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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I ran into a kinda similar problem a few weeks ago, but the issue was resolved. You can view that forum here: I have a Line6 TonePort UX8 that I use as an audio interface and a Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD that I only use for MIDI. They are both USB ASIO interfaces and I'm using them in parallel, not connected, so they are neither synced or clocked together. In Cakewalk Preferences I have the Line6 set as the audio device and the Behringer as the MIDI device, and this works fine... However, if I try to start Cakewalk with the Behringer interface plugged in, a few seconds after the Cakewalk spalsh screen appears, the system crashes and I get the Blue Screen of Death. I can start Cakewalk with the Line6 just fine, and the most perculiar thing is: if I plug in the Behringer interface after Cakewalk has started there's no problem. I get the message box asking if I want to add the device to the session, select "yes" and it's completely fine and they both work together. I also have no problem having both interfaces active when I'm not using Cakewalk. But something is happening as Cakewalk starts that causes the system to crash, if I have my behringer interface plugged in. Possibly the drivers competing for permissions? Cakewalk getting confused about which drivers are which? Of course the easy workaround is, 'don't start Cakewalk with the Behringer interface plugged in', and that's fine - that's what I've been doing. But I was wondering if anyone knows why this might be happening? Just as a matter of interest.
  2. Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me with this: I have cakewalk connected to an audio interface (alesis multimix), and also two synthesizers that work as an audio interface, so in practice I have 3 interfaces plus ASIO4ALL... Is there a way to start cakewalk with an audio interface/ASIO driver preselected? For example have a shortcut to start normally, and another shortcut to start with one of my synth's audio interface selected? Thanks!
  3. I'm fairly new to digital recording and very new to Cakewalk. The Problem I'm having great difficulty with latency when recording more than one guitar track. I'm able to play along and record with the original track playback, but when I listen to what's been recorded, the 2nd track is off by a couple of beats. However, there does not seem to be any latency with recording the 1st track. CPU Specs CyberPower PC with Windows 7, 64-bit AMD quad-core processor, 3.6 GHz 8GB RAM Audio Interface: Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 Things I've tried so far optimizing my CPU settings in control panel shutting down unnecessary processes playing with the buffering preferences in the ASIO panel. I've reduced the buffering to 64 and the settings don't seem to take effect. See the attached screenshots for preferences and settings
  4. I am having beaucoup issues. Drop outs, static and clicking sounds during recording. I have to switch to ASIO when Im using my audio interface. Then switch to wasapi shared when im not Now for some reason ASIO is stuck selecting realtek audio and wont allow me to choose my audio interface. Im in the middle of a project and cant finish because the sofware keeps cycling and freezing in the ASIO/realtek audio mode. New laptop. 1tb storage. Tascam US600 audio interface.
  5. Dan Creed

    HELP !!

    just installed Cakewalk on a i7 with a Creative Labs Audigy 7.1 card, Win 10 pro, and the "surround" is now missing. Works just fine in Sonar!?! Whatz up with dat? Creative's Asio drivers? -Dan-
  6. Hello, I'm very new to Cakewalk & the DAW world, but I'm having a ton of fun learning... I hope I get the terminology and explanations correct as I describe my setup and what I'm experiencing below. I'm still a little unclear on some of the 'mechanics' of things. Setup: Win 10 laptop (realtek audio) with the latest ASIO driver installed Behringer X32 Rack I'm using an X32 as the audio interface using ASIO drivers into my laptop via the X-USB interface. With the help of the formus, I have the inputs configured in CW to the ASIO channels (bizarre naming btw), and I can get signal from the mics and can record. If I'm understanding the mecahnics of it correctly, CW is essentially taking what is coming IN from the X32 so the individual channel gains would be set FROM the X32 and not done in CW anywhere? I'm also struggling with what the what the configuration of the channel outputs should be set to, and how to get the sound to playback. If I'm using the ASIO I/O, is there a way to playback through the laptop (soundcard)? Or does the playback get routed back through the X32 and I should be monitoring it there? Thanks for any guidance/suggestions. Warren
  7. Hi guys, I have a problem with ASIO Drivers and can't figure it out by myself.. I connected my Roland FP-7 Keyboard with an USB cable to my computer. It gets recognised and works with MME (32-Bit). But of course with a huge latency. So I switched to ASIO in Playback and Recording. Now I can no longer hear anything. I can see it recording, but no audio is played back. Specs: Windows 10, i7 3.6 GHz, RAM 16GB, Soundcard: Soundblaster Z (up to date drivers) I attached some screenshots of the preferences tab every help is very appreciated! Koyaanis
  8. 김은혁

    I need help with audio

    I'm a macbook pro user(bootcamp) and have Cirrus Logic CS4206A (AB 31) audio card. but my cakewalk says that there are no audio devices for the current driver model on your system. Please go to edit>preferences>audio>playback and recording and choose a different driver model. but I can't find list of drivers... help me. what do I have to do? +I've setted driver mode to ASIO
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