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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, We just updated our Cover Artwork Collection with 8 new masterpieces. Check it out here https://beastsamples.com/cover-art/ **Every piece is exclusive which means it can be sold only one time.Once you complete your purchase you have the exclusive rights of the piece.
  2. Hello everyone and Happy New Year, We are more than happy to share with you our brand-new Feature! Exclusive Psychedelic Cover Art for your next release. Visit our page to get a taste https://beastsamples.com/cover-art/ **Most of them sold-out in the first day of release but new ones are coming soon.
  3. I master my own recordings in my own clumsy, DIY way -- right or wrong, I get them sounding the way I want them to sound, and over the years I've learned from here and elsewhere and from experience and gotten a little better at it. So my question is not "how to master," but rather "how to master a collection of recordings." I mean if you have, for example, eight songs recorded and you want to put them together in the old-fashioned "album" format, how do you go about it? Obviously you have to decide on a song sequence, but once you've done that do you put all your mixes on the timeline in the correct order? And what if each track requires slightly different settings for EQ, compression and level in order to make the entire project feel like it's all one piece of work? I guess you could create a region for each track and apply these FX as needed for each region. I usually make my homemade masters of individual songs in Sound Forge 11, but I've never tried to make a collection of songs fit together as a coherent whole. Is there an app for this? For what it's worth I use CbB for all my projects, but I also own Studio One 4, Samplitude X3 and Sound Forge. Years ago I acquired CD Architect 5.2, which tries to do what I'm talking about, but is not compatible with VSTs. Or is this idea really just too old fashioned? Does anyone release digital albums? Do 21st century listeners even listen to whole albums? Any thoughts on this?
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