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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Cakewalk community, I recently discovered Cakewalk - so I'm still in its infancy - and I have a (understanding) problem regarding the use of ASIO devices, or how to run multiple ASIO devices simultaneously with Cakewalk. My scenario is as follows: I have a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB 2.0 with current driver, and a Line 6 HX Stomp also with current driver/firmware. Windows 10, i7-3770K, 3.5 GHz, 32 GB RAM. I want to use the HX Stomp as an input interface, because with it I can also record the direct signal (ASIO HX Stomp Output 5) in one ride in parallel to the generated output sound (ASIO HX Stomp Output 1). I thought to myself: "A direct signal is always a good idea for reamping etc. later." Furthermore I want to use the monitoring of my Focusrite for the output of Cakewalk (Focusrite USB ASIO Output 1). Both interfaces are displayed by Cakewalk, I just can't use them at the same time. Once the HX Stomp is connected to my PC, I can't select the Focusrite. Can Cakewalk only run one ASIO device? Did I "miss" a setting somewhere? I would like to avoid recording the HX Stomp through the Focusrite - why even convert from analog to digital then back to analog to digitize again 🤔 I have tried to bring both devices to the same sampling rate, bit depth - in this case e.g. 48kHz and 24 bit, then to 96kHz, 44.1kHz and in all combinations for the bit depth, have adjusted the Windows sound settings, all possibilities and combinations - unfortunately all without success, the Focusrite always stays greyed out. Here is the display of the device settings from Cakewalk. Interface is in German do not wonder 😉 I am at my wit's end and would appreciate any hot tips. Should this be a total noob question - please forgive me 🥺 Greetings Tom
  2. Brian H

    Nothing seems to record

    So I've watched several different tutorial videos on creating tracks, getting started, etc. But I cannot get anything to actually record. Here's all I'm doing 1) Dragging in Instrument (SI-DrumKit) and accepting the defaults. 2) Make the track Hot, and click the instrument icon to bring up the drum kit 3) Click the Record button and beat on some drums 4) When I click space bar to stop recording, there is nothing in the clip box. It's like no audio ever gets through, although you can see the track receiving the audio in step 3. This is driving me batty. I've played with many different settings. Help?!?!
  3. Hope this discussion can help others as well. So as a student with only 1 source of funds (my parents), they'll only give me as much as Php8000 (~ $160 US) which is already enough to get me EITHER an Audio Interface OR a 49-Key MIDI Keyboard. I'm mainly a guitar player. I do have a band but due to the pandemic, we rarely get to compose songs as a band. My band and I mainly play acoustic, ballads, pop, and rock. So which should I get first?
  4. Hi! I know it seems like a beginner question but it's because I am one. The pro-channel is cool, it contains a lot of ready to use modules, EQ and you can even add an FX Chain to add your effects. But what is its purpose if you can also add effects below the prochannel? And when using reverb, compressors, eq. Which one should I use? The prochannels or to just add the effects?
  5. Hey guys I have this very annoying problem where whenever I toggle the input echo button when I have my USB mic connected it gives me a consistent ringing that is super loud and won't turn off unless I turned off the echo. I thought it was my mic originally but then I returned it and got a new one but it is giving me the same problem.
  6. Hi, as the title says, I deleted Melodyne manually because i placed it in the wrong drive and I was so sleepy that I didn't even think of trying to uninstall/move files first. I uninstalled Bandlab, Cakewalk, Melodyne in hopes of getting a fresh start but as I open the Bandlab Assitant the box for Studio Instrument Suite, Melodyne and Drum Replacer were already checked so I assume all of them are already installed. So i tried these steps: To open the Melodyne editor To open the interface of a Region FX, do one of the following: Double-click the Region FX clip. Right-click the Region FX clip, and select Region FX > Melodyne > Open Editor. The Region FX plug-in interface appears in the MultiDock view. but all i see is Vocal Sync. I am very new to Digital Audio Workspace and it's my first DAW.
  7. Hi folks! Many people asked me to make a mastering tutorial for beginners. So here it is! Be aware that in this video I use a combination of stock plugins, and some free 3rd party plugins. IMHO, attempting to stick to CwB only plugins doesn't make sense for best results WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/qpz8rdjUmRM
  8. Hi there... I have searched the internet, and browsed through the manual. I think the terms I am looking for are not the cakewalk terms (or anyone's) ? Or I'm just really bad at searching. I am not big into audio and don't know much, but I'd like to learn more. I have been using Davinci Resolve's Fairlight page to edit the audio for videos, but it kept crashing. Two things I could do easily in Fairlight are joining the two audio clips from a song that my camera split, and syncing two audio sources together by waveform. There is an audible click when I put the split clips from my camera together in cakewalk. (It could possibly be my camera's fault, but that's never happened before, or I'm doing something wrong in cakewalk.) And if I want to sync external audio to my camera's audio, I can do it with a few mouse clicks in fairlight which analyzes the waveforms and puts the clips in sync. I have no idea how to do that in cakewalk. I'm guessing it has something to do with the audio snap, but when I tried to follow instructions from the manual it didn't help. If that's where it's at, I'd be happy with just a confirmation on that, and I'll try harder. I'm hoping there's something automated in cakewalk, because I suck at doing it manually. Sorry for the probably dumb questions. When I search for things, a lot of the results don't make sense to me when I'm working with a live performance all recorded at the same time with a couple mics. (What would that be called in the audio world?) P.S. I'm not mixing anything, but I'm really curious... How do you lay down live recordings in a mix and have them in sync with everything? I mean, what's the term I should search for to understand how people do this?
  9. I was wanting to create a new piano track in a song project I was making, but couldn't find the piano roll tool. You know, the tool that enables you to draw piano notes and rearrange them. I opened up the multidock, but there were no lower tabs besides the console. Do I have to enable something in the settings in order for the piano roll tab to display in the multidock? Apologies if this is already a frequently asked question, I just couldn't find anything that helped me with this mystery as of yet.
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