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Found 10 results

  1. Element v0.38.0 released - see second post +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++= Element v0.37.0 is now available Posted on July 19, 2019 by mfisher https://kushview.net/article/element-v0-37-0/ Get it on the downloads page or in your account. Also Summer Sale! 75% off an Element Perpetual license. Coupon code KV75. Buy Now: https://kushview.net/element/pricing/ Changes in this version ADDED – Ability to zoom in/out of the MIDI Program Map internal node ADDED – Looping parameter to Audio File Player Could already loop, but this is the addition of an automatable parameter to control loop state on or off. BETTER – Removed “Graph Properties” Menu Item. No longer needed FIXED – Problems with MIDI mapping + multiple devices (see below) FIXED – Mappings still showing N/A instead of special params (mute, bypass, enablement) MIDI Input/Output Subsystem ** The MIDI IO subsystem was rewritten in this version. It was needed to resolve bugs where mapping would break if the controller was selected in the mapping window as well as a normal MIDI input. IMPORTANT: The plugin version of Element can no longer open MIDI devices directly for mapping. The old method causes MIDI to stop working when the Host also has the same device open. However, mapping still works in the plugins. In your host application, just make sure it is feeding MIDI to the Element instance that is using mapping features.
  2. Kushview Element Summer Sale! 75% off an Element Perpetual license. Coupon code KV75. Buy Now $49.75 instead of MSRP $199 Element v0.36.0 is now available. Get it on the downloads page or in your account. Changes in this version ADDED – Graph Settings Panel in Element LT ADDED – IO Config button to Volume node’s UI BETTER – Plugin Window Titles are hidden when less than 150 pixels wide. BETTER – Controller Maps table now shows special parameter names (Mute/Enabled/Bypass) instead of “N/A” FIXED – Removed unused graph settings button from graph editor. FIXED – Volume node fader can now be mapped from new UI from 0.35 More Info & video on Element on website: https://kushview.net/
  3. TheSteven

    Element v0.32.0 update available

    Kushview's Element v0.32.0 is now available. Get it on the downloads page or in your account. Changes in this version BETTER – Selection in UI when nodes change. Session Tree & Graph Editor both now highlight when nodes are selected ADDED – MIDI CC toggle options to MIDI Mapping ADDED – MIDI Hold function to virtual keyboard ADDED – Node selection when Mixer strip is clicked FIXED – Audio/Media player – better handling when changing audio device FIXED – Problems with manual placeholders not showing audio ports FIXED – crash when showing about screen in plugin versions FIXED – Broken task try icon (keep window hidden when re-starting the app if it was hidden when quit)
  4. TheSteven

