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  1. I stared using Sonar Home Studio 7 on the first decade of this century using Windows XP. The time came to move into Windows 7 and I was able to move Sonar 7 into a different computer. While using Windows 7 I purchased Sonar Basic and Sonar Producer. Later on I ended up with Sonar Platinum. I was advised not to delete Sonar 7, Sonar Basic or Producer because Platinum was going to gather most if not all previously installed plugins into itself. In case I was going to need any of those older plugins, Platinum was going to have them on board. And so it happened and things were up and running as expected. The time came to get more hard drive space which led into getting another computer with Windows 10. The Windows 7 computer didn't have enough hard drive space for such, nor suitable hardware to handle the upgrade. A new computer was required and now I'm in high need of re-installing programs into the new computer. Now with the transition of Cakewalk into Bandlab I happen to be here looking for help, Does the Cakewalk Command Center still work ? If it does; Will it be functional to help out throughout a transferring program processing? Will I be able to re-install all previous Sonar versions I've had from the past after transferring program files into this new computer including all plugins? If anyone out there may have some suggestions, I'd appreciate it Thank you, GS
  2. spacekid.90

    Korg Volca Sample

    Hi there, I have a Volca Sample which only has MIDI in. Will I be able to record into Cakewalk whatever I play on the Volca using an USB Audio interface? Specifically M-Audio Uno which has both MIDI in and MIDI out. Thank you, spacekid.90
  3. Hi, my budget for a laptop is very limited(500€/550$), but I wanna be mobile. The official website says, Cakewalk requires a multi core cpu with a clock speed of at least 2.6 GHz. Affordable Laptops for me dont really reach that. The i5 7200U Prozessor clocks at 2.5 GHz, which is barely out of range. Is there anyone who has experiences with running Cakewalk on a Budget Laptop?
  4. Recently, I updated Cakewalk up to the latest version. However, upon opening my project that I have been working on, it made a lot..I MEAN A LOT..of popping sounds, coming from my speakers. Normally, I set the buffer size at fast and it still works very fine - this project is very simple - but with the latest version installed, I am annoyed that I need to set my buffer size near to safe, all the way to safe and not being able to record the vocal tracks, because of delays. So, I am curious if there is a way to downgrade it. By the way, I am using a ASUS Laptop, an Intel(R)Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50 GHz 2.71 GHz and a horrible RAM of 4GB.
  5. As I am seemingly finding the number of sample libraries growing my storage space is shrinking. I see that SSD prices are coming down and probably will continue to do so; my question is are Hybrid Hard-drive/SSDs viable as well as the cost per gigabyte seems to be pretty reasonable. Just wondering what others might have experienced using this type of drive? Thanks so much!
  6. I am getting a new PC Win 10 i7 and will no longer be able to use my Echo Mia audio interface. Can you recommend alternatives under $500? Thanks.
  7. If you experience unexplained error notifications from your display adapter software shortly after startup, try powering up your audio interface before you power up your PC. For me if I don't power up my Focusrite 18i8 USB audio interface before restart or power up of my PC, I receive the notification shown in the attached screenshot. To avoid surges and hardware damage, I've always powered up my audio hardware starting with the audio output source and working through to the speakers (PC > Audio Interface > Monitor Controller > Monitors). But, now I power up the Audio Interface before the PC to avoid the Radeon notification shown in the attachment. My display adapter is a AMD RX 580. I had the same problem with my earlier AMD R7 250. I'm posting this thinking that I'm not the only person with this problem and that I've picked a title and tags that will allow others with the same problem to find it.
  8. Im having some trouble configuring my Maschine MK2 into Cakewalk to do the midi stuff I want it to do. I literally have no idea what to do.
  9. I have been searching online and have been reading the Cakewalk and NI Forums for about a couple of days and the only thing I was able to do was to make my Maschine into a mulitimbral synth. Is there any chance that Maschine2 and the hardware (Maschine MK) will be integrated in the future? I provided a picture to show what I have done in it lol. I don't know if it says much but hey at least I gave it a go
  10. user6918071215191927

