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  1. A Curated List of the Best Free Sample Libraries That Work in Free Plugins and Free Soft Synths - UPDATED JUNE 2024 All libraries have been reviewed and a brief review is listed for each library. Finding free sample libraries is easy these days. Finding really high quality sample libraries that sound good and play well is a lot more challenging. It commonly means sorting through a lot of -- I'll be kind -- less than great sample libraries. That's why I thought it would be helpful to the community to create a curated list of RECOMMENDED free sample libraries that play in a free sample players. This list only includes libraries that I have used and find worthy of recommendation. Many of these libraries, while very good to excellent, often aren't meticulously detailed and ingeniously scripted like better paid sample libraries. But that level of detail may not even matter for your purposes. I invite others to post libraries that play in free sample players that they have used and can personally recommend. I'll update this list periodically and welcome suggestions for making it more convenient for people. I've also added free soft synths and invite others to add and discuss their favorites, likes and dislikes. Of course, my choices reflect my style, personal taste and the genres I play, so I hope we can get recommendations from others in order to represent a wide range of styles/genres. I mostly play rock, so if you play/produce other styles, we can especially use your input. ⭐ =Highly recommended favorites. ⭐ ⭐ =My highest recommendation. RECOMMENDED FREE SAMPLE LIBRARIES PIANOS The Real Piano It took me a long time to decide if I wanted to include this piano library. Candidly, that's because I don't love the included presets. There's just something about the way it's EQ'ed that doesn't appeal to me. But I spent more time with the piano, tweaking the factory presets, creating my own presets, and using external EQ and I can now say that I might use this in a project where I'm looking for a very vintage sounding character piano. The sampled piano is a 1903 Chickering grand piano. It is a Kontakt Player library, so you don't need to own the full version of Kontakt to use this library. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://www.straightaheadsamples.com/the-real-piano The Love Piano This is a sampled grand piano with 12 velocity layers "between the soft to moderately loud dynamic range (no loud or “fff” dynamics here!) and also included hammer sounds pedal sounds (both of which can be added/removed) to give it even more persona." It includes 18 reverb impulse responses. It sounds very nice. It's a free Kontakt Player library, so you don't need to own the paid (full) version of Kontakt to use it. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://vstbuzz.com/special/the-love-piano-kontakt-player-freebie/ SonicCouture Hammersmith Free ⭐⭐ A beautiful grand piano sample library. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/p322-hammersmith-free/ VSL Soft Imperial ⭐⭐ This is a gorgeous Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano sample library that I would have been happy with had I paid for it. It is an intimate piano meant for softer playing. FORMAT: FREE VSL Synchron Player https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Free_Instruments/Soft_Imperial SoundPaint 1928 Vintage Steinway Grand Piano and Sampler ⭐⭐ A high quality grand piano sample library with a nice variety of patches. The SoundPaint sample player enables you to easily create your own patches/programs and delve into sound design possibilities and arpeggiator patterns . FORMAT: SOUNDPAINT SAMPLE PLAYER (FREE) https://soundpaint.com/ The Creative Toolbox Piano ⭐⭐ A Steinway & Sons B-211 Grand Piano with 3 microphone positions. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://www.strezov-sampling.com/products/view/the-creative-toolbox-piano.html Estate Grand Piano from Production Voices(for the free Sforzando player) ⭐⭐ This is a high quality developer that I am a customer of and I find makes excellent piano sample libraries and this is a really nice piano. FREE/Donationware FORMAT; SFZ https://www.productionvoices.com/estate-grand-le-for-sforzando/ Heavyocity Foundations Piano ⭐ ⭐ A beautiful, soft grand piano with great effects. A must have, IMO. I recommend downloading every free library in the series. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://heavyocity.com/product/foundations-piano/ Sonic Atoms Novel Piano ⭐ ⭐ A beautiful warm sounding urpight piano with some great, very creative patches. It made me a fan of this developer and a customer. FORMAT: FREE HALION SONIC SE PLAYER https://sonicatoms.com/novel-piano/ The Experience Fazoli Piano ⭐ ⭐ A beautiful sounding, beautifully sampled Fazoli grand piano. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/the-experience-fazioli-f308/ The Experience Yamaha S6 Grand Piano ⭐ ⭐ One of the best piano libraries on Pianobook. A beautiful sounding, well sampled Yamaha S6 grand piano. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/the-experience-yamaha-s6/ Mason Hamlin Model A Piano ⭐ ⭐ A beautifully sounding, beautifully sampled Mason Hamlin grand piano. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/mason-hamlin-model-a/ Isolation Piano - Tubes and Tape ⭐ ⭐ I use the KONTAKT version and I love it and consider it one of the best pianos on Pianobook, arguably the best. It’s a sampled Model O Steinway grand piano. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/isolation-piano-tubes-tape/ Soft Piano (Spiifire Labs) ⭐ ⭐ A beautiful, gentle upright felt piano. FORMAT: LABS PLAYER (SPITFIRE) https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/?sortBy=prod_products_labs_latest Reel to Reel Tape Piano ⭐ ⭐ This comes from David Hilowitz, the very generous artist and developer behind Decent sampler. It's a very lofi, retro piano sample library that captures that kind of Mellotron vibe that I love. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.decentsamples.com/product/reel-to-reel-tape-piano/ Triple Felt Experiment ⭐ ⭐ A beautiful sounding felt piano from Christian Henson. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/triple-felt-experiment/ Death Piano Prepared Piano from Production Voices (for the free Sforzando player) ⭐ ⭐ I love this library. It is a prepared grand piano and the KONTAKT version has a reverse patch that I really enjoy. FREE/Donationware FORMAT; SFZ https://www.productionvoices.com/death-piano-le/ Spring Piano by Christian Henson ⭐ An very nice intimate upright piano. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/spring-piano/ Manthey Klaviano (PIANO) ⭐ This is a very nice sounding basic upright piano. It sounds like your average piano you’d see in a middle class home or at a school. It’s not a sophisticated sounding piano. I really like its humble character. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER, SFZ https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/manthey-klaviano/ StraIght Ahead Samples: The Real Piano ⭐ A 1903 Chickering grand piano, 6 microphone positions w/ user-controlled interface. A character piano with a vintage vibe. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://www.straightaheadsamples.com/the-real-piano [Added 11/08/2023] Yamaha Grand Palm Mute ⭐ If you’re looking for grand piano palm mutes, you should enjoy these. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/yamaha-palm-mutes/ Claustrophobic Piano by Christian Henson ⭐ A very nice dark, intimate character piano. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/claustrophobic-piano/ Sterzov The Felt Seiler ⭐ A very nice felted piano library. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://www.strezov-sampling.com/products/view/the-felt-seiler-free-edition.html Prepared Staccota Cartoon Piano It's a one-trick pony that does what is says on the tin. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/prepared-staccato-cartoon-piano/ VOCALS / CHOIRS Orchestratools: Manifold ⭐ ⭐ A beautiful sample library of male and female singers singing oohs and aahs and some unusual vocal sounds too. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLAYER, Sine Factory https://www.orchestraltools.com/sinefactory Micah's Choir ⭐ ⭐ I love this library. The samplist who made it has a great deal of talent. It's a male soloist, but you can play it polyphonically. The singer's tone is beautiful. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER (also available for Spitfire Labs) https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/micahs-choir/ SonicCouture Tape Choir ⭐ ⭐ A retro choir patch that sounds a lot like the choir pad sounds on the 70s 10CC song, "I'm Not In Love." If I had a good voice, I would use this to cover the song. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/18-exclusive-free-content/p170-tape-choir/ Spitfire Labs Choir ⭐ ⭐ A beautiful choir recorded at Air Studios in London. https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/choir Heavyocity Emotive Choir ⭐ ⭐ A beautifully sampled choir. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://heavyocity.com/product/emotive-choir New House Choir A lofi choir patch reminiscent of 10CC’s “I’m Not in Love” vocal pads but more church choir-ish. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/new-house-choir/ DRUMS Steven Slate Drums 5.5 Free ⭐ ⭐ A high quality, production ready rock drum kit. I think this is the best-sounding, deep sampled free acoustic drum plugin on the market. It includes a mixer and beats. It's a no-brainer to install and download, IMO. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLAYER https://stevenslatedrums.com/ssd5/#SSD5FREE BFD Player ⭐ ⭐ I think this is easily one of the best FREE acoustic drum plugins on the market, but I don't really love the presets and I'm not in love with the sound of the snare drum samples, so I'm only giving this two stars as a freebie. Personally, I deleted it from my hard drive shortly after going through the sounds and trying it in a production. The snare drum sounds thin and the heavy effects on most of the presets overwhelm the snare, it just gets lost in the mix. Still, these are 5GB of deep sampled drums with a built in mixer -- it's not extensive, but you can always route the outputs to use your own effects and mix the drums exactly as you like, and that's a pretty nice option for a free deep sampled acoustic drum kit; but it's also a bit of work. BFD Player also works with a large number of electronic drum kits and features more than 300 beats. I don't think it sounds as good or as professional as Steven Slate Drums, but it has enough going for it for a free drum plugin, that I'm still giving it my highest rating. Download it and judge for yourself. https://www.bfddrums.com/drum-software/bfd-player.html The Creative Toolbox: Drums and Percussion ⭐ ⭐ An acoustic drum kit, two drum machines (Roland TR08 and Behringer RD6) and percussion (bongos, congas, castanets, shakers, agogo, clave, chimes, cowbell and rototoms. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://www.strezov-sampling.com/products/view/the-creative-toolbox-drums-and-percussion.html IK Modo Drum Kit 1.5 ⭐ ⭐ A realy nice sounding hybrid modeled/sampled drum kit. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLAYER https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/mododrum/#nl_form_area Spitfire Labs Drums and VIntage Drums ⭐ ⭐ I love the sound of this drum library. The only down side is that it only has two toms. The 1975 kit also sounds really good and has three toms. FORMAT: LABS PLAYER (SPITFIRE) https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/?sortBy=prod_products_labs_latest Orange Tree Samples free Funk Drum Kit Sample Library ⭐ ⭐ A nice little jazz/funk drum kit. It sounds good. FORMAT; SFZ https://www.orangetreesamples.com/blog/free-jazz-funk-drum-sample-library Soft Drums ⭐ This is a really nice, very usable traditional drum kit sample library. The drums are hit softly using Promark Broomsticks, which gives a sound like when a rock drummer plays hard with brushes, giving the drums a thwack type sound! I think these would be very useful for indie or folk rock. