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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys. So I've been using Cakewalk for a while no - no problems. But starting today, I've had a little problem with something - crackling. Before now this wasn't a problem. Cakewalk could run projects with lots of tracks and fxs and my cpu could handle it. But starting today, whenever I load in any midi track, even just one, Cakewalk says my CPU is at anywhere from 5-30% and starts crackling and even shutting down some times. Don't know how to fix, yall have any ideas?
  2. Hi, I had been hearing the sounds of "Rice Crispies" in my project.--that is, crackles and pops. I do NOT remember hearing it previously (at least in this project), though in the middle of this project, I did update to an SSD and a little more RAM (because of frequent crashes. I must add that as soon as I disable my reverb and a compressor type effect, the extra sounds go away. I did search this out on the Forum. I found an excellent thread, with many submissions, including a few by Robert E Bone. Thus, I anxiously went into the Preferences\Audio devices and clicked on the Asio Panel box. The setting was 256, so I inc'ed it to 1024, my highest setting. That immediately got rid of my crackles and pops, but it left me with something that I can't name. It sounds like, every 1-2 seconds, someone is completely turning off the volume of the audio track that I am soloing--that is, just for a split second, and then it goes back to the original volume. So, in essence, since the track is of my singing, my voice goes in and out. When I listen to the track without effects, this recurrent sudden loss of audio does not occur. Again, as I listened again tonite, it's not like the sound of the voice is suddenly getting softer, it's that it completely cuts out. I would say it lasts 1/3 of a second every 1.5 seconds, approx. Almost like some other wave is cyclically cancelling it out. I also tried to disable my Windows defender as well as another antivirus software I have, but that did not help. Those were other suggestions in that whole thread. I even tried what another person said: namely, going to "Audio\sync and caching," and trying different Playback I/O buffers. Mine was 256, and changing this setting did not help this problem. At least, I haven't had any crashes in the past few days. I guess I could just copy the voice and effects Bus, and forward it if anyone wants to hear what I am describing--or at least 8 measures or so. Thanks. LNovik
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