    best Daw

    Sonar is one of the most powerful music creation software packages in the world. With its unrivaled range of flexible tools, you can create any kind of music quickly and intuitively. It comes packed with a wide range of virtual instruments, effects and thousands of sounds. Whether you’re a professional composer or a music production beginner, SOnar provides you with everything you need for turning your ideas into music.
  11. Hi Peeps, Now that I am finally admitting to myself that I have a bit of a cable issue, I need to start looking into replacing some of my current cables for "critical services." I have googled the phrase "balanced cables" as this is what I am interested in and, to be honest, like most things, it is a bit of a mine field. Who is telling me the truth about their gear? For instance, I already have cables that have "high quality" or some such statement printed on the cable but is that just a load of rubbish? How do I know for sure what the real quality of an audio cable is? Is there some sort of standard I should be looking for? Again, I have searched for that and all I find are reviews by third parties or claims by manufacturers that their cables are best. Can anyone recommend a particular brand of cable? And, of course, there is more to cables than just the actual wires. The means of connecting those cables to your equipment are probably just as important as the actual cable. The two that I am looking at are XLR male plugs and 1/4" TRS jacks. I seem to recall, going back twenty years or so, that Neutrik were a good brand, and they are still available today. Are they that good? Are there better? And, finally, is it best to make up your own? DIY cables, to me, seem to be the only way of ensuring any kind of quality, providing that you are handy enough with a soldering iron. I've spent an hour this morning searching the interwebs and I struggle to find just the right cable, in terms of length and end connector configuration. So I am definitely considering buying the bits in and making my own. That way I can make the cables exactly the right length and configuration to suit my exact requirements. Okay Peeps, hit me! cheers andy
  12. Hi guys, I have some serious latency problems when recording audio from my hardware synth in cakewalk. I tried to record audio from my monologue and prophet 08, and both times the audio was delayed. I tried to play the audio directly and also via midi signal from daw to synth, but with the same results. i played with the latency settings in cakewalk, but it didn`t really do anything . I have a PC running Win7 and a Steinberg UR22 Interface.
  13. Another one for the hardware sub forum I wasn't going to spend any more on my hobby this year but I am coming to the conclusion that my trusty old CLEVO i7 laptop ain't up to the task anymore. So I am currently spec'ing up a new desktop. I use a company in the UK called PC Specialist and their website is great for building up a spec. They even have a so called "Pro Audio" solution but I'm not so sure about that. I know I've titled this post "ASUS or Gigabyte" but I'll probably ask more questions along the way, although that may also depend on the speed of service I receive here So, yeah, which mobo then? ASUS or Gigabyte? I'm probably not going to go for the latest processors and what have you. For the case I'm going for a mid tower with 3 off 140mm fans:- https://www.fractal-design.com/home/product/cases/define-series/define-r6-black CPU will probably be an Intel® Core™ i7-9700K3.60GHz12MB L3 cache 8 cores 8 threads. Probably 32GB RAM... There's more... don't go away...
  14. Heads up for any Kemper users, PROFILER OS 5.7 is available now. (reverbs) https://www.kemper-amps.com/downloads
  15. Hi Peeps Just to explain I have spent around the last two weeks now, going between Cakewalk and REAPER, trying to incorporate my outboard effects in my test projects. I have been having no end of issues with terrible and somewhat inconsistent "timing" issues when trying to synchronise my hardware MIDI gear and my modular system. I have posted elsewhere about that so I will not go into details here. My school boy error I found out only the other day, from a post in the REAPER forum, that I should be pinging the outputs/inputs while the effects in the outboard units are bypassed, which is especially important with reverb. Because of my ignorance I was getting wildly different delay times when pinging, anything between 2000 to 4000 samples in Cakewalk's External Insert plugin. Now that I know that, and I have re-pinged my instances of External Insert (in Cakewalk) and ReaInsert (in REAPER) I am pretty much getting stuff synchronised now. Still some issues, but I don't think they can be linked with my outboard effects. A question Okay, now that I "think" I know what I am doing, I have a question There is a big difference between Cakewalk's and REAPER's insert plugins, in terms of delay. In External Insert, the delay is being reported as 1215 samples. In ReaInsert the delay is being reported as 70 samples. And so the question is, why is there such a big difference between the reported delay times in the two plugins? What to do? I'm in a quandary. I really want Cakewalk to work for me. As I have been getting back into Cakewalk I have reminded myself what a great DAW it is. I love instrument definitions, how you can edit them so that things like patch names and controller names are presented properly in Cakewalk and therefore easier and quicker to apply/assign to MIDI tracks and envelopes. But while using my outboard effects the delay between hitting a key on my controller and the note sounding is simply too large, even for a sloppy player like myself. Advice (now were are getting to it...) Is there anything I can do to tackle the delay issue? Am I using External Insert correctly? Could I manually change the delay time to a lower value and hope that it works (I suppose I should just try that)? Am I expecting too much from my setup? (in-depth details here) Okay, I think that covers it, I'll hand it over for consideration and hope that someone is able to help. cheers andy
  16. Hi Peeps, My youngest lad is an occasional drummer. He has a reasonable acoustic kit but he hardly plays it since getting his own house due to the usual reason of upsetting the neighbours. He mentioned he was thinking of getting an electronic kit so I thought I'd ask around see what peeps think here. Having watched some YouTube reviews for a couple of kits including Roland, Yamaha and Alesis and out of all of them, for a budget, I think the Roland TD-17KVX was the best. The TD-17KVX appears to have a much nice set of triggers which includes a hi-hat that you mount on a proper stand and a snare trigger that is a cut above the triggers on the lower priced TD-17 kits. There still appears to be a little problem with the "machine gun" issue but I reckon that, if we record a MIDI performance as opposed to audio then the machine gun effect can be fixed, and it would also allow for using other kit sounds too. So, yeah, what do you think? cheers andy
  17. Guitar Center Daily Pick https://www.guitarcenter.com/Daily-Pick.gc?source=4TP7FMBF&mscr=2134595_167037 Save $90.00 CAD VocalShield VS1 Foldable Stand-Mounted Acoustic Shield The CAD VocalShield VS1 was designed to help you achieve a pure vocal recordings in any room, professional or at home. VocalShield VS1 is constructed from a high-quality, 16-gauge micro cell acoustic foam, resulting in a dry recording environment, reducing reflections, echos and attenuating unwanted environmental acoustic interference. The VocalShield's Innovative folding design allows for maximum portability and is supplied with mounting hardware that adapts to most microphones for easy, flexible placement. The VocalShield VS1 is an essential tool for enhanced performance and a vital accessory for the professional musician. *Mic stand sold separately
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