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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Forum I've just started using Addictive Drums and like how easy it is to use, but am a bit underwhelmed with some of the instrument samples, like cymbals. In the past when I didn't like an instrument sample from a sample collection, I would insert a whole other soft sampler to play just that instrument. Well, I've never used Drum Replacer and I'm wondering with a little practice if this would be a better way to go to just replace some crash cymbals? I watched the tutorial videos, and they all seemed to focus on the kick, snare, and hihat transients--so I'm not sure it's worth using in my case, for a track that has about 5 crash hits. Also, I want to use the cymbal sample from my NI Abbey Road drums samples. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  2. For all my fellow cheapskates, you can download a surprisingly good collection of drum samples as a 254MB zip file from musicradar.com here. Free! It contains several complete kits, a bunch of miscellaneous samples of individual kit pieces (Ludwig, Tama, and Sonor snares, et al.), and a few dozen REX loops if you're into that 😊. Some of the samples are multi-velocity, too. Good for general use, additional sounds for your favorite drum VST, or as a huge expansion to the Drum Replacer samples.
  3. Morten Saether

    Drum Replacer

    Drum Replacer is a drum replacement tool that lets you replace or reinforce individual drum sounds in existing audio tracks. For example, you can replace only the snare drum sound in a drum track, while leaving all other drum sounds intact. Drum Replacer is available as a free download in BandLab Assistant. For more information about Drum Replacer, click here.