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Found 8 results

  1. I've been struggling for months to figure out what's going on with my microphone. I bought it new, it's a Shure, and it works in any other program other than cakewalk, without a hitch. When using cakewalk, i choose my input and when I talk/sing into the mic, there are green bars showing that the mic is actually picking things up, the track is armed, but NOTHING gets recorded. I'm sure this is something stupid that I've yet missed but I've been through youtube tutorials, forums, and everything and I just want to record some quality audio. If anyone can help me, please do!
  2. I think the program might be quicker to learn if the naming conventions were more consistent. For instance, you have lenses for screen layouts and track control layouts, but a track manager and an event list manager for those module's layouts. Perhaps go with the lens thing with "Manage Tracks Lens" and "Manage the Events Lens" and lens anywhere else a layout is being defined. Then you have the views menu. Views by itself would be fine as a naming convention, but now it seems to run up against the "lenses" concept. I first looked for these "views" under the Windows menu. Perhaps put them there, or rename it from "views" to "modules" or "panes"(etc.) which is what most of them first appear as. Also, you have the Staff, Console, and Piano Roll, etc. which have "view" tacked onto the name, while the Event List, Markers, etc. which default to the same pane, don't. Adding the word "view" is redundant when you've already categorized them with the menu heading. If you want to save some space, you might rename the Help Module simply Help. I think everyone knows it's a module. Also Track Control Manager would be more accurate as Track Controls Manager. None of this is a huge deal as you figure out what everything is readily enough, but they are things I found momentarily confusing upon first glance. Maybe I'm missing something as I haven't used Cakewalk/Sonar in a very long time. Great job on the updates!
  3. The ProChannel takes over the entire inspector on an audio track, so why not do the same with a MIDI track with all those MIDI FX. It would certainly make them easier to read and use.
  4. Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me here. Just bought myself a Steinberg UR22 Mkii interface and I'm having an issue with Cakewalk only showing 1 channel available, which doesn't even let me record in stereo. Its meant to be a 2x2 USB channel interface. So far its only allowing me to record one channel in mono. Both inputs work BUT only in mono. It plays back in stereo so as far as I can tell its working fine. I'm assuming it has something to do with cakewalk not recognising the channel as stereo?? It gives me the options to choose left, right and stereo but again, only recording the left channel regardless. All new drivers installed and had a firmware update also. I'm running windows 7 (will upgrade to 10 this weekend most likely) Has anybody encountered this before? Thanks guys.
  5. comparto con ustedes un paquete de temas, no soy el creador original de estos archivos, este paquete tiene temas antiguos, es posible que uno o más no sean compatibles en la versión real, espero que disfrute esto, aquí está el paquete: http: //www.mediafire.com/f ile / 66dp53b9m53b2j2 / Cakewalk_Themes.zip / file example:
  6. Hello, I'm trying to connect cakewalk with Nektar impact lx88+, did all the necessary configurations(inatalled - Impact_GX_LX+_SE49_Cakewalk_Support_Win_1.1.3 and from cakewalk selected LX88+ from this path -----> Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Devices: input = impactlx88+ & MIDIIN2, output = Impactlx88+ ) and if i create a instrument track by selecting input as impactlx88+=omni and output as - Electric piano by enabling MIDI SOURCE, Synth property, synth audio(tried both stero/mono), and MIDI output. But still i cannot hear any sound please suggest me the best option to begin with my musical journey ...thanks :)
  7. Running Win 10 Pro (v1803 with latest updates) on HP PC/Desktop HP ENVY 750xt, CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 quad core Memory: 8GB, Graphics Card(s): Nvidia GeForce GTX 745, Sound Card: Integrated - Realtek High Definition Audio. I have used 3 apps for music recording and midi over the years: Cakewalk by Bandlab v25.01.0.27 latest update 2/2/19, Sonar X3 Studio (x64) v20.0 (and previous versions going back to Pro Audio 9), and Cool Edit 2000 no version - very old. I haven't done any audio recordings for about a year and now Cakewalk, Sonar and Cool Edit will/can't deal with the recording side on my audio interface (but audio playback is fine). For example, Cakewalk and Sonar put up an error box when trying to enable recording which says: "Unable to open audio record device. Device may not support the current project's audio format or may be in use." Cool Edit just throws up an "External Error" message. I have done audio recordings on this PC with Sonar and Cool Edit but likely not Cakewalk. The Realtek interface is the only recording device that the 3 apps show for audio recording. The Windows system information shows 3 audio devices (besides the midi interface): Realtek High Definition Audio - on-board - This has been my sound input device; NVIDIA High Definition Audio - don't know what this is; NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM) - don't know what this is. I've tried lots of settings changes without success. Don't know where to look next. I figure that some Win10 update over the last year or so created the issue with the driver. -- Larry
  8. Has anyone here started or are using the Steinberg UR 44 interface ? I have invested in this and replaced my ESI1010 And Roland Quad although I have recently moved back to the old set up ( Lash-up ) due to the fact it does not seem possible to get out rigged gear in and out of this without feedback! Blurb says that this interface has a 6 x4 connectivity but having moved Heaven and Earth and for the life of me I can't get a send without it feeding back!😩 I have been messing around with studio gear since Cakewalk was just that and the 688 midi studio was cutting edge ... but I have to say this problem has me scratching (no it's not hives ...although I am old) All & any input would help BUT if you are not using / have experience of this piece of hardware don't respond with the 'have you tried' stuff ... I have sent an Email to SB but as yet their keeping their head low ... my thinking is they know their holding ten ton weight that's only going down! In the meantime if you were thinking of investing in one of these .....Hmmmmm
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