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/soft-drums/ Lorenzo's Drums ⭐ I love this small drum kit. It just has a great sound to it. The caveat is that the hi hat doesn't close properly. If you can deal with that, I think the sound of this is really special. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/lorenzos-drums-v1/ ML Drums Free A complete drum kit using the developer's plugin. FORMAT: Developer's Proprietary Plugin https://ml-sound-lab.com/products/ml-drums-free Drum Gizmo This entry is the exception to the rest of the list. I haven't used this library. It was recommended to me by a very talented KONTAKT developer who uses it. Based on his recommendation, I am adding it to the list. Drum Giznmo is a drum sample player system and a series of acoustic drum sample libraries. I am told that they are good to very quality. Note that the kits are unprocessed, so you'll need to apply your own effects, which is desirable for some and less desirable for others. https://www.drumgizmo.org/wiki/doku.php?id=start ELECTRIC PIANOS Fracture Sounds: Blueprint Electric Keys ⭐ ⭐ A beautiful, and well-sampled 1969 Rhodes Mark I Electric Piano library that's, unquestionably, good enough to be a paid library. It allows you to adjust the key noise. It doesn't have a bunch of presets, but it lets you choose between direct input and amped and has controls for stereo spread, reverb, chorus, and atmosphere. It's pretty obvious to see the developer's rationale for giving this away free. Once you use it, you'll be interested in their other libraries. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT 7 Player https://fracturesounds.com/product/blueprint-electric-keys/ The Electro-Acoustic ⭐⭐ Samples of an acoustic piano and Fender Rhodes electric piano layered. I love the sound! FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER (Also Available for the Full Version of KONTAKT) https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/the-electro-acoustic-piano/ Sonokinetic EMP Mark II ⭐ A Rhodes Mark II electric piano. Excellent quality sampling and it sounds very good. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT 7 Player https://www.sonokinetic.net/products/contemporary/emp/ Electric V LE from Production Voices (for the free Sforzando player ⭐ A very well-sampled Rhodes Mark V. FREE/Donationware FORMAT: SFZ https://www.productionvoices.com/product/electric-v-le/ Worlitzer ⭐ Anyone who knows me at this forum is probably aware of my love of Wurli / Wurlitzer electric pianos. For a free sample library, this is really nice done and contains several patches.The samplist that made this clearly put some heart into it and it shows. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/worlitzer/ Wurli A modest Wurli library. It really misses the dynamics that make a Wurli so special, but it otherwise, does have that trademark Wurli sound, but seems like a one velocity layer instrument. FORMAT: LABS PLAYER (SPITFIRE) https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/?sortBy=prod_products_labs_latest Anne-Marie The Hohner T ⭐ A nice sampled Honer T, just try it. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/anne-marie-the-hohner-t/ GUITARS and BASS IK MODO Bass ⭐⭐ This isn't a sample library, it's a modeled bass plugin, but it sounds very good, and is lightweight. It emulates a 1960's Fender Precision Bass. For free, I think this is highest quality choice for an electric bass guitar. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PLUGIN https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/modobass2/?pkey=modo-bass-2-cs Heavyocity Foundations Nylon Guitar ⭐ A beautiful-sounding nylon guitar. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://heavyocity.com/product/foundations-nylon-guitar/ Ample Guitar M Lite ⭐ I have A LOT of paid guitar samples libraries and I've tried all of the free guitar and bass multisample libraries out there (and am open to any suggestions anyone has on new ones; I'm set with Evolution for guitar libraries, but want to at least test out libraries in order to maintain this list) and I find that no other free sample library or vst plugin can match Ample sounds freebies. To put it mildly, this developer is pretty generous in what they give away free and they are a top quality sample developer. (One of their employees posts in this forum and has always been a class act, so really, nothing but respect for these guys). FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLAYER https://www.amplesound.net/en/pro-pd.asp?id=7 Ample Bass P Lite ⭐ For sampled electric and acoustic bass guitars, I'm set with Orange Tree Samples' libraries, but I've tried this out and think for free, it's the best quality free electric bass library that I know of. It's really well done and I can easily recommend it. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLAYER https://www.amplesound.net/en/pro-pd.asp?id=19 RJS Electric Guitar ⭐ A sampled Stratocaster electric guitar with the following patches: long notes with vibrato, palm muted notes, dead notes and feedback. Impressive. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/rjs-guitar/ MELLOTRON Plogue Sforzatron (Mellotron Sample Library) ⭐ ⭐ Some of the most popular Mellotron samples including cello, celli, strings, flute, woodwind sections, string sections, choir, pads, koto, and steel drums. The sample libraries were taken from the fantastic and freely distributed Taji Guy Mellotron samples that have been available online for two decades. This is easily as good as a commercial Mellotron library. In fact, if this wasn't free and I paid, say $35 USD for the library, I would be extremely satisfied with my purchase. This is one of my all time favorite freebies. FORMAT: Sforzando https://www.plogue.com/products/sforzando-banks.html ORCHESTRAL Ochestral Tools Layers ⭐ ⭐ A really nice, lush orchestral patch. https://www.orchestraltools.com/store/collections/layers BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover ⭐ ⭐ A complete orchestra that sounds very good. It's not up to the level of a paid high end orchestral library, but it's amazingly good for a completely free orchestral library and it is pretty small in size in terms of data and won't tax on your computer resources. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLAYER https://www.spitfireaudio.com/bbc-symphony-orchestra-discover The Free Orchestra by PROJECTSAM ⭐ ⭐ A collection of orchestral related libraries including a choir, strings, and organ. It all sounds beautiful. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://projectsam.com/libraries/the-free-orchestra/ The Free Orchestra 2 a by PROJECTSAM ⭐ ⭐ Project Sam's Free Orchestra series continues as each month, starting in late 2023, they've been releasing a new free library for their Free Orchestra 2 collection. As I write this, they're on month two and have strings and brass. Everything this developer puts out his very high quality. Their freebies, IMO, are must-haves. Great stuff. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://projectsam.com/libraries/the-free-orchestra-2 VSL Big Bang Orchestra ⭐ ⭐ Looking for large orchestrations with huge sounding tutti layers? Staccatos, sustains, marcatos, swells and runs -- if you're looking for the bombastic sound of a big orchestra, I think you're going to be pretty happy with this. FORMAT: Developer's FREE Propietary Player https://www.vsl.co.at/en/BBO_Map/BBO ORGANS Sonuscore Pipe Organ ⭐ ⭐ It contains several pipe organ patches that sound really nice. I love this freebie. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://sonuscore.com/shop/free-pipe-organ/ Sonokinetic Carousel Organ ⭐ ⭐ If you want a carousel organ, you're in luck! It sounds great and it's a lot of fun to play around with. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://www.sonokinetic.net/products/instruments/carousel/ Collab3 ⭐ This is a Hammond B3 emulation and I snuck this in because I picked this up a while back and just thought it was really good for a free B3 emulation with a Leslie rotary speaker effect. B3 perfectionists won't be satisfied, but it sounds really good and for the price (free), I don't think anything matches it. Listen to it yourself. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLUGIN https://sampleson.com/collab3-free-tonewheel-organ.html Cassette Tape Organ A lofi cassette recording of a Wurlitzer organ that has a very Mellotron type vibe to it. I absolutely love this library. A lot of samplists attempt to get that Mellotron lofi vibe and, IMO, most don't hit the mark. This one does. Very well executed. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/cassette-tape-organ/ PERCUSSION World Colors Clar-Duduk by Evolution Series ⭐ ⭐ A very well sampled clar-duduk library. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://www.evolutionseries.com/product/world-colors-clar-duduk SONIXENIMA Christmas Bells ⭐ ⭐ Three different-sized sleigh bells, multiple round robins, 3 preset rhythms; this is a nice little freebie. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://sonixinema.com/products/christmas-bells Orchestratools: Gearbox ⭐ ⭐ A collection of studio percussion instruments including various drums, tambourine, claps, congas, etc. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLAYER, Sine Factory https://www.orchestraltools.com/sinefactory Hunter's Percussion - World ⭐ ⭐ A really nicely sampled set of percussion instruments. Djembe, conga, bongo, udu and various taiko drums. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER (also available for the full version of KONTAKT) https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/hunters-percussion-world/ VSL Small Percussion ⭐ ⭐ A nicely done library of various small percussion instruments including: boobams, tambourine, woodblocks, castanets, claves, caxixi, shaker, , splash, triangle, finger cymbals and crotales. FORMAT: FREE VSL Synchron Player https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Free_Instruments/Small_Percussion STRINGS Orchestratools: Helix ⭐ ⭐ A string ensemble library featuring sustains and spiccatos from combined solo violins with violas, celli, and basses. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLAYER, Sine Factory https://www.orchestraltools.com/sinefactory Heavyocity Foundations Staccato Strings ⭐ ⭐ A beautiful, soft grand piano with great effects. A must have, IMO. I recommend downloading every free library in the series. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://heavyocity.com/product/foundations-staccato-strings/ STREZOV MINIMALIST VIOLIN LEGATO STRINGS ⭐ ⭐ A chamber string ensemble playing flautando with poco vibrato. Features auto divisi combined with Polyphonic True Legato. Sounds beautiful. https://www.strezov-sampling.com/products/view/afflatus-freebie.html NFO CHAMBER STRING LONGS ⭐ ⭐ Chamber strings longs and drones. Excellent. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/nfo-alternative-chamber-strings/ NFO CHAMBER STRING SHORTS ⭐ ⭐ Short chamber string staccatos. Excellent. