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Found 8 results

  1. 2022.06 Update 1 Quantize doesn't work?
  2. Could not figure out how to delete post.
  3. In the Edit menu. I have some rogue automation nodes or something messing with End of Song position. When I select everything beyond the "actual" end of song marker on the Time Ruler and use Edit > Delete Special, the automation box is grayed out - unselectable. When I make the same selection and hit Delete key, automation nodes remain. I can delete individual nodes manually, but this does not help delete the rogue "invisible" ones. Event List shows nothing after the end note. Is this a bug? Currently there exists something between 4:33:00 & 4:36:06 that can't be seen, selected or deleted.
  4. The "Selection" tool when used to compose (add notes), the normal function was to click on location, right delete, left click and held and drag to move the note. Now it in version 2021.09 it doesn't do any of that. If you click it add new note. If you right click it give you option to adjust the note parameters. Which is stupid as you're supposed to do that via features in button (select all or just that one note. do random or whatever. extremely time consuming if you wanted to do all notes on that line). I don't know why it was changed, and changed without offering any information on how to change it back. Does anybody know how to change the selection tool back to the old way as is in all other music editing software?
  5. Maybe I don't understand the otherwise excellent new tempo map. Any ideas on why a "delete hole" would behave like this? Sorry for the big images.
  6. Either something changed with recent updates, or I have some unknown option turned on. Didn't used to work like this. When I select a section of a midi track, and delete it, the same amount of track is deleted in all tracks. I simply want to delete this little bit of one track without moving anything over in that track or any others. Must be something simple, but I cannot find it.
  7. Hi¡ I'd like to submit what seems like a bug in my opinion in the latest update of Cakewalk by Bandlab. I have a track effects bin with multiple eq plugins of the same brand (fabfilter). All of them have some automation info embedded into their respective automation lanes. The thing is that whenever I delete one of these plugins, the automation info on the other plugins of the same kind and brand gets deleted as well. If it were only the automation info pertaining to that specific plugin, there would be no problem; this would be normal behaviour. However, the issue is that it deletes the automation info pertaining to the other plugins as well, the ones which are not being deleted. I have found a workaround this problem by copying the automation info of all the track to another track and then pasting it back again to the original, but it would be great to have this bug fixed as it's probably not to hard to do so. Thank you.
  8. Why in the world would I have to consult the User's Manual to delete a marker? I mean how hard could something like that be really? You left click and the box pops up and maybe there's a delete button in there? Nope. Ok, You right click on the marker and there is a delete option. Nope! Hmm... Double click it maybe? Nope! Just *****ed up all my track heights. Gotta go redo all those now. Ok, I give up. Let's check the manual. To delete a marker 1. Press and hold the left mouse button while pointing to a marker in the Time Ruler. 2. Press DELETE, and release the mouse button. Ok so....... how long do I hold the left mouse button? 5 seconds? No. 30 seconds? Hm. No. 5 Minutes? ***** THAT! OK, I GIVE UP. HOW DO YOU DELETE A FRIGGIN MARKER????? Is there a special class I have to take? Marker Deletion in Cakewalk 101? SMDH. 😡🤬😠
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