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Found 13 results

  1. A rapper named Cole the VII shared his acapella track called "Back in Time" for others to use to do what they liked with. I put his track into my DAW with a click track and started improvising with it. Twenty-four tracks later, this is the result. I think it turned out pretty well. So Cole did the acapella rap and I composed and played all of the music you hear, live (well, one track at a time). I'd love to get thoughts on the track, where you think my improvised parts work and where you think they don't and your advice on how to make a better mix. I have this track on private, so I'm not sharing this beyond with Cole and some musician friends. I did have a blast making it, but as I wrote, it's improvised and in a day or so, I may want to tweak some of the parts and it'd be valuable to hear from folks what parts they like and what they don't like. My timing isn't perfect. This isn't a heavily quantized song, in fact, a lot of my tracks feature no quantization, so some of the timing isn't perfect. If you find any of the timing is so off it bothers you, please share it and I'll redo that part. I basically kept things as they were because I had a vibe going and I thought quantizing things would destroy the feel. Thanks, Peter
  2. whoisp

    The Day Will Come

    Finished one of my little project ideas, i was messing with sound designs FX whish is pretty much consent all way through in the layers
  3. Larry T.


    Hi all. This is called Trust, instrumental as usual. If I had to pick a genre guess it would be Alternative. All critiques, compliments and questions welcomed. Cheers 🎶🎶🎶🎶 link: https://larryterrano.bandcamp.com/track/trust DAW: Cakewalk by Bandlab pc: windows 10, i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40 GHz, 8GB ram, acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica, focusrite scarlett solo, arturia minilab mkII, arturia analog lab 5 lite, CbB effects reference speakers: M-Audio BX3
  4. I had fun with this one, so if you want to listen to some music whilst watching a women get drunk in a bath, then your probably a red blooded person
  5. Hi All. Here's the latest creation. Called "Thanks But No Thanks", any comments appreciated 🎶🎶🎶🎶 link: https://larryterrano.bandcamp.com/track/thanks-but-no-thanks DAW: Cakewalk by Bandlab pc: windows 10, i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40 GHz, 8GB ram, acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica, focusrite scarlett solo, arturia minilab mkII, arturia analog lab 5 lite, CbB effects reference speakers: M-Audio BX3
  6. Yes i know not many are football fans but iv'e been a Leeds lad since a kid and did this track for my 50yrs anniversary. If you ever went to a Leeds match and hear the crowd sing, i don't think there is one music producer, musician or music enthusiast that doesn't get chills down their spine the first time you go to Elland Rd. Anyway i mixed it up with EDM and Guitar. Was a project to update my templates which I'm still doing. The sidechain ducking is close, had fun with gating and the parallel compression. I could have tweaked more but where do you stop? I slammed the bass guitar so it was more blended and didn’t stick out too much which did jeopardise my dynamics and low end glue. I was touch and go with the guitar, I sat it in and it lost its flavour, so rolled stuff back. I did have a a drum kit, so I always get particular with Kick and snap in the snare. I wanted the snare/synth/guitar to dominate loudness to get a high energy and drama. The vocals I could have sat them in a tad with some saturation or comp but I cut the low end for them to cut through even with some ducking (sacrifice) cut much low which unglued a tad. I just got the master in the ball park but happy in general considering i still updating templates so probably do another EDM mixed type track
  7. Burning in the shadows, short little tune of experimental ideas with some sound design and i probably should have done more singing and not spoken. However excuse the video, i don't like it, banged it together for something to watch whilst you listen top the tune.
  8. m21

    my beats

    Tell me what do You think about that. I would really appreciate any feedback on this beat or any other that You can also listen on my YT channel or SoundCloud account. https://youtu.be/d9UqfFriRag https://soundcloud.com/user-359767509-962687047/sapg-minor-126bpm?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
  9. Hi I used the 808 drum track on this one. I recorded the Drum track on an old TEAC Reel to Reel then digitized it back onto the DAW. Everything else is standard Sonar tracking. Thanks for listening!
  10. My track 'Red Franjipani' also on Spotify, Apple Music et al. Part of 2 track single release. This one uses a Behringer RD8 and MS101. Hope you like it! Feedback appreciated. Cheers RED MP3.mp3
  11. My latest attempt at writing a song a few people might like...trying to interest listeners enough into responding with comments. Which is the theme of the song....trying. So, comments and critiques would be most appreciated. ****Updated - Version 2 - 11/2/19. I added mild compression to the instrument bus, as suggested by someone in the Facebook Cakewalk by Bandlab group. It's a subtle difference, but I think it makes the mix sound a little better. https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13940578
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