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  1. It's hard to put into words the feeling you get when you let go of the bonds of your body and explore the vast expanse of the universe by your lonesome self. It may seem lonely at first, but eventually many spirits like yourself pop up, all bearing different shades of purple, al coming from different lifetimes, different world, but all bearing the same struggles you did to get there. In that moment, you are one with the universe, basking in the serenity of the purple rain that is existence. This started off as an experiment with ambient electronica loops provided by Bandlab. Valerie did most of the work, I just happened to take over the mixing and mastering work. - Julayla
  2. Eve all, I hope everyone is traveling ok? I've finally finished the animation to the last tune I posted here, which was a cover of The Jefferson Airplane classic Somebody 2 Love. The theme was Alice in Wonderland - with White Rabbit the sequel in the works. The audio or the cover of White Rabbit is actually complete. I've completed both this animation the music of White Rabbit in the last week. Both took a bit longer than I would have liked. Getting the fur on the rabbit being the biggest hurdle. Anyway...enjoy. Ben
  3. Eve everybody, I hope everyone is ok and safe? Time for some new music, this time a cover of the Jefferson Airplane classic Somebody2Love. The cover is an attempt to update the classic Jefferson Airplane Somebody To Love into a dance type remix track. To do this I've taken taken an initial idea from The Boogie Pimps remix, and spliced the spirit of the original to create this new version. I believe I've hit a new level with this work, so much so...it may be time to find a way to market the track. I have Soundclound pro and all that jazz...I'm talking about Facebook advertising and the like. Of course, I will also be working on a 3d animation music clip. I'm actually setting this cover up as Pt1 and White Rabbit as Pt2...so the theme of the song is Alice in Wonderland. Arranged, mixed and mastered by Neb Midi Sequencing by Neb Vocals, guitars, synths and Danelectro Baby Sitar played by Neb Anyway enjoy. Neb
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