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Found 3 results

  1. Hey folks - I am trying to find out what I did to cause this (see screenshot) in my project, mainly so I can avoid doing it again. -It is not a critical fail, as the project still plays just fine, and I have multiple backups as well, but it is troubling, and after trying many view option switches & experiments in this particular, I can't seem to reverse it. I am getting a "dirty" display on a major portion of my track view - and only the track view - primary tracks themselves, all other screen elements are normal. What's more, it doesn't affect the bus tracks, -and it only starts after several bars from the beginning of the project, and quits near the end of the longest material in the project! -This screenshot is from about the middle of the recorded parts of the project: If you look closely, you can see the corruption only exists on the tracks, not any other elements, and not even on the bus tracks (one expanded in the bus pane at the bottom). It reminds me of a video driver display issue when you resize the track height, as it phases in and out of affecting the automation display line overlays & whatnot. -But again, it only happens in this particular saved version of the project, not any other projects or backups of this project made before this one. It's got me wondering what the heck I did wrong! -This actually happened last night when I was trying to clean up some of the ending of the project, and had been looking at various automation envelopes to try and find where something is making the project end longer than any data I can see. I don't really know what action I did to cause it, but around the time, I was adding & deleting nodes on automation envelopes, trying to delete any past the end of recorded material in the project, as well as deleting a few tracks & FX. If anyone has had this happen, and found a fix as well, please tell me what you know!
  2. I'm using build 2022.02 and finding the Archive buttons on the track view are half hidden. no matter how I change the settings or themes it remains this way. Obviously I could try the next version, but I see no info about this problem in the update notes. Anyone else see this? This happens on all tracks regardless of expansion level
  3. I opened a song from yesterday. The sound plays, but the visual tracks are way out of line. It starts about in the middle of the song and seems to be compressed. The sound is not affected. I doubt it will show wrong on your screen, but I have included the file here. 11 Years Ago 1-23-21.cwp
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