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/nfo-alternative-chamber-strings-shorts/ Spitfire Labs Strings and Strings 2 ⭐ ⭐ The first Strings libraries has soft, slow moving ensemble strings. Strings 2 features additional articulations, pizzicato, bartok pizz and swells ensembles. Spitfire really knows how to create quality string libraries and it's evident even in this free library. FORMAT: LABS PLAYER (SPITFIRE) https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/?sortBy=prod_products_labs_latest Cello Moods ⭐⭐ While this library -- and none of the Spitfire Labs libraries -- have a bunch of velocity layers I would expect in a paid library, it sounds beautiful and for a free library, is well worth having. FORMAT: LABS PLAYER (SPITFIRE) https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/?types=strings&sortBy=prod_products_labs_latest Spitfire Labs Scary Strings, Frozen Strings, Amplified Cello Quartet, Artic Swells, Tape Orchestra, Harmonic Flights ⭐⭐ These are all interesting and worth downloading, IMO, I think I bought some of these back when they were selling for $5USD each and if they were back at $5 each, I would still recommend them. FORMAT: LABS PLAYER (SPITFIRE) https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/?sortBy=prod_products_labs_latest Soft String Spurs Dan Keen ⭐ ⭐ A collection of three beautiful viola libraries. I use the KONTAKT version. IMO, one of the best string libraries on Pianobook, if not the best. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/soft-string-spurs/ VSL Big Bang Orchestra, Celestial Strings and Violin Runs ⭐ ⭐ Very nice orchestral string libraries. FORMAT: FREE VSL Synchron Player https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Product_Overview/Free_Instruments Firefly Strings A thick analog strings sound that sounds like it was mixed with a pipe organ and I’m a sucker for pipe organs. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/firefly-strings/ SYNTHS (sampled) Arturia Analog Lab Play ⭐ ⭐ 100 patches from various Arturia plugins. Organs, synths, piano...This is a great, must have plugin. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLAYER https://www.arturia.com/products/software-instruments/analoglab/free (added 11/06/23) Syntronik 2 CS ⭐ ⭐ 100 patches and 2.4 GB of vintage synth goodness. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLAYER https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/syntronik2/?pkey=syntronik-2-cs Native Instruments: Analog Dreams ⭐ ⭐ 3.6 GBs of vintage analog synth sounds. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/play-series/analog-dreams/ Heavyocity Foundations Synth Bass ⭐ ⭐ Good sounding analog synth bass with ARPs. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://heavyocity.com/product/foundations-synth-bass/ Asimov ⭐ ⭐ I love this collection of 15 Synthwave/Retrowave presets. As the samplist states, the presets have a "cinematic touch." FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/asimov/ Beat Zampler and Free Synth Libraries ⭐ From the publisher of the German magazine Beat (there’s an English version too), Zampler is a free sampler and contains several very nice free synth libraries that mostly have a 90s vibe to them. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLAYER https://www.zampler.de/ Isometra Venus Theory ⭐ It comes from a talented patch maker and YouTuber and it’s a distorted analogy electric piano-ish library and I like it a lot and the GUI lets you easily modify the library and I have gotten good results very quickly. Well done. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.decentsamples.com/product/isometra-by-venus-theory/ Organic Orchestra Venus Theory ⭐ A slow attack pad with a sound that seems like rain. It basically sounds like you’re in a rain forest. It’s very new-age-ish. Dead serious, if you’re into ASMR or looking for the kinds of sounds that you here in the music while playing Minecraft, this would be a really good choice. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.decentsamples.com/product/organic-orchestra-free-edition-by-venus-theory/ Malevolence Venus Theory ⭐ Just my opinion, but I would recommend downloading everything Venus Theory uploads. He’s talented. This contains synth pads and basses and it’s good. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://venustheory.com/product/876165 TUNED PERCUSSION Cinematique Instruments Alto Glockenspiel ⭐ ⭐ A beautiful sounding, beautifully sampled instrument. FORMAT: FREE HALION SONIC SE PLAYER https://www.steinberg.net/vst-instruments/alto-glockenspiel/ Cinesamples Tongue Drum ⭐ ⭐ A beautiful sounding, beautifully sampled tongue drum that is a joy to play. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://cinesamples.com/product/tongue-drum Smiley Drum (Tongue Drum) ⭐ ⭐ An unusual-sounding tongue drum with a bright, crisp clank to it. It's quite different from the character of the Cinesamples Tongue Drum and the SoundPaint sampler gives you an arpeggiator and excellent effects to delve into sound design possibilities. FORMAT: FREE SOUNDPAINT PLAYER https://soundpaint.com/products/smiley-drum?variant=42680673173675 Cinesamples Create Series: Toy Xylo ⭐ A children's xylophone. Sounds great. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://cinesamples.com/product/create-series-toy-xylo Cinesamples Create Series: Kalimba ⭐ Sounds great. If you love the sound of the Kalimba, download it! FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://cinesamples.com/product/create-series-kalimba Cinesamples Mister Rogers Celeste ⭐⭐ A sweet celeste that was used on the American children television show Mister Rogers Neighborhood (1968-2001) FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://store.cinesamples.com/products/mister-rogers-celeste SoundPaint Polyphon ⭐⭐ I had no idea what the heck a Polyphon is. It turns out it's an ancient music box -- and I love music boxes. It sounds lovely and the sound design patches and possibilities for you to adjust this to whatever is in your imagination are virtually endless. https://soundpaint.com/products/polyphon?variant=42942318969003#specifications SonicCoture Music Boxes ⭐ ⭐ Two music boxes from a superb sample developer for free. If you like the sound of music boxes, just get it. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/p43-music-boxes/ Spring Chimes ⭐ ⭐ This glorious library takes 14 existing Pianobook bell and mallet libraries and layers them together and the result is absolutely wonderful. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/spring-chimes/ Gentle Vibes ⭐ ⭐ A well sampled vibraphone played softly with soft, medium and hard mallets. I am a sucker for a nice vibraphone or glockenspiel library and this is very nice. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/gentle-vibes/ SoundPaint Copperphone ⭐ ⭐ Somewhere in between bells and a marimba, this is a lovely-sounding tuned percussion instrument played hard mallets, soft mallets, wooden mallets, fingernails, and a distinct muted option. It's another instrument from SoundPaint where it's surprising it's free. SoundPaint always provides a great deal of patches with their instruments and the sound design patches and the ability to easily program your own creations. FORMAT: SOUNDPAINT SAMPLE PLAYER (FREE) https://soundpaint.com/products/copperphone?variant=42692692869291 Vintage Glockenspiel ⭐ A beautiful sounding, beautifully sampled instrument. I love the tone of this glockenspiel library. There are some imperfections with the library, but it's a keeper for me. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/vintage-glockenspiel/ Yamaha Glockenspiel ⭐ A nice sounding glockenspiel with every note sampled and two dynamic layers. It's well sampled, but, unfortunately, lacks round robins. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/yamaha-glockenspiel/ Schulmerich Handbells ⭐ A nicely sampled handbell lbrary made by Jon Meyer, a member of Pianobook who has produced some very good sample libraries. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/schulmerich-handbells/ Wineglass Tool Kit ⭐ This is much more than straight wine glass samples. The samplist created 5 patches from samples of wine glasses: melodic ‘ping’; a soft pad; a set of percussive sounds; a synth; and a textural pad. FORMAT: DECENT SAMPLER https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/wine-glass-tool-kit/ Mini African Xylophone True to its name. A nice little library. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/mini-african-xylophone-max/ Ample Sound Cloud Drum A beautiful sounding steel tongue drum sample library contained in Ample Sounds own plugin. https://www.amplesound.net/en/pro-pd.asp?id=27 Harpsimachord A 1970s two-manual, three-rank (8/8/4) Douglas Van Dyck Brown harpsichord sample library. The samples have noise that a pro samplist would have cleaned up and I hope someday the samplist denoises the samples, but I still love this library. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/harpsimachord/ BRASS / WOODWINDS Bell and Bone A sampled trumpet and trombone. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S PLAYER (Rhapsody) https://librewave.com/product/bell-and-bone/ Distant Brass This isn’t a realistic-sounding brass library, it’s very lofi and I think it’s pretty cool. I don’t do hip hop music, I sound bad enough singing rock, but if I did do hip hop, I think this could be especially useful. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/distant-brass/ MULTIPLE INSTRUMENT PACKAGES These are multiple sample libraries from a developer that include different sampled instruments. Native Instruments KOMPLETE START ⭐⭐ If you’re on a tight budget or no budget, download this. If you don’t have anything from Native Instruments, you need to! These guys make argubly the best multisampler on the market. I own the full version of KOMPLETE, and outside of my DAW, it's the most important music-related software I own. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLAYER https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/bundles/komplete-start/ SoundPaint Sampler and Various Free Instruments ⭐⭐ The beauty of SoundPaint is that things load fast, its effects sound great, it's a lot of fun to use and you can easily create your own programs/patches. If KONTAKT, UVI or SampleTank have this level of capabilities to create your own presets, I'm not aware of it. I've heard developers compare it to Omnisphere. There's a grand piano, tuned percussion and a number of ambient libraries for free. You can easily layer the various libraries. It's a great sound design playground FORMAT: SOUNDPAINT SAMPLE PLAYER (FREE) https://soundpaint.com/ Spitfire Labs and Freebies ⭐ ⭐ If you haven’t already downloaded them, go do it… Guitars, bass, pianos, electric pianos, drum kits, strings, brass, woodwinds, synths, vocals/choris, orchestra instruments, percussion, tuned percussion… Get them all! FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLAYER https://www.spitfireaudio.com/pages/free-instruments SampleTank 4 CS ⭐ ⭐ 50 sample libraries that all sound good and professional. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLAYER https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/st4cs/?pkey=sampletank-4-cs VSL HELLO Free Instruments ⭐ ⭐ Excellent strings and orchestral libraries and a gorgeous free piano that I love that quickly became one of my favorite sampled pianos, Soft Imperial. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLAYER https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Product_Overview/Free_Instruments Orchestral Tools Sine Player and Instruments ⭐ ⭐ Piano, bass, drums, strings… Some very nice, beautifully sampled libraries in the developer’s proprietary sampler plugin. FORMAT: DEVELOPER'S FREE PROPRIETARY PLAYER https://www.orchestraltools.com/store/get-sine Stezov Diamond Jazz ⭐ A free set of instruments including a free upright piano that sounds really nice, a nice upright bass and saxophone libraries. The sax libraries are meh. