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  1. Night Meets Light - a Dixie Dregs Cover - recorded by Robert Bone and Mike Reidy This is a remake/cover of the Dixie Dregs song, Night Meets Light, that I finished in 2018, and posted in the old forums, and just plain forgot about sharing it with all the folks here in the new world of CbB. Both my friend, Mike, and I, would love to get some feedback on the production aspects of the song - which we mostly were fairly faithful to the general sound of the original song, though I did "modern it up" a bit here and there. Feedback from you folks would mean a lot to both of us, because while we chose this song because of a profound love and appreciation for the beautiful playing in it, we also wanted to use the process of engineering an existing song, as a way to gauge where we stood in terms of crafting a finished product, and by replicating the original song, we could compare our version with the original, we could figure out how well we were "getting it". There is a considerable pool of diverse talent from the Cakewalk community, as musicians and as engineers, and I consider folks here to be my giant disfunctional musical family, and there truly are some experts inmusic production here - certainly way better than me (I am pretty much a keyboard player who tries to additionally wade through the music production process). So, be gentle - and also, please be honest, because I will be taking any feedback to heart, to help me get better at all of this. As far as the playing of the parts, we tried to nail those as best we could, to put our best into honoring the Dixie Dregs, and in particular, Steve Morse, who authored the original song way back in 1978 (their What If album). My friend, Mike Reidy, plays the guitar parts, and the remaining instruments were played/sequenced up by me on my keyboards (violin, keys, bass, and drums). Transcribing the drums took me almost 3 weeks, because they are different pretty much all through the song. Then, near the end, the drums get pretty active, and that was a challenge to faithfully decipher. Oh - lastly, the video was just made to give folks watching in YouTube something to look at while listening to the song, and is simply a series of pics of the Dixie Dregs, pulled from the web. It is the music itself that I hope to get feedback on. THANKS to anyone who read all of the above, and even MORE thanks to anyone who invests around 8 minutes into helping me and my friend, Mike, get better at music production. I hope you guys like it - I edited this post, to now include a link to the real Dregs studio cut of the song, down below mine, for comparison. Link to real studio cut by Dregs:
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