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  1. From Deals | 50% off BFD and Expansions ... cut down a recent project to create a custom template for how a basic kit in BFD3 could be used with CxB. NOTES: > use case: basic acoustic kit and rolling your own MIDI grooves > assumes the latest version of BFD3 > most, if not all kit pieces should be from the BFD3 Core Library (not confirmed) > the direct kit pieces and OH, Room, Ambient, Master Out channels in the BFD mixer are routed to discrete channels in CxB. > the FX in BFD might be used to get a kit sound for the "tracking" stage but in general, all mixing done in CxB > general approach: get a basic kit sound using OH/Room/Ambient channels, then add/mix in direct channels and fine tune with additional ambient channels thru Ambient or Master Out. BFD supports additional auxes if it helps organize things. > the original project used a parallel drum buss for compression/harmonic distortion. Left in the sends and aux for that. > MIDI channels are broken out per a preferred workflow. A CxB drum map and BFD keymap are included for the BFD preset with a screenshot of the PRV. FILES: CxB template: > copy CxB BFD3 template.cwt to your CxB Project Templates dir CxB drum map: > copy SM BFD3 5Cym 4Tom 4Perc.map to your CxB Drum Maps dir BFD preset: > copy SM Baseline.bfd3 and SM Baseline.png (file icon) to your BFD user preset dir (i.e. Documents | BFD Drums | BFD3 | Presets) BFD kit: (Not sure this is needed, included in case it is.) > copy SM Baseline.bfd3kit and SM Baseline.png (file icon) to your BFD user preset dir (i.e. Documents | BFD Drums | BFD3 | Kits) BFD keymap: > copy SM 5Cym 4Tom 4Perc.bfd3map and SM 5Cym 4Tom 4Perc.png (file icon) to your user keymap dir (i.e. Documents | BFD Drums | BFD3 | Maps) NB. These all work with my current ecosystem, but were not tested anywhere else. CxB BFD3 template.zip
  2. longtime bfd user exploring options/alternatives for quality drum sounds, which has been the single largest investment in any plugin for me. priorities are; sound quality mostly -well recorded- "acoustic/organic/natural" sounds vs. heavily processed dynamics, # velocity layers are important range of sounds/expansions/libraries (more is better) ease of use (kit construction, kit piece design/optimization/layering, integration with a DAW) licensing/drm (ease of use?) stability typical workflow includes a preset which routes all drum vst channels to the DAW for mixing/midi programming almost never use drum vst fx, although they have been useful at times in bfd have yet to make use of any grooves/presets/song arranger/etc. ... past experience includes anything bundled with Sonar/Logic. haven't tried whatever comes with S1. any thoughts, insights, comments appreciated.
  3. We've just launched BFD3 v3.3.0.43, which you can find in your downloads area. We have introduced the following features: - Vertical Resizing - Macro controls - Additional preset and groove content The macro controls are detailed in this video:
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