and outpút but i just won't work. Please HELP
  3. I am looking forward to sharing some of my latest adventures with @gregjazz Orange Tree Samples, along with @AudioBrewers latest library Tangent Drum. I will also catch up on the latest update to Pianoteq 7. 4:00 PM EST
  4. Hello together, I am fairly new to audio processing using a DAW. First my scenario: I have a band playing live in front of a small audience (due to corona). For the sound in the room/hall I use a common mixer. I then route the inserts via USB into my PC running Cakewalk. There I get the audio input for all channels using an ASIO driver for the mixer. This is working fine and I can do recordings of the live audio. My problem is, that I do not want to do a recording. I rather want to just process the live signals with some EQ, compression and effects and then route the master output to e. g. OBS. So my question is: Is it possible with Cakewalk to process and output live inputs instead of recordings in the way I described? What I achieved so far is, that I used the Input Echo to output live sound. But it sounds very different from what I get from a recording. Channel gain for example does not impact input echo. I would really like to be able to do a recording, set up all the channel pipelines based on the recording in a quiet room and then just use the same pipelines for live signal processing when the band performs their songs. I would be very grateful for any help. Kind regards, Matthias
  5. @VSTBuzz is having a special that includes ALL of the expansions for $112.29 (norm. $373.15) (don't you love the exchange rates 🙄) http://bit.ly/VSTBuzz_PureSynth_Platinum_Bundle. I purchased Pure Synth Platinum a while ago as it is a really great instrument to take on the road as it is fairly kind regarding using resources. Thanks to Gospel Musicians and VSTBuzz for unlocking the other expansions so that I can share the experience with you. I hope to see you this afternoon: My link is a VSTBuzz affiliate , providing a small commission to help support the channel. I did however purchase and use Pure Synth myself, Gospel Musicians have unlocked the expansions so that I can share the full package with all of you.
  6. I am trying to use the audio from Cakewalk as my audio input in OBS. I did some googling/youtubing which led me to download Reastream. It is working to an extent -- I am able to send the audio from Cakewalk to OBS, but it is only sending the raw signal with none of the effects I have on it in Cakewalk. I have been playing around with it for a few hours to try to figure out what I'm missing, and I keep coming up short. If anyone out there knows what I'm doing wrong I'd appreciate all the help I could get!
  7. This is an unusual Krakauer Brother's Spinet piano that had a crack in the bridge so the piano tuner recommended it be chopped up for firewood! I am so glad that they chose to keep it intact. Here is the livestream replay of a really fun and interesting journey exploring the Firewood Piano. Here is an interesting article on my website that shares some more backstory and recording info: https://wp.me/p6Mqqs-ue
  8. Hello everyone, I am getting ready to go live today around 4:00 pm to feature Q Up Arts California Keys which are now on a special fundraising promotion of $150, with 50% of the proceeds going to Global Giving to benefit those affected by the devastating California Wildfires. I hope to see you there:
  9. Well it was indeed a crazy day. I had a great time waling through all of these today. I hope you enjoy catching the replay when you can. Thanks again for the tremendous support and encouragement. Spitfire Audio Originals Epic Brass + Woodwinds, along with Originals Cinematic Percussion. The next stream was featuring Whole Sounds Baldwin 1954 Parlor Grand and taking a sneak peek at his upcoming Baldwin 1988 Connelly Chapel Grand It was a great privilege to have Dan McKinney join me to share some of his thoughts about his piano libraries, as well as give us some information regarding his current Kickstarter Project which is to sample a Baldwin SD10 9' Concert Grand.
  10. What’s up fellow fader finalgers?! I recently hosted a live event where I took a clients mix and performed EQ adjustments Live. Thought it might be helpful for some. I stream once a week and (rotate Saturday’s and Thursday’s) and I have really met some awesome people as well as a supportive group of users!
  11. With the growing popularity of live-streaming due to everyone being stuck at home, many friends have been asking me how to livestream your DAW to discord and other platforms. This can be kind of tricky especially if you do not have internal loopback feature within your interface. The ghetto method would be to manually connect a pair of outputs back into your inputs but if you're looking for a software solution, look no further! There are many other methods that include using Voicemeter Banana etc and stuff but my method uses a kinda forgotten plugin called Voxengo Recorder and doesn't mess with your ASIO Drivers in your DAW so check it out here and feel free to subscribe and like if you find it useful! Don't hesitate to post your questions here as well, i'll try to reply as soon as possible!
  12. Hi , I am new to Cakewalk and am hoping somebody can help me on the shifting ovate up and down while using VST instrument for live performance. I am an intermediate pianist and use Piano VSTs for playing/practicing. I recently installed free IOWA piano VST .The quality of samples are not the best in the world but is very good for a free VST ,in particular I liked the singing of high and mid registers similar to an acoustic piano, however there is a problem with this VST which it is offset -1 octave when I play with my Roland FP-30. The shifting octave works on MIDI tracks using Inspector or on recorded audio tracks using Transpose in Process menu, however it did notwork for live performance . Also I tried to shift octave on the Roland FP-30 first then load the VST, it did not work either. Is any idea how o fix this issue? Thanks, Saeed
  13. The Event at Paramount Livestream on facebook.com/orchestraltools & Youtube January 22, 2019 / 11 AM (PST) / 8PM (CET) We will showcase our vision for the next frontier of music making. It will include groundbreaking technological announcements, conversations on the craft of making music, along with some special surprises. As our special guest, we welcome the esteemed Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL - who's scored films Mad Max: Fury Road, Deadpool, Batman v Superman, the upcoming Alita: Battle Angel and many more. See what's in store for our vision of the future of music making!
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