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Found 16 results

  1. Asato Maa

    Dawn is at hand

    Dawn is at hand The energy of the Sun helps to wake up in the morning to all living things. And as you start a new day, you can remember that today you can start a new day. Perhaps a new day in your new life. Start doing things differently. This is what changes the chain of events... And there is a force that will help you with this! Just feel it.. It's easy! You can do it! After all, even the dawn is in your hands! Have a nice musical journey, joy and energy! This composition was created in collaboration with the founder of the Edelis project. It is based on the composition of the same name Dawn is at hand from my album IS COMING. He liked this composition so much that he made his own version. Which I slightly supplemented with drums. Edelis is my friend and mentor in terms of sound engineering. Thanks to him, I learned how to work with the equalization of each track and make sure that every instrument can be heard in the composition. Mixed and mastering I made in CakeWalk by Bandlab. I would love your feedback and comments! ▶ Listen to the song on Spotify
  2. mark skinner

    Sand Piper

    (New Mix) . Hello , here is an ambient track I've created to fill a hole in a cello project that I've been slowly building. First time using a 57 on cello instead of a large condenser mic. I got a little different sound than I normally do. I pulled the ocean waves and sea bird sounds from an old Yamaha AW 16g stand alone I used before getting into pc daws. Any suggestions for improvement will be Greatly appreciated. Thanks .. mark https://soundcloud.com/user-810058643/sand-piper?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharinghttps://soundcloud.com/user-810058643/sand-piper?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
  3. Asato Maa


    Now is the time to be able to stay in a positive state based on a solid foundation. It is important to be able to remove the sources of negativity and focus on faith. Look for sources of confidence, and positive energy and information. About three weeks ago, while creating a composition for the 4th album of Asato Maa, I thought: what if I put affirmations on this music? I wrote down and record affirmations, and later I added binaural beats. Here are affirmations on various topics: acceptance, trust in the world, love, faith in yourself, destiny, forgiveness, finances, health, fulfillment of desires, past, present and future. How to work with affirmations? ✔ While listening, it is very important to feel words and phrases that resonate with how you feel now. ✔ It is useful to say affirmations to yourself and visualize the sensations in the body during a musical break. ✔ Usually affirmations are listened to several times so that they go to the subconscious. ✔ Long-term effect is only possible after listening for several days. ✔ If some affirmation causes a feeling of rejection or rejection - this is a signal for additional study of this part of your life. About binaural beats. - The carrier frequency - 111 Hz - is associated with an increase in beta-endorphin and cell regeneration of the whole organism. - Binaural frequency - 5 Hz - is associated with a state of calm and unusual problem solving. - The sound is also superimposed on a pure 38Hz sine wave, also associated with the release of endorphins. Listening result: ✔ The impact of theta waves 4-7 Hz on the brain reduces anxiety, helps to control emotions. ✔ Studies on theta effects have shown improvements in intuition, creativity, and empowerment. ✔ Gamma rhythms 30-120 Hz improve cognitive processes in the brain. Increase the speed of information processing and improve memory. Compositions with binaural beats must be listened to only with headphones to get the effect! Write your feelings and impressions of listening 🙏 👉 Affirmations
  4. St. Valentine's Day. Paradoxes 🙄 I want to confess my love to one gorgeous woman! Who is she? Famous Russian poetess Zinaida Gippius 🥰 She lilved at the beginning of the 20th century. I love her poetry, so imaginative, emotional, sometimes daring and shocking... Her poems are imbued with sincerity and sensuality. She wrote her poems like a prayer, and considered this the natural state of the soul of any person. Contemporaries called Zinaida Gippius "Sataness", "real witch", "decadent Madonna" for her peculiar beauty, sharp tongue and courage. All her life she loved Dmitry Merezhkovsky, and very keenly experienced the death of her husband. While creating another track, I spontaneously decided to use her poem "Paradoxes " and put my voice on the music. I tried with my voice and sound to convey the mood and contradictory states that Zinaida Gippius embodied through the words. The composition turned out to be in ambient style, with a predominance of trance and bass pulsations. At one point, the melody intersects in sound with the previous single "Gifts of Altai". Interested in your opinion, friends! Share and support ❤ It was difficult to work with my own voice - I always like someone else's and staged one 😅 You can listen to the song in any online service ⏬ ==> Asato Maa - Paradoxes <==
  5. Hi, I'm trying to locate good quality sample libraries of nature sounds for my meditation CDs. Looking for ocean, rain, birds, sounds in a field, streams, wildlife, etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kevin
  6. Gifts of Altai 🏔 I love mountains. It's extraordinary at night in the mountains! The stars are so huge and close ... Especially the Altai Mountains in Russia! 🏔 A lot of memories are connects me with Altai: my first love, traveling, camping and rafting, participation in a music festival, where I heard throat singing for the first time ... And today the single "Gifts of Altai" for the fourth album of my musical project Asato Maa has been officially published 😅 This composition is a touch to something ancient, intimate and mysterious, which gives strength and unites everyone together. The sound is a synthesis of ethnicity, ambient and Berlin electronics. You can listen to the song in any streaming service convenient for you below ⏬ I would be glad to have support, feedback and comments! 🥰 ==> https://band.link/aMaaGoA <==
  7. bdickens

