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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am having an issue with the "Audio Engine Dropout" error box popping up when I try to "Bounce to track" or when I try to create a Melodyne effect for correcting a bit of audio. Doing either freezes my audio and when I try to hit play, the system freezes. In the error box it does say "12" as the type of Audio freeze which appears to relate to buffering size. I am using UAD Apollo Twin and have up'd my buffering to the highest possible setting and I have reset my configuration in my preferences as well. I am using Windows 10 and the new Cakewalk Bandlab software, but it was doing the same thing with my old setup of Sonar Platinum and Windows 8. Can anyone help on this? Thanks.
  2. Hi. Please, read carefully, because there are several things I'm not understanding. I'm including numbers to the question so that you can refer to them. Q1. This is what I mainly want to do: I want to bounce a track to be able to keep working on the new bounced track and save CPU usage. BUT I want the new bounced track to be heard with every effect and automation already applied to it. I also DON'T want the Sends nor the MASTER Pro Channel effects to be applied to the new bounced track. Is that possible? Q2. To try to achieve what I want in Q1, I'm : - selecting the original track -going to TRACKS> Bounce to track(s) -choosing Source Category: Track(s) -choosing Channel Format: Stereo -checking every box, but UNCHECKING "BUS FX", because I don't want to include them NOR the Master Pro Channel effects. When the bouncing is done, I get a new bounced track, with no Sends, no Master Pro Channel effects, no Bus FXs (these three things are good); but here's the problem: the new bounced track includes the audible result of the Muted Clips (that's good), but it doesn't have the audible results of the Volume Automations of the original track. And what's weird is that, if I turn on/off the Sends POST buttons in the ORIGINAL track, they affect the new bounced track while playing ( with the original track muted). How do I get a bounced track that has all the "things" (that affect only it) already applied in an audible way (except buses and their respective effects)? Also, how can I make it so that the original track settings DO NOT affect this new bounced track? Thanks for any info. I'm losing so much time trying things around and looking for an answer on the Internet...
  3. I have a couple of projects with a number of DI guitar tracks that each have numerous clips in them, and I wanted to execute the Bounce to Track function, with all of the check boxes unchecked, so as to end up with just a single clip in each resulting bounced track, with only the original raw guitar signal, and then I would apply the same FX bin effects and settings used on each original track, to the corresponding bounced track. SO, after completing all of the Bounce to Track operations, I found that each of the bounced tracks has a much higher volume shown on the peak meters for the corresponding original track. Both tracks have Input Gain knobs at 0, and both tracks also have faders set to -5.1, and both tracks have effects turned off, so that I am comparing just the unaltered DI guitar signal. The peak meters show about a 10 dB difference between corresponding tracks. What would cause this?
  4. Hi, First couple of days using cakewalk so this might be a stupid question, but I cannot figure out a process for splitting out each step lane in a given instrument track into multiple audio tracks. For context, I am using the MT Power Drum Kit VST, and have punched in a pattern using the Cakewalk step sequencer. What I want to do is split/bounce each of the lanes in the step sequenced pattern out into individual audio tracks. I can see there is something similar which I believe is called Freeze, but doing this bounces the who sequence as one, and not as split tracks? This was easy in cubase so assume you can do it easily here, but reading around online I haven't seen a solution that works?
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