    Element v0.31.0 update available

    Element v0.31.0 update is now available ttps://kushview.net/article/element-v0-31-0 Download here: https://kushview.net/element/download Changes in this version NEW – Toggle Options when Mapping MIDI CC messages NEW – Mute function on nodes. By default mutes the output signal, but optionally can mute the input (useful for simulating stomp boxes for guitarists) ADDED – Ability to edit currently mapped CC and Notes ADDED – Delete Node MIDI Program Button (looks like a trash can) ADDED – Sustain (CC 64) toggle to virtual keyboard ADDED – Support for WASAPI shared mode on windows BETTER – Activation screen notifies when no internet connection FIXED – Sample ate correction problems in Audio File Player Node
  5. 👉Element v0.30.0 Update https://kushview.net/element/ Element 0.30.0 is now available. If you have already purchased, downloads are in your Account area. ADDED – MIDI Channel, MIDI Program, and Key Width size setting on Virtual keyboard BETTER – Slightly larger buttons on Node UIs FIXED – Missing “EXT” button in plugin versions Fixed annoying missing EXT button in plugin versions and added some controls to the Virtual Keyboard. FIXED – Session thinking it changed when GUI loads on occasion 👉Spring Savings! 60% off an Element Perpetual license - $74.95. Coupon code SPRING2019. 👉New Element pricing options... In addition to the normal perpetual licensing of Element, we’ve added Monthly and Yearly subscription options. Subscriptions include more license activations and other perks as we move forward. Kushview is a tiny software company, and having recurring revenue will help our future success …. and continued development of awesome software products. Please note that if you already have a perpetual license, subscriptions do not affect you… you’re good to go as there are no changes to your current license. For potential customers, same thing, the perpetual license is still available. Subscriptions are optional. https://kushview.net/element/pricing/
  6. Kushview's Element 0.28.1 is now available. Download latest version. If you need a license, you can purchase Element here. Changes in this version NEW MIDI Program Map Internal Node – maps program numbers to other program numbers. Can also be used as an indicator as what program was last received. NEW Audio Router Node (an embedded 4×4 patch grid) Note that the next 0.29.0 will support changing patches via program change and MIDI mapping NEW Panel UI which displays parameters for plugins, devices, and internals NEW Activation screen If you’ve already activated and the app prompts you, you should be ok to just close it. Please contact support if you have problems with the new activation screen NEW Application edition “Element LT” This is the Lite version and is 100% FREE The original “Element FREE” edition is now discontinued and no longer supported ADDED “Deactivate Others” option to License page in preferences This can be used to force deactivate machine IDs when normal activation doesn’t work as expected. BETTER performance in audio meters BETTER Icons around the GUI added BETTER Graph Editor GUI Changed the look and feel Added collapse function FIXED Crashing of the VST plugin under certain conditions FIXED Crashing when activating from the VST plugin FIXED Crashing in the media player when IO config changes FIXED bug deleting graphs which have been duplicated FIXED problems with duplicated graphs and parallel rendering mode FIXED oddities with opening sessions FIXED oddities with recent files list FIXED problems with missing connections on graphs and ghost wires FIXED oddities with changing parallel graphs when program change is enabled FIXED problem with MIDI device nodes not restoring state properly FIXED new session not clearing last used session file name FIXED power button not working in the graph mixer
  7. TheSteven

    Element v0.28.3 available

    Element v0.28.3 Update available. Element 0.28.3 now available. If you have already purchased, downloads are in your Account area. https://kushview.net/account/downloads This version fixes problems with saving graphs in Element LT and exporting graphs in Element Pro
  8. TheSteven

    Kushview Element v0.27.1 Update

    Element v0.27.1 Update Element 0.27.1 is now available. If you have already purchased, downloads are in your Account area. Changes in this 0.27.1 BETTER - Performance in Meter rendering in GUI FIXED - Broken power button in channel strips FIXED - Problem with new sessions saving to previous filename in certain circumstances FIXED - Problems with MIDI device nodes not restoring properly FIXED - Problem with imported graphs not responding to Program changes FIXED - Problems with duplicated graphs not binding to the correct nodes when deleted Changes in 0.27.0 ADDED - MIDI Input/Output Blinker in Toolbar ADDED - Option to disable hiding of plugin windows when app loses focus ADDED - Disconnect MIDI ports only in graph/node context menu FIXED - Oddities when changing graphs with the UI Element free is on a different release schedule and features/fixes above may not be available in the Free version. If needed, you can purchase or download the trial.
  9. TheSteven

    Kushview Element v0.26.0 Update

    Kushview Element v0.26.0 Update Element 0.26.0 is now available. If you have already purchased, downloads are in your Account area. Changes in this version ADDED - ability to choose VST/VST3 path in windows installer ADDED - ability to re-order graph mixer strips ADDED - visual feedback when program change switches graphs ADDED - session properties button on graph editor ADDED - mono channel selection in audio device preferences FIXED - crashing when disconnecting nodes when the session has 'missing' connections FIXED - problems with plugin windows stealing focus FIXED - confusing window title in UI FIXED - graph mixer not updating when bus change initiated on plugins FIXED - don't show channel strips for MIDI IO nodes this will be re-enabled once MIDI monitoring and metering is implemented Element free is on a different release schedule and new features above may not be available in the Free version. If needed, you can purchase or download the trial.
  10. TheSteven

    Element update v0.25.0 - issues and fix

    Edit: If you have issues after updating see further posts below! https://kushview.net/ Element v0.25.0 by kushview | Jan 25, 2019 | Releases Element 0.25.0 is now available Changes: FIXED – problems changing graphs with program change ADDED – Tooltips to mixer strips FIXED – backwards pin labels in graph editor FIXED – Crash when changing bus IO on certain plugins ADDED. If you have licensed version sign into your account and download: https://kushview.net/account/ free version: https://kushview.net/element/download/