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Found 8 results

  1. I am trying to figure out what went wrong when I down loaded the ASIO4ALL driver beta and it removed the ASIO choice as an input source. I have still shows a PreSonus 22VSL audio interface and it does show as a input source but I get NO input sound now..and all my previous work files lock up whenever I try to play them back..I am new to cakewalk and I have a Microsoft Surfacepro running WIN 10... any help would be verry much appreciated as would any direct links in the forums as I think that others have a very similar problem..Thanks for any and all help.
  2. Hello Everyone, I have been working with tech, but wondered if community might be able to assist. I bought the H8 wanting to use the multitrack option of the interface, upto 12 sound input options. I am basically getting 4. (Driver 1(which is X/Y), Driver 5 ( XLR Input 1 on H8), Driver 7 (XLR Input 3) and Driver 11(mixdown of all) I am using the ASIO driver they supplied, but when I do Cakewalk wouldn't recognize an input. So I install ASIO4ALL it seems that it sort of works putting the two together? What I want to do is utilize the multitrack function for the audio interface, but I am not able to get all the inputs recognized. Anyone have this problem with the H6? Ideas?
  3. Mevryk

    ASIO and Voicemeeter setup

    Greetings everyone! Recently i started using Voicemeeter in my system, so that i can use ASIO without muting everything else. Its been great so far, but I've been facing a few problems setting it up with Cakewalk, namely the driver settings. After a lot of trial and error i managed to get it to work, retaining my ability to monitor my guitar without any noticeable stutter or crackling. The guitar monitoring is optional, as i usually record it without monitoring anyway, but by using any other drivers i get a lot of audio glitches But this brings me a second ASIO panel, other than the voicemeeter one, and i couldn't help but to wonder, is this optimal? I wonder as i usually can use ASIO without needing a second dedicated panel. For context, i currently have no audio interface (i'll get one asap), so im using ASIO4ALL and plugging my guitar straight to the mobo, it is awful, i know, but i'm just working on compositions and the actual recording will happen with proper hardware. But regardless of that, i just wanted to know if i'm not doing something wrong, and if my current settings are any good. I still don't understand voicemeeter and asio 100% so it all seems a bit confusing with CbB's device panel, as it is quite different from other programs i've setup. Attached are pictures of my current working settings and the error i get if i try anything different on Cakewalk's panel. Thank you for your attention and i deeply appreciate any input Have a nice day, Mev edit: I didn't realize the images would come up in the post, i apologize.
  4. Hi, im a newbie here. I just recently purchased Zoom L20R but when using Cakewalk Bandlab it wouldn't recognize the Zoom L20 ASIO Panel. I have to install first ASIO4all and select ASIO4all instead of the Native Zoom L20R ASIO in order the Cakewalk to recognize the inputs. The problem when using ASIO4all when recording it has slight latency issue when over dubbing from a pre-recorded track. I have to move the wave every time just to sync from the pre-recorded track. Why is it that when I'm using different DAW like FL Studio it can recognized directly the Zoom L20 ASIO. I noticed that it has low latency compared to ASIO4all whether I set lower to 64 samples or even lower still it has latency issues. Thank you.
  5. Aquí les paso el tutorial de cómo pueden configurar la entrada y salida de audio en Cakewalk y cómo pueden configurar correctamente su interface de audio para poder empezar a grabar en Cakewalk:
  6. karl

    No Sound

    Cannot get sound from my Fender USB devise using ASIO4ALL. The Windows Sound input is set to Internal AUX jack (though I thought I was going through a USB for input) and the output is set to Speakers Conexant even though I have the AUX jack plugged in for output to the amps headphones AUX port. All this was working a short while ago. In Preferences - Devices ASIO is selected for input and output, Driver Settings Playback timing master ASIO4ALL not connected (what is playback timing master anyway?) the Record Timiming says ASIO connected, Playback Recording mode is set to ASIO. In the ASIO Device list I have the Conexant audio toggled off and the Fender USB on. No sound from it but if I turn the Conexant on and the Fender off I get sound from cakewalk but I hear the mic also. Perplexing because I have the mic disabled in Windows. I am out of ideas and don't no what to do. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. spacekid.90

    Audio Settings

    Hi there, I have been having problems with Audio Settings. I have ASIO4ALL with settings as in the screenshot. It seems to work fine with included Cakewalk plugins but as I switch to external plugins like Komplete Kontrol (Native Instruments), Syntronic (IK Multimedia) and namely piano instruments it just gives "distorted" beep and stops making sounds. I tried playing around with buffer size, increasing and decreasing samples but it did not help. Sometimes in Driver Settings it shows ASIO4ALL Not Connected. I also switched to WASAPI(shared) it says Missing Audio Outputs. Please note, I do not have an Audio Interface device. I work only with PC and its keyboard. I appreciate your time! Thanks, spacekid.90
  8. In my Audio Devicesc: ASIO4all v2 micn 1 input driver and ASIO v2 hpout 1 output then i see "in use by another application" ms g5 wavetable synth enabled? Driver Mode=ASIO and Assign Inst to midi to output. How does all of this effect or interact with my Akai LPK25? Thanks!!
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