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://www.strezov-sampling.com/products/view/Diamond-jazz-trio.html Sonixinema Assorted freebies - vocals, cello, acoustic bass, violin, medicine drum... I like these taster libraries, they're high quality but you're only getting one articulation of a library and it really isn't enough to pull off a performance with the sampled instrument. FORMAT: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER https://sonixinema.com/collections/freebies AMBIENT SoundPaint Adastra Ambiences ⭐ ⭐ A gorgeous set of patches of string-based ambient sounds. Violins, violas, cellos and basses. With nearly 2GB, this is a library I easily would have paid for if it weren't free. FORMAT: SOUNDPAINT SAMPLE PLAYER (FREE) https://soundpaint.com/products/adastra-ambiences?variant=42905988366507 SoundPaint Free Angels ⭐ ⭐ Over 7GBs of ambient sounds including drones, vocals, marimba, guitar, piano, bells, synths, ukuleles, risers, etc. FORMAT: SOUNDPAINT SAMPLE PLAYER (FREE) https://soundpaint.com/products/free-angels?variant=39295526502571 Free ASMR ⭐ ⭐ Nearly 9GB of ASMR type sounds. This is really different and it's easy to find yourself playing around with this library. There are a good deal of synth sounds, human whispers, papery crunches, woody rattles, metallic scrapes and more. If you're looking for ASMR sounds, this is a no-brainer. FORMAT: SOUNDPAINT SAMPLE PLAYER (FREE) https://soundpaint.com/products/free-asmr?variant=39295531352235#parts FREE SAMPLE LIBRARIES FROM PIANOBOOK Pianobook has many KONTAKT (paid version) free mutisample libraries and Decent Sampler (free) mutisample sample libraries. I wanted to create a list of their free Decent Sampler libraries I find worth recommending. These are often smaller, simpler sample libraries than the ones made for KONTAKT. https://www.decentsamples.com/product-category/publishers/decent-samples/ Free Decent Sampler Formated Sample Libraries on Pianobook I made this list when going through each library opened in my DAW, so you’ll need to search Pianobook to find them. Simply use the site’s search function with the library name. I’ll try to update this later and add links in the future. Busy Bee Analog Oscilator A nice simple analog synth patch, actually two, one is lofi and I like it. Classic Dance Synth This is your classic 80s House Piano sound. If that’s what you’re looking for, download and install this. Cream Soda Atmos Pad Antoher very pad that I like that has a very slow attac. Guffland Ukulele This isn’t an Orange Tree Samples kind of detailed sample library. It’s very simple. But the ukulele has a lovely tone. Ideal Bouzouki Nice, simple. Worth installing. Multiple articulations. I love the plucked and fingered patch. If you’re not concerned about emulating the sampled instrument, the plucked and fingered patch has a harpsichord like quality about it. Melodic Ping - Wine Glass Tool Kit Nicely sampled wine glass hits. Mixing Bowl ⭐ It sounds cool. It’s bold. It’s fun. I like it. Musical Stones It’s basically a xylophone featuring stones. It’s nice but the samples are a bit noisy. Still I like the character of the tone of the instrument and the noise doesn’t put me off as I see it as a bit lofi. Rob’s Andean Quena Flute Think lofi Mellotron flute. I really like this. Saraswati Vena Simple, nice. I like it. Shivering Keys A really interesting lofi analog piano that almost sounds like it could work in a horror soundtrack, but I think it’s slightly too sweet for that. Shivering Waves A lofi pad that sounds a bit like Shivering Keys in a pad. Signals Sound effects that are perfect for sci-fi. St Kathrin’s Bell It sounds great, like a church bell. But there’s a lot of noise in the samples. Synimer ⭐ A very 80s/synthwave-type pad that sounds very good. I don’t know the song, but it sounds a lot like the synth pad from one of the songs in the 80s movie, “Breakfast Club.” Timpani Hits Nicely sampled, good sounding timpani hits. RECOMMENDED FREE SOFT SYNTH PLUGINS Applied Acoustics Systems AAS Player ⭐⭐ A free player for AAS library instruments that comes preloaded with some nice sound banks from AAS's various sound packs to get you started. https://www.applied-acoustics.com/swatches/#aas-player IK Multimedia Syntronik 2 FREE ⭐⭐ 100 vintage synth presets, 2.4 GB of sound content and 38 effects. IK often gives away additional synths for this line from time to time. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/syntronik/ U-he Tyrell N6 ⭐⭐ Based on Roland’s Juno 60. Two oscillators, noise, ring modulator. Two LFOs with eight waveforms. Mixer with authentic overdrive and filter feedback. Twin filter. Analog-type ADSR envelopes, loopable, or LFO-triggered. More than 580 factory presets. https://u-he.com/products/tyrelln6/ Viking Synthesizer ⭐⭐ A simulation of a classic monophonic synth that focuses on bass and lead sounds. 228 presets including Bass, Bright Lead, Electro Bass, FX, Percussive Lead, Soft Lead, and Synthwave. https://blamsoft.com/vst/vk-1-viking-synthesizer/ Cherry Audio Synthesizer Expander Module (SEM) An emulation of the Oberheim monosynth. https://store.cherryaudio.com/bundles/synthesizer-expander-module-synthesizer Vital ⭐⭐ VItal is a free spectral warping wavetable synth and it is superb. I like it better than most of my paid synths. If you use soft synths, this is a must have, a total no-brainer. There is a paid version for $25 USD with 250 presets and another version for $80 USD with more than 400 presets. All of them are well recommended by the community. But the free version works with third-party presets that you can find at the site's forum and all over the interwebs. Just stop right now and get this! Also, see below for my link to site with tons of free patches / presets for VITAL and other soft synths. https://vital.audio/ Surge XT ⭐⭐ While Vital is my absolute favorite free soft synth, and maybe my favorite soft synth period, Surge is my second favorite free soft synth. It is a hybrid synthesizer. Roger Linn uses it -- and you can get it for free. Why are you still reading this??? Just get it!!! https://surge-synthesizer.github.io/ Helm ⭐⭐ A great sounding virtual analog synth. https://tytel.org/helm/ SynthMaster Player ⭐⭐ I love it! I started with Synthmaster Player and ended up buying their Synthmaster One and Synthmaster Two synths. https://www.kv331audio.com/synthmasterplayer.aspx Arturia Analog Lab Play ⭐⭐ A VST plugin with 100 synths, basses, pads, electric pianos, etc. , https://www.arturia.com/products/software-instruments/analoglab/free Pendulate ⭐⭐ All things music related are subjective, but monosynth just sounds great to my ears and if you don't agree, you're clearly wrong. https://www.eventideaudio.com/plug-ins/pendulate/ Togu TAL-Noisemaker ⭐⭐ This free analog modeled soft synth has been around a long time, but it still sounds good to my ears. I'd call it a classic. There are a lot of really nice free presets for it. https://tal-software.com/ Synth 1 ⭐⭐ This is another classic virtual analog soft synth that's been around a long time, but is still worth having. There's a ton presets spread over the internet. https://daichilab.sakura.ne.jp/softsynth/index.html u-he Zebrelette ⭐⭐ u-he has a lot of hardcore fans of their soft synths showering praise on their soft synths, and they're worthy of that praise. https://u-he.com/products/zebralette/ Crystal ⭐⭐ Another older soft synth. It may not sound as modern as some of the others, but I still love it. https://www.greenoak.com/crystal/dnld2.html Dexed FM Plugin Synth ⭐ A soft synth closely modeled on the Yamaha DX7. If you like the sound of the DX7, you'll like this. https://asb2m10.github.io/dexed/ discoDSP - OB-Xd - An Oberheim Inspired Virtual Analog Synthesizer https://www.discodsp.com/obxd/ Cherry Audio Surrealistic MG-1 Plus | An emulation of a vintage Moog synth sold at Radio Shack. https://cherryaudio.com/products/surrealistic-mg-1-plus Voltage Modular Nucleus | Cherry Audio A free modular synth. It's not very intuitive, but what I've figured out sounds pretty good! https://store.cherryaudio.com/bundles/voltage-modular-nucleus kiloHearts One I bought this synth before they made it free. It's basic, but nice. https://kilohearts.com/docs/download_and_installation#khs_one BONUS: Free Presets / Patches for Vital and Other Soft Synths ⭐⭐ This site has a collection of presets / patches for Vital and many other soft synths and you'll find some very nice ones there that rival and even surpass the quality of patches in banks I've purchased. Warning though, this site has fresh patches for Vital up several times a week and it's easy to become addicted! https://presetshare.com/ This list will be regularly updated. I've also created a list of my favorite free sample libraries for KONTAKT:
  2. Best FREE Kontakt Libraries - A Curated List of More Than 100 Reviewed and Recommended Free Sample Instruments for the Full Version of Kontakt and Kontakt Player (Updated June 2024) Why I Created This List of Best Free Sample Libraries for KONTAKT I previously created a list of recommended free sample libraries that play on free sample player plugins to help those on a very limited budget that didn't own KONTAKT. After I created that list, a number of forum members requested via posts and PMs, if I could do a similar list for KONTAKT libraries. I put this thread together after @ralfrobert asked if I could create even a modest list of ten or so of my favorite KONTAKT freebie libraries. As KONTAKT is my go-to sampler, and I've been using it since its early days, and purchased a great deal of sample libraries and picked up a lot of freebies along the way, I thought I could do a pretty good job of creating a list others would find helpful, so I started on it. This list is regularly updated, If you find it useful, please give it a LIKE and make a comment to keep it alive (Cakewalk doesn't pin threads unless they're rules for the community). I invite others to comment with their own favorite free sample libraries for KONTAKT. My objective with this thread is to save people from having to sift through the ton of freebies out there to find the best free KONTAKT libraries available. If you add your favorites in this thread, it would be great if you could tell people the reasons why you like a library. I haven't done that perfectly below, but will come back and update this thread, as I wanted to get this out as soon as I could. Hopefully, all of us will end up learning about new, inspiring, totally free libraries for KONTAKT as a result. PIANO KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS The Real Piano It took me a long time to decide if I wanted to include this piano library. Candidly, that's because I don't love the included presets. There's just something about the way it's EQ'ed that doesn't appeal to me. But I spent more time with the piano, tweaking the factory presets, creating my own presets, and using external EQ and I can now say that I might use this in a project where I'm looking for a very vintage sounding character piano. The sampled piano is a 1903 Chickering grand piano. It is a Kontakt Player library, so you don't need to own the full version of Kontakt to use this library. https://www.straightaheadsamples.com/the-real-piano The Love Piano This is a sampled grand piano with 12 velocity layers "between the soft to moderately loud dynamic range (no loud or “fff” dynamics here!) and also included hammer sounds pedal sounds (both of which can be added/removed) to give it even more persona." It includes 18 reverb impulse responses. It sounds very nice. It's a free Kontakt Player library, so you don't need to own the paid (full) version of Kontakt to use it. https://vstbuzz.com/special/the-love-piano-kontakt-player-freebie/ Tatak Felt Piano (muted) I really love the character to this muted felt piano. