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  1. Hi! I'm using Cakewalk (Sonar before as well) for quite long time without any major issues. Unfortunately I recently had to upgrade my old good Windows 7 to Windows 10 due to shabby Adobe whose apps run only on Win10 :) Anyway after this upgrade I have a strange issue. When I record audio tracks with clean signal fed to my Delta 1010 inputs, Cakewalk is distorting recorded audio with little crackles and/or clicks mostly in strong base moments. I tried to change audio settings but increasing audio buffer is just lowering the volume of those distortion meanwhile making everything out of sync due to latency. And it should not be the latency problem as performance bars in Cakewalk are barely hitting 10%. I also checked my computer with LatencyMon and it did not find any problems. When I record using the same setup with Adobe Audition using the same ASIO drivers everything is ok and audio is not distorted. That suggests that the problem is in Cakewalk and not in Windows, driver or sound interface. I'm attaching two files so you can hear what I'm writing about. Any ideas what might be wrong and can I fix it myself or is it some Cakewalk bug? Best regards Chris Audio Adobe Audition.wav Audio Cakewalk.wav
  2. We have noticed some strange behaviour with Sonar Bandlab lately on large projects with lots of audio files. Corrupt audio files, corrupt audio regions replaced with silence, clicks which appear from nowhere usually around the same point in the timeline etc. These problems are particularly bad when we would take a project home from the studio to listen to it or vice versa. In other words these errors would not occur on the PC we were copying the project from, only when they were played on a different one! Then all these error messages would start appearing and Sonar Bandlab could not see the missing audio files in the audio folder even though Windows Explorer could. Eventually we figured it out. We had the dithering setting in preferences switched to POWR-3 in the preference settings. Changing it to "None" had an instant effect. All the projects now open with no errors. Also we noticed that if we tried to change the audio format in the project files then Sonar Bandlab would just close! Disabling dithering in this sub menu also solved this problem. There were really a lot of issues caused by this Dithering setting being switched on in the preferences. Any ideas what the reason is for Dithering causing such widespread errors or should we just have had it switched off from the start?
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