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Found 2 results

  1. When making stems for music libraries it's very handy to use track folders, but they often want sub-catergories i.e. Guitars as the main stem but also Rhythm and Lead separately. Nested sub folders would make this very simple.
  2. The plugin browser in the past(Sonar x1) would allow you to see folder names for the plugin/s inside it. Some people with an array of plugins have folders already properly labeled for prowess orientation. But the current programmers disable it and defaulted the plugin load to alphabetical order(grouped as uncategorized). By enabling the browser plug-in view to have the "folder tree construct" again(implementable by button or mouse right click option or via view menu), users with an abundant assortment of synths and effects can allocate their already sorted library of plugins with no timely delay.(((By using mouse right click in an empty part of the FX pane: select insert audio effects or insert soft synth and THEN your next option can be "Plug-In Layouts" where you need to uncheck the "Sort by Category" option to naturalize the folder system for plug-ins.))) I have not found any other way...cakewalk developers usually allow at least two ways so it can be found or done easier depending upon the tasks. Perhaps adding a button in the folder browser could be a simple find... . .. . As an extra suggestion but possibly an effective function for the Cakewalk browser. Integrating a folder identification prompt or folder plugin group identity(text finder for folder names as a tag finder)prompt for the category of group the plugin/s belong(as a named category aka tag) would become an effective asset for users to sort for grouping when using the cakewalk browser for plugins or possibly maybe the grouping or tagging(or known as librarian) for audio in folder constructs also.
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