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/tatak-muted-felt-piano/ Westwood Instruments Alt Piano Lite A very nice sounding upright felt piano. https://www.westwoodinstruments.com/alt-piano-lite-edition/ KeyPleezer Living Room Upright Piano I have included some excellent grand pianos, but haven't had much in the way of upright pianos. This is a very imperfect upright piano that has a quirky character that I like. When you want more of an unsophisticated, bar room piano sound instead of a very polished, sophisticated grand piano. https://keypleezer.com/livingroom-upright-piano/free-edition/ Ivy Audio Piano in 162 A Steinway Model B grand piano was sampled for this library, made by a talented college student who also made Impact Soundworks Pearl Concert Grand library while in college. The Piano in 162 has two microphone positions (close & ambient), 5 dynamic levels, 2 round robins and sustain pedal on and off samples. I wouldn't put it in the same league as 8Dio's and SonicCoture's pianos, but it is very nice and has a different vibe to it. Listen to the demos on the page linked below and go to the last demo, which is a ragtime piece. This piano sounds really good for that style. https://vstbuzz.com/freebies/piano-in-162/ 8Dio 1928 Scoring Grand - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! There simply isn't another premium piano library with this quality and similar specifications for KONTAKT that is availabe for free anywhere else; the closest anyone comes is SonicCouture's Hammersmith FREE, below. The 1928 Scoring Grand is a beautiful sounding, highly detailed sample library with extensive velocity layers, round-robin based sustains and round-robin based staccatos, two mic positions, some very nice convolution reverb IRs, 23 presets -- and the presets are really good and include other samples that it layers with the piano that sound excellent including a marimba, a Rhodes electric piano, glasses, glockenspiel and more. There's a sound design patch and a lite version patch too. There's really not another piano library for free comparable to this one, and I suppose that's because 8Dio took a piano library they had priced at $249 US (but I've seen it on sale for as low as $49 prior to their making it free). Normally commercial sample developers free pianos are cut down versions of one for sale. That's not the case here. This library is also available for SoundPaint, but that version doesn't include the additional samples for layering and the sound design patch. If the piano takes a long time to load, I'd strongly recommend doing a batch re-save in Kontakt. https://8dio.com/products/1928-scoring-piano?variant=41309999792328 SonicCoture Hammersmith Free (KONTAKT Player) - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! IMO, the Hammersmith Free is the other must have acoustic grand piano freebie (the only reason not to download and install this is if you own the full paid version). It's not as extensively sampled as the 8Dio Scoring Grand, for a free piano sample library, before 8Dio released the 1928 Scoring Grand, there was no other free piano sample library for KONTAKT -- or any other sampler -- at the same quality and detail level of the Hammersmith Free. The sampled piano is a Steinway Model D grand piano. It lacks real sustain pedal samples and multiple mic positions, but it sounds great, and if you're comparing it to other free piano libraries, you really won't find any others except for 8Dio, with this level of detail. 21 velocity layers and 4.8 GB. https://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/p322-hammersmith-free/ Heaviocity Foundations: Piano* - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Like most free pianos, there aren’t many velocity layers, but it sounds good and what’s really good about this are the snapshots and the effects, like the built-in arpeggiator. https://heavyocity.com/product-category/foundations/ Strezov The Creative Toolbox Piano* A lovely Steinway grand piano. https://www.strezov-sampling.com/products/view/the-creative-toolbox-piano.html Isolation Tubes and Tape Piano One of my favorite piano sample libraries on Pianobook. A Steinway Model O piano was sampled for this. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/isolation-piano-tubes-tape/ Quarantine Piano A beautifully sampled Yamaha U3 upright piano. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/quarantine-piano/ The Woodland Piano A Yamaha Upright piano with 4 articulations: normal, felt, muted and plucked. https://www.ockpii.com/instruments/woodland-piano Dan Keen The King’s Upright A lovely, soft upright piano. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/the-kings-upright/ The Experience (Mason and Hamlin Grand Piano) Dore Mark has made a series of detailed piano sample libraries available on Pianobook that are at a very high quality level. But the character of this piano really just connects with me more than any of his others. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/the-experience/ PREPARED PIANO KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS Preparato Piano Free - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! This is an amazing prepared piano sample library. A reflection of how talented this young developer is. Great work and it’s truly surprising this is free. Try it and you’ll understand why I’m so fond of this developer (FTR, I don’t know him, I’m just a paying customer who loves his libraries and read about him at his site). https://www.xperimentaproject.com/preparato-piano-free/ Production Voices Death Piano - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! A superb prepared piano sample library. I really love this library, especially the reverse piano samples. https://www.productionvoices.com/death-piano-le/ ELECTRIC PIANO KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS Soniokinetic EMP Electromechanical Piano (KONTAKT PLAYER LIBRARY) A Rhodes Mark II Electric Piano. This is a decent sounding electric piano, that definitely has a very lofi vibe to it. It's definitely not as pleasing as some of the other choices below, like my favorite free electric piano, Fracture Sounds: Blueprint Electric Keys, but that's a different model Rhodes, so if you want to have a larger palate of electric pianos, give this a try. It is compatible with the free Kontakt Player, so you don't even need to own the full version of Kontakt to enjoy it. https://www.sonokinetic.net/products/contemporary/emp/ Wavesynth Glow Three Rhodes-like wavetable electric piano patches from a Sequential Prophet 6. https://karanyisounds.com/product/wavesynth-glow-free-edition/ Fracture Sounds: Blueprint Electric Keys (KONTAKT PLAYER LIBRARY) - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! A beautiful, 1969 Rhodes Mark I Electric Piano library that's good enough to be a paid library. It allows you to adjust the key noise. It doesn't have a bunch of presets, but it lets you choose between direct input and amped and has controls for stereo spread, reverb, chorus, and atmosphere. It's pretty obvious to see the developer's rationale for giving this away free. Once you use it, you'll be interested in their other libraries. https://fracturesounds.com/product/blueprint-electric-keys/ ETI Roads A very detailed Rhodes MKII electric piano sample library. https://eti-roads.com/ Lo-fi Wurly Despite the name Lo-fi Wurly, this Wurltizer electric piano AKA Wurli/Wurly is a detailed sample library that sounds really nice, but unfortunately does have noise in it that a pro sample developer would have fixed. https://drive.google.com/file/d/15U99DL5BJdPAwj3SDOYvI2EPJ1_eaL8K/edit Premier Sound Factory Wurly G I want to put a caveat on this one, as I don’t love this sample library straight from the factory, however, I made my own user presets that I like a lot. So, if you spend a little effort, I think you can get some nice sounds of this, but I’m not in love with the sound straight out of the box. https://premiersoundfactory.com/wurly-premier-g/ HARPSICHORD KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS The Blanchet Harpsichord and Small Italian Harpsichord These harpsichord libraries are fairly old (in Kontakt 2 format), but they sound good and they work fine in the latest version of Kontakt. http://sonimusicae.free.fr/blanchet1-en.html http://sonimusicae.free.fr/petititalien-en.html ORGAN KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS Sonokinetic Carousel (KONTAKT PLAYER LIBRARY) - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! This library nails the carousel organ sound. If that's the sound you're after, this is a must have. Very well done. https://www.sonokinetic.net/products/instruments/carousel/ SoundIron: Aquae Organ Two pipe organs performed in unison and were recorded with hydrophones in tall crystal vases for this sample library. https://soundiron.com/collections/free/products/aquae-organ Sonuscore Pipe Organ “An E.M. Skinner pipe organ.” https://www.sonuscore.com/shop/free-pipe-organ/ Hunter’s Tonewheel Foundations - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! A well-sampled and beautiful sounding Hammond organ with a controllable Leslie speaker (I grew up the son of a piano/organ/guitar teacher and played piano/organ/drums and we owned an organ and a Leslie along with a Wurli, piano and other instruments so I fell in love with these sounds very early on in life). https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/hunters-hammond-tonewheel-foundations/ The Leeds Town Hall Organ Take me to church. https://www.samplephonics.com/products/free/sampler-instruments/the-leeds-town-hall-organ Orange Tree Samples Melodica* (KONTAKT PLAYER LIBRARY) - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Okay, this developer has been a client and is a friend, but Orange Tree Samples’ is also one of the most talented sample developers on the planet. If you like the sound of the Melodica, which is pretty popular for indie rock, this is a must. https://www.orangetreesamples.com/products/indie-melodica GUITAR KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS If you're looking for the best quality free electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and electric bass available, it's not for Kontakt, they're Ample Sound's VST instruments, and they're on my other list (linked above). Jon Meyer Acoustic Guitar Plucks This is a one trick pony library, but what it does, it does very well. I love the tone of the guitar. I'm struggling with giving this a recommendation. The only reason I'm not doing so is that it's only plucks, not a more complete collection featuring regular sustained guitar notes. But I think it's excellent for what it is. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/acoustic-guitar-plucks/ 8Dio Songwriting Guitar More than 1.3 GB of acoustic and electric guitar chord strums and licks. Very well recorded and eq'ed acoustic guitars, clean and distorted electric guitars. https://8dio.com/products/songwriting-guitar?variant=41309930815688 8Dio Ambient Guitar What it says on the tin. More than 2.8GB of multisampled, production ready ambient guitar and bass. https://8dio.com/products/the-new-ambient-guitar-vst-au-aax-kontakt-instruments-samples?variant=41309932257480 Various Free Acoustic and Electric Guitar Libraries Pettinhouse has been making guitar libraries for Kontakt longer than most sample developers. The free libraries are pretty basic and older, but if you're looking for simple guitar chords and well recorded, easy to play libraries, this is worth your effort. Guitar libraries suitable for rock, funk, and R&B. https://www.pettinhouse.com/html/download.html Klang: Guitar Harmonics Harmonics sampled from an electric guitar. It sounds lovely and, like everything from Cinematique, it's well sampled. https://cinematique-instruments.com/pages_instr_KLANG/instr_gharm.php Heavyocity Nylon Guitar* A nylon stringed acoustic guitar. Very nice and delicate. https://heavyocity.com/product/foundations-nylon-guitar/ DRUMS & PERCUSSION KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS Darbuka It sounds very good. If you're looking for a darbuka, you found it! https://soundprops.com/soundprops-darbuka/ Prism Drums Lite This is geared towards modern pop, hip, synthwave, etc. It doesn't have a bunch of toms or a good acoustic drum kit. But it has some really good sounding kits for modern styles that I quite like. It's compatible with the free Kontakt Player, so you don't need to own the full version of Kontakt to enjoy this library. https://avamusicgroup.com/products/free-kontakt-drum-library Hunter's Percussion - World A collection of high quality sampled percussion instruments -- djembe, conga, bongo, udu and the taiko family (o daiko, taiko, shime daiko). https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/hunters-percussion-world/ Hunter's Percussion - Orchestral A collection of snares, toms, bass drum, and concert chimes that were deeply sampled with three mic positions from one of my favorite samplists on Pianobook. