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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys. I've got big problem with audio interface that makes me really freaked out. Recently I bought KA2 and in the first two days everything was ok. I installed audio drivers etc. But now when I open my project the sound is distortioned and there's a lot of clicks and pops. The same project I used to work on few days ago with no AI was working very well but now with AI I can't do a thing. The CPU with this project is approximately 50%. I don't think that it might be caused by apps running in the background (although when I am doing something on cakewalk I only use cakewalk) because as I said, before I started to using audio interface everything was working fine. I tried to listen to music on yt with AI and it's sounds ok. But on cakewalk it's distortioned.. (but two times I got situation that the sound on cakewalk was distortioned and it also affected the sound on yt). I noticed that sometimes I need to plugin AI a few times to make it work (maybe some problems with usb ports?). Do you guys have some idea what is the problem? What I should do? Maybe something with headphones? Adapter? USB ports? I also tried to set 2048 samples, freeze some tracks but nothing changes. I am considering returning audio interface to the shop if it's gonna be like that. Please help me guys.
  2. Hey guys. I don't know anything about audio interfaces but I'm looking for some good one. I want to plug in electric guitar into it and play with some effects from my DAW (also record some stuff) because I dont have any guitar amplifier. And in the future I may buy a midi keyboard and mic so could you tell me what audio interface could be the best in my case. When I will go to the music shop what should I asked for and for what should I look for. Also I have a question is my laptop parametres important here? I mean is there a possibility that I will buy audio interface which won't be working cause of my weak laptop?
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