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Found 6 results

  1. miku

    Latency when armed

    Hello! Today i decided to make a template with all tracks i would need for a song, instead of starting with an empty project. I am done with it, however there is a problem. When i arm a track so i can record on it, i get about 500ms latency. The only way to remove it is by archiving and unarchiving the track, but then when i arm it - again latency. I'm on Windows 10, my computer has never done this before and it doesn't happen on other projects. Using Asio4all. Where is the problem?
  2. I would appreciate some assistance with this beginner's problem, please. I'm new to CbB but have been using it for a few weeks without this happening, so I'm quite puzzled. I added a new track and dragged across a midi plugin (Surge XT) to it. Normally, I could just play that instrument on it's own, without muting the others. But, today, the 2 other tracks (which were playing separately previously) are playing along with the Surge instrument. All the track levels are showing at the same db, although none are showing in the photo - even though I had it playing wen it I made the screenshot. Any advice on what caused it and how to fix it, is welcome. Thanks. UPDATE: I've seen my mistake! Input Echo was turned on on all tracks. Bear with me, I've only been using Cakewalk for 2 weeks!
  3. I have a 15 bar MIDI clip which is just a simple chord sequence, voice by a 'choir' plugin. I'd like to extend the last chord with a lot of delay, but not extend the note length. I also don't want the FX on the rest of the clip, or at least, not as much. I tried splitting the clip in the middle of the last chord, and turning on Sonitus Delay, that I had added to the track (see below). But all I get is a jump where the split is, and not the nice spacey ending I need. Can anyone advise me on on how to achieve that please? Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. hello! for some reason when i work with midi specifically adding a drumpad to add my samples there is a feedback that really bugs me and the only solution that exists for me is to assign an input from my keyboard midi controller, this error only happens when i use the drumpads and this is my day to day since I make urban music and I really need you to reconsider and fix that problem, thank you I will be eternally grateful.
  5. so a few days ago the gain on everything I was recording got unexplainably high and sounded terrible, I found out it was my drivers and I installed new ones meant for my focusrite interface. ever since I kept getting CPU overloads I have tried everything and even uninstalled it twice and then reinstalled it. now when I hit record it either doesn't record until I hit the button three times or crashes. when I hit record and it ends up working my voice cuts out randomly and it sounds terrible, if I add a track for a pre made beat it all just crashes when I hit play. so an answer would be very great right now. I have been trying to figure out how to fix it all day and I'm getting to the point where I feel like buying FL is a better option because everything seems to be running very smoothly on the free version of that.
  6. Hi, this is a really basic question, I'm really new to bandlabs and making sounds in general. I have an audio clip that, at the end of, I want to trail off in a way that the sample does at 0:30 in "Under The Sun" here: https://youtu.be/-p9Gy4hkwhY?t=30 Even anything remotely similar would be amazing, I just don't want the clip to just fade away with nothing "cool" Sorry if anything I'm saying sounds stupid, it probably does but I have no idea what I'm doing lol
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