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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, Producers' Day has arrived and an unique electric guitar pack with clean sound is available in an extreme price for the next 72hours. Click the link to own it now! https://beastsamples.com/producerday/ The Pure Guitars Pack is a collection of pure guitar sounds with no genre limits which contains 58 stems that we combined in 19 ready examples song starter loops! Stay tuned because next Producers' Day is around the corner..
  2. m21

    electric guitar

    hi guys. i am looking for some electric guitar around 150-250 $. i have never played electric guitar but got some experience with acoustic. i want to use it with my audio interface and cakewalk. i would love to play songs from linkin park, marylin manson, bmth, architects, slipknot, sleep token and also do some own stuff. so i want to play some soft ballads and some heavy stuff. there are some interesting guitars i found online: Schecter C-6 Deluxe Ibanez PGMM21 Epiphone Les Paul Special Satin E1 Epiphone Les Paul Special VE ESP LTD MH-10 Kit BLK ESP LTD EC-10 BLK Kit Ibanez PGMM31 if you know some of them and could say what would fit me the best or you know some other model then tell me for which i should go for. i listened these guitars on yt and i think what sounds the best for me is Epiphone Les Paul Special VE and ESP LTD EC-10 BLK Kit but epiphone is cheaper so it looks more interesting for me. also if you could add some advices about what cable i should look for it'd be cool.
  3. This is another earlier song of mine that I rerecorded a couple years ago using Music Creator 6 and CbB. I was in the middle of a large project when BandLab took over Cakewalk and it took me awhile to make the switch. This song has four different parts and features a blend of acoustic and electric guitars and bass. Often I avoid adding percussion with songs that are mostly acoustic guitar driven since I usually have trouble programming drums and they don't seem as necessary.
  4. (Krzystof Komeda's) Rosemary's Baby - Electric Guitar Cover Hello guys. This is my electric guitar cover of Krzystof Komeda's ''Rosemary's Baby'', soundtrack song of popular Roman Polanski's movie. It was fully created by me, i did physically record, and after that i edited and mixed the guitars, and i recorded the piano as a virtual instrument. All these, of course via Cakewalk. It is my first full creation. I hope you will like it. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello. Anyone can suggest here some free (or restricted demo versions) of good guitar amp for Cakewalk, especially using for electric guitar recording? If there are some mini-suits with amp-pedals etc, i would be glad to know where to find them either free or with low cost or demos. I am intrested of playing rock-progressive rock-blues songs, so i want something satisfying ''disorted'' but not ''over-disorted'' (i don't play metal sounds etc). Thanks.
  6. The current suite of Studio Instruments is composed of drums, electric bass, electric piano and string section. I would like to see both electric and acoustic guitars added to the suite. I have multiple reasons for requesting the addition of guitars. The electric guitar is a popular instrument in many genres of western music including jazz, pop, rock and country. Acoustic guitar is popular in classical, folk, americana and country. While several free acoustic guitar VSTs exist including Spicy Guitar http://www.spicyguitar.com/ and DSK's Dynamic Guitars https://www.dskmusic.com/dsk-dynamic-guitars/ and Amplesound Martin Lite https://amplesound.net/en/download.asp some are only available as a 32 bit VSTi. I have not been able to find any free electric guitar VSTi. I use the TTS-1 and Studio Instruments a lot as I try to learn more about how to use MIDI. It would be very nice to have both nylon and steel string acoustics as well as several types of electric guitars to choose from. A strum pattern library and strum tempo automatically synced to the project tempo would be awesome.
  7. TH3 produces some great guitar sounds. I'd like to share some tones generated using TH3 Cakewalk Version & NadIR loaded with an IR created by Ola Englund. The point here is that all the software is free! I featured the 11 amps included running through the IR. These are raw guitar tones, no EQ or compression. I may do a series featuring each amp paired with the various cabs, but for this comparison I picked the cab and then compared the 11 different amps through that cab. TH3 Cakewalk Version-Amps Comparison Links are included in the description below the video.
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