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Found 3 results

  1. I have a song, and a lot of the tracks are synths of the Sylenth1 Demo Version. Whenever I play my song, the audio of some of these tracks (and sometimes all of them) cuts out randomly without giving me a notification of the Audio Dropout (x) error. I froze some of the synths, and most of them were able to record the entire audio of the track without dropping out, but it didn't work for one synth (I fixed the problem by duplicating the track and piecing the audio together after freezing both of them). Normally, I wouldn't care about a problem like this, but the problem shows up in the exported audio, with some synths and sometimes the whole track being silenced at random intervals. I looked on the forums to fix this issue, and I tried doing stuck like increasing the buffer size to max in the driver settings and by increasing the Playback and Record I/O Buffer sizes, but neither seemed to work. I also tried lowering my CPU load a ton by closing all background processes, freezing all synths, and using best performance on my computer. Please help. I should mention that this issue never happened to me before I replaced the old hard drive. EDIT: I fixed it!!!!! FINALLY!!! It had nothing to do with my computer's soundcard or audio quality. It turns out that I downloaded the demo version of the VST Plugin Ozone Imager 2 and put it on my busses, which is why is muted some of the audio sometimes. I feel really dumb, but I'm so glad I have this issue figured out.
  2. Hey all. I've been dabbling with Cakewalk for the past month, enjoying it btw, but this one project, Track 2 (for reference), has been giving me constant issues. When I try to record vocals, I can only record for about 12-16 measures before the sound slows down, and the audio gets heavily distorted and almost impossible to listen to. Same exact thing happens when I listen for that length, and when I exported the file to a WAV, it distorts at a certain point (about a minute in). I've tried several things: changing the driver setup from MME to WDM, and ASIO, I've tried changing the buffer in Preferences>Audio>Driver Settings>Mixing Latency from 4 buffers in playback queue to 2 and 16 (2 made it worse, 16 was no different from 4). I've tried changing the settings on my VST instruments, switching out instruments, and that helped with a distortion problem I had alongside this, but not the whole issue itself unfortunately. I also deleted and reinstalled AUD.INI, and that did nothing either. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks in advance. -- Other (possibly important details): Computer: - OS: Windows 10 - CPU: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-3320M CPU @ 2.60 GHz - RAM: 8 GB - System Type: 64-bit OS, x64 bit Processor - Storage: 1 TB Non-Cakewalk VSTs in use: BPB Cassette Drums 808 -- drums Dexed -- synth Distorque Azurite -- vocal stereo shaper Rough Rider - VST sound effect Xsub 808 - bass sub Tracks in use on the project: 12 P.S. If there's any other helpful information y'all would need, ask and I'll give.
  3. where is dropout reason code list to be found on the website?
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