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Found 7 results

  1. So apart from the second channel, which, unlike in its hardware role model, has already been added in the “mono” MDE plugin, we have an added EQ section here, and the compression curve is actually quite different from the mono version. If one would ask about the difference in purpose of the two, the mono compressor would usually go on individual tracks, while the stereo compressor, with its noticeably more gentle compression curve and the additional EQ options, would go on the master buss. $149.00 If you are already an owner of a Full Bundle, an All Plugin Bundle or a MagicDeathEye (mono) license, you are entitled to a reduction of 33 percent (separate emails will be sent out with further details). If you haven't bought a license of the "mono" MagicDeathEye yet: the two together can now be purchased as a bundle, the total price being $199 instead of $249. https://ddmf.eu/magicdeatheyestereo/
  2. v.1.4.0 waveshaper, dynamic ramp and fundamental sweep now in stereo, proper scaling of test pulse length with sample rate, mouse cursor added to oscilloscope, fix for Hammerstein calculations with hardware, harmonic and linear y axis now keeping horizontal lines in place, changing labels accordingly, notarization and stapling for Mac Catalina https://ddmf.eu/
  3. DDMF updates MetaPlugin + Plugin Doctor Plugin Doctor: v1.3.2 enable all plugin buses by default (would crash some VST3 plugins before) MetaPlugin: v3.4.1 Added 6 channels in sidechain input in 5.1 mode to make surround work in LogicX https://ddmf.eu/product/
  4. What is it? Everybody who has ever had a chance to listen to a MagicDeathEye compressor has been blown away by its sound. Carefully designed by Mr. Ian Sefchick (mastering engineer at Capitol Records), this tube compressor’s circuit is loosely based on a Fairchild 660. It’s a variable mu compressor that sounds just as great on your mastering bus as on your individual tracks. Nothing is smashed here, everything breathes and shines while the MagicDeathEye will smoothly glue your audio signal together in that warm and almost elegant way only expensive tube compressors can do it. Already now a legendary piece of hardware, the MagicDeathEye compressor is just to good to be exclusively available only to some of the greatest studios in the world. After almost a year of careful circuit and signal analysis, DDMF and Ian Sefchick are extremely proud to present the official plugin version of this lovely beast! Staying extremely close to its hardware role model while still keeping the CPU load at a very reasonable level, we sincerely believe that the answer to the ever-old question “Do I really need another compressor plugin” is a resounding yes for this one! DDMF MagicDeathEye compressor $99.00 https://ddmf.eu/magicdeatheye/
  5. DDMF Plugin Doctor update 1.2.4 login into your account & get dl email. https://ddmf.eu/
  6. DDMF BF sale 40 % Announcement: 40 % off all DDMF products for four days. there will be 4 days, from Black Friday until Cyber Monday, with a 40 percent reduction off everything you can buy over at the DDMF store. So if there's anything you've always had your eye on, now is the time to make it happen! https://ddmf.eu/ Make sure to check out MagicDeathEye, one the best comp plugins released in 2019 (IMO)
  7. Some of my first plugin purchases with this dev. years ago. Plugin Doctor is a must have. ( for me anyway) Four days with 40 percent off everything , bundles included. Starts Dec. 28 DDMF
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