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Found 8 results

  1. SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME DEAL: 2 DAYS LEFT Ultra™ - Viral World-Class COMPLETE BUNDLE 1.0 39.48GB KONTAKT 6 (kontakt 5.8.1 mininum) Important: Rare Edition Watch the official trailer here: https://youtu.be/VzWF9jjHf1o GEAR OF THE YEAR 2020 A GIGANTIC expression of emotions... Millions of ways to create, an immersion of inspirations... Explore innovative sounds. Access now to 39.48GB OFFICIAL and most POPULAR instruments, elements & sounds Live an Experience of music composing. boost x10 your music productions to the next level! Hundreds of Professionals Composers have already ordered Ultra™ - Viral World-Class Complete Bundle 1.0 Click here: https://www.designmybeat.com/products/virtual-instruments/ultra-viral-world-class-complete-bundle Watch the trailer here: https://youtu.be/VzWF9jjHf1o
  2. Hi folks. Am still running the last version of SPlat, I think. Love it. Purchased Xosphere 2 and have full version of Kontakt 6 (6.2.2) They work just fine in standalone mode. In SPlat Kontakt 6 runs all the instruments just fine, but while Xosphere 2 loads just fine and even runs the default instrument preset, when I select a new preset then the audio engine dies and the Xosphere GUI most locks up. The preset never loads. Have to shutdown SPlat at that point. Anyone seen this kind of behavior? Ideas?
  3. If you missed the livestream; the replay is now available. Elysion has so many interesting sounds and textures and it was a lot of fun diving into it a little, even Sonuscore’s The Orchestra popped in for a cameo. I hope you enjoy watching?
  4. I installed Motion Keys yesterday and thought I would do a livestream to walk through some of the sounds, it was a lot of fun. Motion Keys is available for a few more days at the $199 intro pricing so take a look at the replay to experience a little taste of Motion Keys. I am really impressed with the amount of content and how efficient it runs providing some quality sounds with a low memory CPU hit.
  5. Just thought I would give a heads up. I am going to be doing a livestream of Heavyocity's VENTO Modern Woodwinds today at around noon (est). I would love for you to join me. I have been doing these live streams over the past few days in light of the Havyocity/native Instruments promotion (which ends today). I look forward to seeing some of you!
  6. First let me say support has been great in trying to resolve my problem. I purchased program at a great price about a week ago. Primarily for its auto harmonize feature. The instruments are fine, but when using multi, the skin that contains description of sliders and other info does not appear. That includes the notation sceen of the voicings of the multi instruments. That was the main reason for purchasing. I have v2 released in 2017. What is really strange to me, when searching problems with this product on google, the only results are their videos or reviews. Not one result by an individual making a positve or negative comment. Thats almost impossible to believe unless they only sold one copy to me. Has anyone purchased this? If so, what’s been your experience with it. I’m using it with kontakt 6 full version. Thanks
  7. I have been having a lot of fun with ASCEND the past two days and put a video together as I experience some of the sounds for the very first time. It is a fun ride.
  8. Caught my attention because its one the few (at the moment) new libraries specifically for Kontact 6. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ http://soundethers.wixsite.com/soundethers/granular-moon-kontakt-6 Soundethers has released Granular Moon, a collection for Kontakt 6. Price $30 Tech Specs: 250+ patches, divided in 5 categories, with Mod Wheel assigned to all sounds. 127 original samples (3.73 GB) delivered in wave 48hz/24-bit, ready to use in a DAW. Content: Atmospheres (66) – evolving sounds with intervals - long samples (up to 4 minutes..). Field Loops (28) – raw environments recorded at hi-res in different locations. Multis (91) – the real core folder of this library, explore it. Pads (30) – tonal playable sounds - analog sources processed with granular synthesis. Arps (36) – additional unusual arps, made with the basic Kontakt arpeggiator script. Full detailed manual, with infos and screenshots. Read and edit sounds. Price: $30 - Granular Moon is made for Kontakt 6 full version only. It works in demo mode in the Free Kontakt Player for 15 min. only.
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