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Found 3 results

  1. Recently I have revisited some of my earlier work with the view of updating and remixing them, ( after all, I now have twenty five years or so experience of working in Cakewalk, so I can now make them better .. yeah)? Well, it hasn’t been without its problems. My idea was to re-record the drums on some, (I am now able to record 16 tracks of audio), and use newer plugins where required, and generally spiff things up. And so I began, and soon the glitches began also. I could start recording ten tracks of drums and very soon the audio engine would stop and throw up an error. I have an Intel I7 processor and 32Gb of Ram and can normally record at a buffer size of 64 but I was getting audio engine dropout all the time. I would disable all plugins, but still the audio engine would drop out. It soon became apparent that the dropouts were occurring in the same places most of the time. In my earlier work I did a lot of editing to the tracks and would leave them in their raw state without bouncing to clips after, and so everything was a bit untidy. I would then bounce down to a stereo track, export to wav and mp3, and that was it…done. Also, often I would be working on a number of different projects at the same time, so I would be back and forth between projects at different times all on the same hard drive. You see where I’m going. My projects were becoming fragmented, although I didn’t realize this at the time. Now I read somewhere that .bun files collected all the audio of a project and kept the files together, so I wondered if this would solve my problem. I had never used .bun files before so I saved a project as a Cakewalk bundle. The saving of the project can take some time as Cakewalk collects all the scattered files together in a new file. I then opened the new .bun file in Cakewalk and played the file to check. I then saved the project as a Normal file, closed the project and then opened the new .cwp file in Cakewalk to check. After saving to bundle .bun files and then to new normal .cwp files I was able to record new tracks without audio engine dropouts. We see many people on these forums complaining of difficulties with audio engine dropout and recording, blaming Cakewalk as problematic, so I wonder if some can be solved in the manner I have explained.
  2. Hi, Hope everyone is doing well! Ever since I've updated my Cakewalk to the latest version, the audio engine keeps crashing and the whole track plays slow/different tempo. I'm on Windows 10, 8 gigs of RAM and plenty storage. I went through the support article: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=AudioPerformance.24.html Employed the changes suggested to no avail. Am I the only one? Is the latest version bad?
  3. When I try to hear the project I am working on the audio just disappear for some seconds from time to time. I know it's something with audio configuration but I can't fix it. And couldn't find anything about this problem out on the internet. Could anyone PLEASE help me out. I'm going crazy with this... I'm using ASIO4ALL.
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