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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm using Focusrite as my main interface. I also use a Yamaha THR Guitar Amp (usb line into computer). But Cakewalk refuses to recognize the TWO AUDIO inputs at the same time. The THR is indicated in the audio preferences, but unable to click it. I have to physically unplug the Focusrite (means i lose my monitors) in order to use my THR amp. (BTW, I have the option to use my THR amp as a... MIDI input??) See attached pix (in French) Any solutions? Thank you all!
  2. Hello all, It's been a very long time since I've been on these forums. I am writing because I have a question. I'm out of the loop and curious as to what audio interfaces would meet my criteria. Currently I have two of these daisy-chained, but they are becoming (are) obsolete. I was thinking of trying to hook them up again to see if I can still use them without any issues and start recording again. There are only "beta" drivers for Win10 for this unit, (the last full drivers were released on Win 7, that's how old these are). We have gotten it to work in the past on Win 10, but sometimes it can be such a headache. It uses Firewire, that's how outdated it is. I had to install a Firewire card in my pc to use it. I need at least 12 I/O's I am old school and mic everything on my drummers kit. We currently mic with 2 overheads, 2 snare mics, 3 (sometimes 4) tom mics and 2 kick drums. (for a total of 10 just for drums). Also I run my cabinet mic through there also so he can hear my scratch tracks while we record him. I want something that is current and is not going to be discontinued and obsolete 15 minutes after I buy it, like with what happened when I got my E-MU 1820 years ago and now these Presonus Firestudio Project interfaces that I have. I will provide any additional that is needed. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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