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  1. HI I'm Doug and I have always wanted to be able to play an instrument and at 63 yr I got the chance during the pandemic. If I had figured out that I could play by ear when I was 15 you would know who I am already! I have a home studio kit that I put together not even knowing that this is what I was going to be very happy to be in possession of at that time. I play along with my favorite music and have never gotten everything like it should be to be able to do what I have been attempting. I think it has a lot to do with there being such an eclectic array of devices that windows doesn't know whether it needs to figure out what exactly a since of humor consists of or whether to play along like Spock failing to see the humor of the matter. If their is something that explains how to configure this and I can find it I can figure it out and have gotten close trying to post live on Facebook but it isn't consistent. Or I'm not, my computer is a little slow and tries my patients and that is a good deal of the issue. I will explain what I have set up now and hopefully someone can give me a clue. I am using a Baldwin pianovelle rsp that has a lot of Rolland, or Korg features of the 80's era for the $50 I paid for it I thought it was a Rolls Royce compared to the Casio ctk 2100 I have that got me going. I use one of the headphone jacks on the front to mic 1 on the front of the Pyle,I have a cheap mic that I haven't got up the courage to get serious yet for mic 2 my computer line out is going to the source in on the back of it. My line out goes to a splitter that is for 1 stereo set of rca in and has about 5 sets out that are click lock and I push them all in at the same time so its basically a 1 in 5 out switch of which go to the bass and monitors and one goes into the sound card on the computer. There is a midi in out and thru that I bought a midi to usb pnp with 16 in and 16 out channel that goes to the pc It works fantastic I have about 1500 watts leftover because the bass and monitors are powered well. It would be capable of rattling car windows driving by wouldn't that be a switch! I just don't know how to tell the software what to look for and am not sure if it would find what it is looking for in windows. So far it has not. Thanks in advance for any help!
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