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/hunters-percussion-orchestral/ Jon Meyer Soft Drums A 1960s Beatles style Ludwig drum kit played with Promark Broomsticks -- similar to brushes but a little harder, so it sounds a bit different than brushes. The library sounds great. I only wish it was GM mapped. Other than that, I love it. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/soft-drums/ Noize Drumz 2 918 analog drum samples recorded from a Nintendo Gameboy. Useful for electronic genres. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/55-Kontakt-Instrument/474-Noizedrumz-Vol-2 Sonuscore Dhol - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! A collection of dhol drum samples (a double-sided barrel drum played with a bare hand). Beautifully recorded. It's a simple percussion instrument that sounds great. https://www.sonuscore.com/shop/free-dhol-ensemble/ Drum Mic'A - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! This is an oldie but a goodie. A full acoustic drum kit with a mixer including built in EQ, transient designer, and compressor. https://web.archive.org/web/20200116200208/https://ru-ru.sennheiser.com/drummica For Windows :https://assets.sennheiser.com/software/drummica.iso or https://sennheiser-assets.nyc3.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com/software/drummica.iso Strezov The Creative Toolbox Drums and Percussion* A full drum kit with cymbals, a drum machine and percussion samples. The drum kit is nice, but it sounds really small like a picollo snare. It would fit well for R&B and hip hop, but I wouldn't use it for most rock situations. https://www.strezov-sampling.com/products/view/the-creative-toolbox-drums-and-percussion.html DS RCS Essential Demo - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! It’s called a demo, but it’s a complete drum kit with cymbals and it’s a very good rock drum kit. https://www.redpackdrums.com/dsdrum-kontakt 8Dio Cajon and Bongo Check out the bank labelled "Bongos 4." They sound really good. https://8dio.com/products/the-new-cajon Fruit Shake* - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Contains four shakers. Very nicely recorded. https://insessionaudio.com/products/fruit-shake/ Red Room Audio Snaps, Claps, Stomps and Shouts I have a bunch of sample libraries of snaps, claps and stomps, but I most often use this one. It's epic! https://redroomaudio.com/product/snaps-claps-slaps-stomps-shouts/ ORCHESTRAL/STRINGS/BRASS KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS Fracture Sounds Blueprint: Short Strings Fracture Sounds makes some excellent freebies and this library is no exception, a staccato string library. It sounds great and works in the free Kontakt Player. https://sites.fastspring.com/fracturesounds/product/blueprint-short-strings Woven Strings This is a beautiful sounding string library includes a collection ofarticiulations, drones and phrases of violin, viola, and octave viola. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/woven-strings/ Sonuscore HD Orchestra Chords and HD Sustained String Chords - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Sonuscore's free HD Orchestra Chords and HD Sustained String Chords sound beautiful and allow you to immediately get the sound of a very lush, orchestra or string section. It's simply fun to play this and hear a beautiful sounding orchestra or string section. https://www.sonuscore.com/free-orchestra-chords/ Embertone Intimate Strings - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! A string quartet playing in unison. It sounds beautiful. https://embertone.com/instruments/intstrings-lite.php Carpenter Trombone The developer captured a very nice sounding trombone for this library. Features a legato patch. https://vstbuzz.com/freebies/carpenter-trombone/ Musical Sampling: Solo Trumpet - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! A very well done legato solo trumpet. It's 760 MB and sounds very, very good -- far better than I'd expect a free trumpet library to sound. https://musicalsampling.com/trumpet-freebie/ Westwood Instruments: Roots - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! This is a extremely lush strings -- specifically violas -- library that sounds gorgeous to my ears. Only 5 presets, but they sound wonderful. Works in the free KONTAKT Player. https://www.westwoodinstruments.com/roots/ Pacific – Solo Cello Legato – Performance Samples - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! A solo cello patch with slurred legato. This is a beautiful sounding cello library. "One dynamic with espressivo vibrato (the vibrato isn’t controllable)." Three mic positions – CL (close), SC (section), and AB (spaced far pair). 48kHz / 24bit. https://www.performancesamples.com/pacific-solocellolegato/ Fracture Sounds: Gentle Strings - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! A "chamber-sized string ensemble was captured in a large studio hall playing with mutes to produce a long con sordino articulation. The library includes three microphone signals and a bespoke atmosphere layer produced from the original samples." This developer has been putting out some beautiful free libraries. This is compatible with the FREE KONTAKT Player, so if you don't own KONTAKT, you can still enjoy this. https://fracturesounds.com/product/blueprint-gentle-strings/ Fractured Sounds: Textured Violin "There are four textural articulations alongside effects such as Delay and Reverbs which can be found in the full Trails library, allowing users to get a flavour of what Trails is about." It's lovely. https://fracturesounds.com/product/blueprint-textural-violin/ Project Sam: The Free Orchestra* and "The Free Orchestra Part Two* - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! From the developer: "16 free cinematic instruments ranging from soft strings to thunderous drums; Includes sounds from our acclaimed Symphobia series." https://projectsam.com/libraries/the-free-orchestra/ https://projectsam.com/libraries/the-free-orchestra-2 Heavyocity: Staccato Strings* - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Love it and it has an arpeggiator that's lots of fun. https://heavyocity.com/product-category/foundations/ Red Room Audio Palette Primary Colors - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Strings, woodwind, and brass ensembles. https://redroomaudio.com/product/palette-primary-colors/ Dan Keen: Soft String Spurs - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Dan Keen creates some of my favorite sample libraries on Pianobook and this is probably my favorite of his. Really, it’s just beautiful. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/soft-string-spurs/ Pocket Blakus Solo Cello - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I own a bunch of paid solo cello libraries, but end up using this freebie a lot. One of my all time favorite freebie sample libraries. https://vstbuzz.com/freebies/pocketblakus-cello/ Dan Keen Solo Cello Spurs - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I’m a sucker for strings, especially the cello. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/solo-cello-spurs/ Strezov Afflatus Mimilist Violins - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! A beautiful violins section sample library, Excellent. https://www.strezov-sampling.com/products/view/afflatus-freebie.html TUNED PERCUSSION KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS Hunter Rogerson: The Wildmother's Dulcimer-Vol 1 and II - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! A beautiful sounding hammered dulcimer library. And I'll just be candid, I usually don't love the sound of dulcimers, but LOVE the sound of this one and the sample libraries (there are two) are truly beautiful. If this were a paid library, I'd be very happy with it. Hunter didn't merely sample typical articulations, but included unusual articulations for a dulcimer, included bowing. I find this sampelist is one of my favs on Pianobook. He's very talented and there's a magical vibe to many of his libraries. The first volume features 12 patches and the second volume features 7 patches (Hammer and Trem Combo, Plucked, Plucked Harmonics, Bowed Tremolo, Cedar Splatterpaint, Meadow Chimes and Woodpecker). https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/the-wildmothers-dulcimer/ https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/the-wildmothers-dulcimer-vol-ii/ Jon Meyer Schlumerich Handbells A very nice sounding set of handbells that I've used in a final production. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/schulmerich-handbells/ Klang Spiel Uher A taped music box recorded on analog tape. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/55-Kontakt-Instrument/6828-TAPED-Spiel-Uher Klang: Bike Bells Sampled bicycle bells that have been played around with until they sound like a glockenspiel. I really like it. https://cinematique-instruments.com/pages_instr_KLANG/instr_bikebells.php Rosenspiel I'm a sucker for glockenspiel libraries and this is a different approach. It's a glockenspiel played with a bow instead of a mallet. The developer said it pretty accurately, so I'll just quote him: "The staccato samples sound like a celeste with a softer attack, while the sustains sound like a glass harmonica with slight bow noise. Very nice. https://vstbuzz.com/freebies/rosinspiel/ 8Dio Copperphone - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I'm a sucker for percussion, tuned percussion, metalophones...I love the way this custom instrument sounds. It's made from modified copper pipes and recorded struck with hard and soft mallets (some of the demos are gorgeous). This is a deep sampled, 1.36 GB library that easily would be worth paying for if they weren't giving away free. https://8dio.com/products/the-new-copperphone?variant=41310010278088 8Dio Polyphone (Music Box) - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! There are certain instruments that are just magical, the piano, acoustic guitar, mandolin, the Wurly, Hammond B3, Les Paul, celeste, Dulcitone, glockenspiel, hang drum...and music boxes. I own A LOT of music box libraries and this one still brought something new to the table. https://8dio.com/products/polyphon?variant=41309927178440 Frozen Glock A beautiful glockenspiel library. