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  1. Well this afternoon I had a package in the mail and lo and behold! I was very impressed by the package and even a little personalized shall I say “birth certificate”. The SSD is enclosed in a USB C enclosure and they supply a USB C to regular cable. I did have a little hiccup installing as I had installed the plugin from the download earlier but there was a very nice video “Watch Me First” that helped me get back on track. One word: OVERWHELMED Looking at my current system I was not prepared for the shear magnitude of what I was getting into. By default all the articulations are loaded for a particular instrument and that is something I can get a better handle on by editing and only making active the ones I think I will actually use. Also all of the mic signals can be once again, OVERWHELMING as most of us will never use the Dolby Atmos signals and to get really crazy with opening all of the spills separately would be an adventure indeed. The first thing I loaded was the strings and to be totally real, I cried as I played the Con Sordino Violins, they are just beautiful. I then loaded a couple of other instances (Violas, Celli, and Bass) and cried again when I was looking at using over 20gb (out of 32gb installed) of system memory. I think once again having so many articulations loaded at a time. There seems to be something strange going on with memory management that at the moment is difficult to put a finger on. Along with @Matthew Sorrels, watching through some of the Daniel James video marathon brought some honest if not very salty reality to this library. We’re it not for my dear friend who graciously gifted this to me; looking at it now from this standpoint I am not sure if BBCSO would have been something I would have really jumped on myself if I had the budget to do so. Also getting used to having to install multiple instances of the BBCSO plugin is something I will have to get used to and once again agree wholeheartedly with the comments about a lack of feedback on loading instruments and the current mechanics of how things are handled from a memory or ssd streaming perspective. My journey is just beginning and hopefully things will improve over time as more real in the field feedback gets back to Spitfire. The community of users they desire to build around this library will require them to take seriously all of the feedback as some have mentioned and address the really thorny issues raised or it will be over before it has a real chance of taking off. The other mindset is the “Apple-centricity” (did I just make up a new word?), Many users are not on Mac OS or that use Logic or even Cubase (I use a MacBook Pro on the road to play virtual instruments live). Again, it is taking the feedback from users and creating an environment where everyone will reap the harvest of collective knowledge on all platforms which will ultimately benefit everyone. All I know is I feel on the edge of a new frontier as I start putting together a strategy for building a reasonable new system that can be up to the challenge of carrying me into some amazing opportunities. OK, rant over 🤓 You can be sure I will keep you posted and please keep me in mind if there are discoveries or minefields you find along the way! Always Joyfully!
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