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Found 2 results

  1. I have an expression pedal connected via a MIDI keyboard. I can connect it via iCON iKeyboard 4 Nano or via M-Audio Oxygen 88. In both cases the expression pedal gives values in a range 0-116. Is there a way to either calibrate a pedal in Cakewalk? Or set some setting on a MIDI track to transform values to spread the values from 0 - 127? Or put some transforming plugin on a MIDI track (I found only a filtering plugin, which is not a pleasing one in this case)? Thank You
  2. Hi, y'all. This is my first post here. Was humbly hoping to find some help here regarding a MIDI keyboard problem of mine. I'm not very familiar with all this as I am first and foremost a guitarist, but I'm such a bloody sucker for Hammond organs... But anyway, here's the issue: I recently bought a sustain pedal I was hoping to use both as a sustain pedal and/or expression pedal (or at least as a toggle between chorale and tremolo for the rotary cab in SampleTank 4) and it works - unfortunately simultaneously. Is there a way to "unassign", if you will, the sustain function until I want it active again? I got it working as a toggle switch by using the "MIDI Learn" function appearing as an option when rightclicking the little selector switch at the bottom of the "Rotary" effect strip, and then engaging my sustain pedal. Gear: MIDI keyboard: Evolution MK-36 1C by M-Audio Sustain pedal: Supreme SSP-2 (couldn't find any decent info about it online), but it's very simple. Connects with a 1/4" plug and has a polarity switch. Although I guess they are quite universal the two switchable modes are marked with Yamaha and Casio respectively. PC/software specs: latest version, standard free edition of Sonar if that matters, W10, Sampletank 4 free version, with the included Hammond-type organ. Most grateful for any advice or tips, so thanks in advance! /Ben
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