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/frozen-glock/ Mister Rogers Celeste* - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Yes, that trolly sound from Mister Rogers (if you’re an American and grew up in that era). But if you didn’t, it’s kind of a plain sounding celeste, but it has a certain charm. https://store.cinesamples.com/products/mister-rogers-celeste Toy Xylophone* What can I say, I love glockenspiels, xylophones and all sorts of tuned percussion. https://store.cinesamples.com/products/createseriestoyxylo Create Series Kalimba* There are a ton of free kalimba sample libraries on the interwebs. This is one of the good ones. https://store.cinesamples.com/products/createserieskalimba Tongue Drum* Beautiful tone. But I do wish it was more than 1 octave. Still, I love it. https://store.cinesamples.com/products/tonguedrum SonicCouture Music Boxes* - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I’m a sucker for music boxes and this library contains two music boxes: one uses punched paper and the other an embossed metal cylinder. https://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/p43-music-boxes/ Soundiron Desk Bell - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Don’t let the fact that they sampled a desk bell fool you into thinking this library isn’t special, it is. https://soundiron.com/collections/free/products/desk-bell Jonathan’s Glockenspiel A well sampled, very nice sounding one and half octave glockenspiel. https://vstbuzz.com/freebies/jonathans-glockenspiel/ Dave Hilowitz Reonator Glockenspiel It’s a different sounding glockenspiel that contains resonator bells, like orchestra bells and vibraphones have. https://www.decentsamples.com/product/resonator-glockenspiel-free/ 8Dio Smiley Drum This sounds like a tongue drum, and I think,technically, that it is a tongue drum. Noice! https://8dio.com/products/smiley-drum Deagan Vibraharp Vibraphone A beautiful sounding vibraphone that is nicely sampled by one of the most talented sample developers on Pianobook. It is as good as a commercial (paid) vibraphone sample library and I even like it better than some of the vibraphone sample libraries I've bought. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/deagan-vibraharp-vibraphone/ Shulmerich Handbells A really beautiful set of Schulmerich handbells from samplist Jon Myer. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/schulmerich-handbells/ Music Box DLX I'm a sucker for music box sample libraries and this is a very nice one that is as good as the paid music box sample libraries I own. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/music-box-dlx/ Splash Sound Music Box The straight default music box sound on this is nice, but where this really shines is when you push the slider to double. https://splashsound.org/musicbox.html Spring Chimes - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! This library, which was created by combining 14 bells and metallophone libraries together (all free libraries from Pianobook) is pure magic. If playing this doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/spring-chimes/ VOCAL / CHOIR KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS Clare Solo A voice library with legato featuring an award winning female opera singer. https://vstbuzz.com/freebies/clare-solo/ Jacob Collier Audience Choir - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Jacob Collier recorded his audiences at various concerts singing (doing ahs, oohs, mmms, and various vowels, stomping, clapping. it includes finger snaps as well. This is a must have, IMO. It's small, but fun. Works with the FREE KONTAKT Player. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/vocal/jacob-collier-audience-choir/ Heavyocity Emotive Choir* - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! “Evolving, sustained vowels and textures paired with a layer of our signature sound design.” https://heavyocity.com/product/emotive-choir/ SonicCoture Tape Choir* - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! They nailed the choir sound from 10CC’s “I’m Not In Love.” Yes, you can buy the real thing, fairly inexpensively from SampleTekk, but this free version does the job well at no cost. https://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/18-exclusive-free-content/p170-tape-choir/ Micah’s Choir by Cordaro Rodriguez - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! A beautiful, soulful solo male vocalist that you can play chords to make into a choir. I wish there was a commercial version of this. The developer (and musician) and singer are very, very talented individuals. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/micahs-choir/ Embertone Arcane - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! This contains 5 small sample libraries, but the ones I like best are the vocal ones. https://www.embertone.com/instruments/arcane.php ALSO SEE Project Sam: The Free Orchestra under Orchestral SYNTH KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS Moonlight CMX - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! This is the developer's attempt to imitate the Fairlight CMI. I wouldn't say they nailed it, but it is still pretty good in its own right -- especially when you start adjusting the controls. https://soundprops.com/moonlight_cmx/ Synimer A very synthwave sounding patch that sounds straight out of the 80s. There's not much to it, but I like it and it's free. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/synimer-3/ Output: Signal - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I wasn't sure what category to put Output Signal under. It is a "pulse engine" that works in the full version of Kontakt, which is series of looped prases. I find Output is a lot of fun to play around with. The free version contains 25 presets -- 2GB of samples -- that are designed to motivate you to buy the full, paid version. https://output.com/products/signal-free Stephen O'Connell: Mellow Saw - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Analog 80s type synth brass and strings with a twist, retro sounds, tape effect -- I really like this. The samplist said he was channeling a Rick Wright, Pink Floyd vibe, I think he attainted it. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/mellosaw/ Peter Flint: Dictaphone Loop Synth- - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! This is a lo fi synth library that captures a very Mellotron-esque vibe. The samplist made the recordings using an old dictaphone micro cassette recorder. I really love this library and it made me a fan, which turned me into a customer. https://www.musicbypeterflint.com/product-page/dictaphone-loop-synth-kontakt-version Rhythmic Robot: Commodore 64 Sessions Deluxe - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! If you appreciate 8Bit sounds, Ryhtmic Robot's Commodore 64 Sessions Deluxe is going to be right up your alley. I find it pure fun. Thirty patches. https://www.rhythmicrobot.com/product/c64 Stephen O'Connell: Amalgam Analogue - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! If you love retro, lush layered analog synths, this should be right up your alley. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/amalgam-analogue/ Native Instruments: Analog Dreams - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! "Analog sounds from vintage synths of the ’70s, ’80s, and beyond." This sounds really good to my ears and a lot of it has a very synthwave vibe to it, although it's certainly not limited to that genre. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/play-series/analog-dreams/ Native Instruments: Etheral Earth Great for very rich / lush pads. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/play-series/ethereal-earth/ Various Retro Synths from Hollow Sun Like a lot of others, I suspect, I used to have these little friendly chats with Stephen Howell, the developer behind Hollow Sun. I was a customer, who sent him my bio and offered him free advice (not in exchange for NFRs, I just appreciated him as a developer I bought from and offered it completely free). Anyhow, we had a bunch of really nice chats and I thought he was a really nice guy who made some really nice synth libraries for KONTAKT back in the day. He gave away a series of synth libraries used by Gary Newman on his song "Cars." http://hollowsun.com/HS2/freepacks/index.htm ETHNIC KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS World Color Clar Duduk* A well sampled and beautiful sounding duduk. https://www.evolutionseries.com/product/world-colors-clar-duduk/#:~:text=Welcome to World Colors Clar,a bit of worldly magic. MELLOTRON KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS LT Mellotron - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I love the Mellotron and Chamberlain vintage samplers and this has a bunch of excellent Tron patches. My favorite patches are the cello, 8 choir, M300A 2 viloins, mixed brass, MKII flute, and MKII violins, The only patch I find not up to my expectations is the vibes. Otherwise, I love this library. https://soundprops.com/lt_mellotron/ Tronsonic Expressive Tron - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I'm a huge fan of the Mellotron M400, and that's what this developer sampled, originally recorded to analog tape with vintage gear, for this collection of libraries including flute, strings, cello, and male choir. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/55-Kontakt-Instrument/996-Expressive-Tron Sinewavelab: Mellotron for KONTAKT - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I am a sucker for Tron sounds and I own the M-Tron Pro, Sonic Reality’s various Tron libraries (from Dave Kerzner), UVI Mello and a bunch of Tron KONTAKT libraries and this freebie is still worth having. It contains unlooped, 7 second samples of the following libraries: Combined Choir, GC3 Brass, M300A, M300B, MkII Brass, MkII Flute, MkII Violins, String Section, Woodwind 02 and Cello. https://sinewavelab.com/products/free-mellotron-library-for-kontakt/ ASSORTED INSTRUMENTS - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I don't know what inspired Audio Bros to put together a Tongue drum, electronic drums, synth pads, hand played bowls, and synth bass, but it's a nice collection of sample libraries, but they're all very well made sample libraries. It plays in the free Kontakt Player. https://audiobro.com/silver/ SOUND DESIGN KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS Textures The developer of this library created it by sampling his guitar picked and bowed as well as sampling air, water, AC, etc. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/textures/ Pulsesetter Reverxis I really enjoy reverse sounds. Reverxis is a collection of reverse electric guitar library multisamples. I especially enjoy the collection of pads and have used them on a couple of songs I have shared on SoundCloud. https://www.pulsesetter-sounds.com/product/reverxis/ Klang: Frozen Pan - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Some sound design on pan drum samples that sounds great to my ears. https://cinematique-instruments.com/pages_instr_KLANG/instr_frozenpan.php Klang: Neon Buzz - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! This is a synth-type patch that I really love, made by sampling a buzzing neon light. https://cinematique-instruments.com/pages_instr_KLANG/instr_neontubebuzz.php Sound Dust - Just get everything free - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I'm a long time fan of Pendle / Sound Dust. Sound Dust makes really weird, wonderful libraries and they have a several little odd KONTAKT instruments for free that I think are pretty cool. They're not for everyone, but I sure love their work and they've caught on with some big name artists / composers like .Trent Reznor and the folks at Spitfire. https://www.sound-dust.com/free-stuff KLANG by Cimematique Samples - - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Everything. I’ve downloaded all of their freebies and bought numerous paid libraries from the series and they’re just small sound design sample libraries that I think sound really good. https://klang.cologne/ An asterisk (*) denotes that the library plays in the free KONTAKT Player and does not require the full version of KONTAKT.