    Solar Wind

    Sailing on the solar winds. Space music. Done mostly on the Korg X3 along with a few things from the DSF Proteus library.
  8. bdickens


    Become one with the mysteries of the universe. Done entirely with my Korg X3
  9. For only $18.99 (instead of $96), get The Serum & Cthulhu Ambient & Pad Collection by Glitchedtones! The Serum & Cthulhu Industry Standard Ambient & Pad Preset Collection by Glitchedtones brings together 4 pro-level, production-ready packs to deliver an essential ambient toolkit at an unbeatable price. With 220 Serum Presets, 92 Cthulhu Presets and a selection of loops, oneshots and MIDI, this comprehensive collection gives you everything you need to produce chilled, atmospheric and cinematic tracks. Whatever style of Ambient music you are working with, this bundle has you covered! Don’t miss out on this large collection of Serum & Cthulhu presets, hurry and save! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/serum-cthulhu-ambient-pad-collection/ Deal ends on October 18th, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES 220 Serum Presets (Including 133 Custom Wavetables & 10 Custom Noise Samples) 92 Cthulhu Presets 52 Loops 27 Oneshots 59 MIDI 593 Total Files
  10. My track 'Red Franjipani' also on Spotify, Apple Music et al. Part of 2 track single release. This one uses a Behringer RD8 and MS101. Hope you like it! Feedback appreciated. Cheers RED MP3.mp3
  11. It's hard to put into words the feeling you get when you let go of the bonds of your body and explore the vast expanse of the universe by your lonesome self. It may seem lonely at first, but eventually many spirits like yourself pop up, all bearing different shades of purple, al coming from different lifetimes, different world, but all bearing the same struggles you did to get there. In that moment, you are one with the universe, basking in the serenity of the purple rain that is existence. This started off as an experiment with ambient electronica loops provided by Bandlab. Valerie did most of the work, I just happened to take over the mixing and mastering work. - Julayla
  12. Had a really interesting time experiencing Soundiron’s SONESPHERES 3. Some nice combinations of natural ambience, acoustic, and synth textures. Soundiron | Sonespheres 3 - Currents | Ambient Sound Design For Kontakt
  13. Sometimes, you just gotta take every day as it comes. Every single sunrise heralding a new beginning of what could be, the morning waves washing away the anxieties of the past, as you enjoy the moment of just being, renewed and determined. Καινουργια Ήμερα!
  14. A bit different to my last track and self penned. My voice has limited range but did my best. Tell me what you think?
  15. A soft, ambient song ...and beautiful, I hope! There's way too much tension in the world as it is, so I thought a peaceful piece of music was due. Hope everyone is well and safe! Everything recorded in Cakewalk by BandLab. Mixed in Cakewalk + REAPER. Mastered in Cakewalk. VSTi used: AIR Music Tech + SoniVox products If you like a more natural sound over electronic, you'll probably find this enjoyable to listen to. SoundCloud Link Hope you like it!
  16. ramscapri

    Galaxy of Dreams

    Ambient Pop Fusion World Music track, or something like that 😄 Both YouTube and Soundcloud links below : Please share at will if you like the piece 🙏 https://soundcloud.com/ramscapri/galaxy-of-dreams
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