  3. JS Inflator is an open source project, and it's a copy of Sonox Inflator. Windows - x64, SSE2 Mac - macos 10.13 ~ 14.5, SSE2 or NEON Instructions and Information: https://github.com/Kiriki-liszt/JS_Inflator Download the releases here: https://github.com/Kiriki-liszt/JS_Inflator/releases/tag/v2.0.0
  4. Frozen Drones: Suspended Ambience 50 presets for ADAPTIVERB 50 samples - exported presets (~15s each) 50 presets for Pigments/Analog Lab V https://glitchedtones.com/products/frozen-drones-suspended-ambience
  5. This month's Free Product. notes: getting any of W.A. Production's many standard free products should qualify as a "purchase." When claiming their freebies, be sure to look for other offers they may put in your cart and delete them (unless you want to buy them). Blurbia:
  6. https://riemannkollektion.com/collections/templates-for-ableton-live/products/riemann-dub-techno-11-template-for-ableton-live-10-and-11-and-higher €29.95 €0.00 Sale
  7. https://audiomodern.com/expansions/ Explore an array of innovative electronic rhythms. Whether you're scoring a film, producing a track, or crafting atmospheric soundscapes, this expansion pack has everything you need to bring your vision to life. Plexus Comes with 15 fully unlocked customizable preset kits and 100+ sounds where each can be re-arranged and remixed into infinite combinations with our cutting-edge sequencer engine.
  8. DDMF: Endless - New Free Plugin (Other freebies available too, see link) Endless Endless is a free reverb plugin that specializes in creating huge, ethereal sound spaces that seemingly extend to infinity. It is your weapon of choice for film music, ambient or larger-than-life sounds. In addition to reverb size controls, Endless also features shimmer and detuning capabilities if you want to make things a little more weird. https://ddmf.eu/freeware/
  9. Are you ready to Unleash the Beast Within to take your beats to wild and untamed heights? Apeshyt Rampage VST plugin transforms you into a warrior rebelling against those tired, recycled sounds watering down the music industry. More than a plugin. A sonic weapon that smashes through the boundaries of ordinary sound, opening up a jungle of endless possibilities where your creativity can run wild. Break free from the chains of conformity and unleash a tidal wave that’ll shake the entire industry to its core with Apeshyt Rampage! BONUS: REBELLION MELODY LOOPS PACK ($39 VALUE) https://apeshyt808.com/ape-rampage/
  10. 3.0 Gb of samples 100% royalty free, 24-bit, 96 kHz, stereo and in WAV format Animals (frogs, squirrels, insects) Forest (ambiance and vegetation) Rain (soft rain and heavy rain) Water (waterfall, river, splashes) Wind (different wind intensity) https://99sounds.gumroad.com/l/nature-sounds/FREENATURE
  11. https://www.softube.com/vca-compressor A meticulous model of an iconic 1970s-era compressor and its famous punchy sound Added features such as new ratios, parallel compression, and detector filtering Excellent for adding musical texture, sheen, and attack to snare drums, guitars, and bass
  12. No more details https://www.waves.com/account/free-lofispace-help-me-devvon-23-feb24 Info about Lofi Space: https://www.waves.com/plugins/lofi-space
  13. Precise emulation of Three-band semi-parametric EQ as it was available on some vintage portable tape-recording machines. Adds a subtly saturated and warm sound. Authentic hiss simulation that can be enabled or disabled. High Shelf: to control the brilliance of your audio by attenuating or boosting from -15dB to +15dB. Mid Band: enhance the presence by adjusting the midrange frequencies (250Hz-5000Hz) and their gain. Low Shelf: control the bass frequencies or add some “boomy” low end to your audio with a +/-15dB gain control. Hiss emulation for a real emulation of the original hardware. Adapts to dark and light mode according to your OS settings or needs. Scalable user interface. Apple Silicon native support. macOS (10.13 and later) and Windows (Windows 10 and later) support. 64-bit on Mac and Windows. Audio Units, VST, VST3 and AAX format. https://www.hornetplugins.com/plugins/hornet-trebande/
  14. This week the free games on Epic Games are Predecessor and GigaBash. The games are free until December 13/14, 2023. Predecessor "Predecessor is the Paragon-fuelled, fast-paced action game that combines MOBA and FPS gameplay putting you at the heart of the fight with strategic choice, third person control and immersive action." Store page: https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/predecessor Steam rating: Mostly Positive Steam page (for info & reviews): https://store.steampowered.com/app/961200/Predecessor/ GigaBash "Claim your place as king among Titans! GigaBash is a multiplayer arena brawler with gigantic film-inspired kaiju, larger than life heroes, earth-shattering special attacks and fully destructible environments." Store page: https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/gigabash Steam rating: Very Positive Steam page (for info & reviews): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1546400/GigaBash/ Predecessor gameplay: GigaBash gameplay:
  15. Hello CakeWalk members, Sharing our latest Free Sample Pack release: The Sick Guitars Click below to get a taste of our sound and let your creativity flow! https://beastsamples.com/sick-guitars/ Enjoy, Beastsamples Team
  16. https://www.ghosthack.de/cinematic-essentials-hits Cinematic Essential Hits by Ghosthack for free for a short time.
  17. Reflekt Audio has published DFR-76 The DFR-76 is a vst plug-in for windows and mac that contains vintage type sounds ranging from keys, plucks, bass and more! https://reflektaudio.com/dfr-76/ You can hear the sounds of this virtual synthesizer
  18. This week the free games on Epic Games are Jitsu Squad and Mighty Fight Federation. The games are free until December 7, 2023. Jitsu Squad "Jitsu Squad is a Marvel vs Capcom inspired 4 player co-op TAG TEAM beat ‘em up with epic character transformations and fast paced combat." Store page: https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/jitsu-squad-af3f2f Steam rating: Very Positive Steam page (for info & reviews): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1522080/Jitsu_Squad/ Mighty Fight Federation "Slam opponents into walls, launch them into the air & follow up with fast, high-flying attacks in this brand new arena fighter. Choose from 13 different characters with unique play styles. Face off in head-to-head matches, team up with other fighters or embrace the chaos of 4-player free-for-all." Store page: https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/mighty-fight-federation Steam rating: Positive Steam page (for info & reviews): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1096690/Mighty_Fight_Federation/ Jitsu Squad gameplay: Mighty Fight Federation gameplay:
  19. Free Soulful Samples https://touchloops.com/products/beat-delivery-free-soulful-samples
  20. This week the free game on Epic Games is Deliver Us Mars. The game is free until November 30, 2003. "Deliver Us Mars is an atmospheric sci-fi adventure taking you on a suspense-fuelled, high-stakes mission to recover the ARK colony ships stolen by the mysterious Outward." Store page: https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/deliver-us-mars Steam rating: Mostly Positive / Mixed Steam page (for info & reviews): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1345890/Deliver_Us_Mars/ Gameplay video:
  21. This week the free games on Epic Games are Earthlock and Surviving the Aftermath. The games are free until November 23, 2023. Earthlock "Earthlock is an indie developed, adventure RPG inspired by the classic 3D RPGs of the late 90's, with a fresh take on turn based combat and character progression." Store page: https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/earthlock-e7d979 Steam rating: Mostly Positive Steam page (for info & reviews): https://store.steampowered.com/app/761030/EARTHLOCK/ Surviving the Aftermath "Survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic future — resources are scarce, but opportunity calls! Build the ultimate disaster proof colony, protect your colonists, and restore civilization to a devastated world." Store page: https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/surviving-the-aftermath Steam rating: Mostly Positive Steam page (for info & reviews): https://store.steampowered.com/app/684450/Surviving_the_Aftermath/ Earthlock gameplay: Surviving the Aftermath gameplay:
  22. Meat Beats gives us HERA-ONE for this Black Friday An analog preset synth VST/AU including 32 vintage presets https://meatbeats.gumroad.com/l/hera-one?layout=profile
  23. Hello CakeWalk members, Sharing with you our latest Free Guitars Sample Pack release: Tale Guitars Click below to get a taste of our sound and let your creativity flow! https://beastsamples.com/tale-guitars/ Enjoy, Beastsamples Team
  24. Venn Audio offers their Free Suite with 9 plugins Completely free, performant, light weight, resizeable, zero fuss set of cross-platform audio plugins. All the tools needed to fully mix a track to professional standards. No registration needed, simply download and enjoy! Free Suite is available for Windows, Mac, Mac M1 native, in VST3, AU and AAX formats https://www.vennaudio.com/free-suite/
  25. Digi Drum Loops 4 – Trap https://diginoiz.com/series/trap-drum-loops-4-trap/
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