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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm an amateur player and self-producer of my own songs and a very well satisfied user of CBB I bought few weeks ago this Roland midi keyboard/controller (formerly of the Cakewalk family); It's a very nice product but I wonder how to configure its ACT properties since this device is not (strangely) present in the dropdown menu of the ACT configuration. Should I configure each button manually? An advice about how to do it would be very appreciated anyway EDIT: in the Roland support webpage, I found those 2 possibilities that maybe can help: - A-PRO Series Control Surface Plug-in for SONAR https://www.roland.com/it/support/by_product/a-300pro/updates_drivers/81c44b5d-6d6d-4f89-9eeb-4ce56e848573/ I proceeded with the download and I got a zip file containing a program (to be executed for install) in order to configure the A300pro with Sonar... should it still work with CBB? - A-PRO Series Preset Control Map v1.10 https://www.roland.com/it/support/by_product/a-300pro/updates_drivers/39794206-4104-4574-ba77-2c4e715c7bc5/ the zip file seems to contain mappings for Cubase, GarageBand, Live, Logic Pro, SD-50, Gm2 but not for CBB thanks in advance for your help... ciao ricky
  2. Hello there, I'm am building my own midi controller and I'm am trying to use act. Everything works fine, I can map my knobs to cells using midi learning. My issue revolves around "act learn mode". No matter wich vst and parameter I try it doesn't seem to learn. If I do all the nessecary steps and stop "act learning mode" there is no dialogue box or anything and it doesn't learn anything.
  3. I have recently bought NI M32. Now, after several weeks, I have written a small review about it. If you want uncover the potential of that controller and you don't mind to use 3d party tool (AZ Controller), there is a possibility to: simplify KK instance selection work with ACT plug-in mapping ("natively", so with indicated current bank and parameter names/values on display, coarse/fine changes) choose FX/Synth from the keyboard control loop/auto-punch (including time selection) from the keyboard And a bit more. Details on my site. PS. I am almost sure the preset will work for A25/49/61 the same way. I don't have S keyboard, so related extras are not implemented.
  4. another guy

    more ACT control

    Hello there, I'm building my own midi controller using arduino and I am trying to configure it with ACT. Everything works fine, I can map my knobs to parameters. My issue is that I have more than 16 knobs. How do I use the rest of my knobs?
  5. Hi everyone. Quick question for those more knowledgeable than me. I have a simple midi controller, m-audio keystation 49 mk3. I have it mapped out to my liking, but I would like to map the fader to the faders in the daw. I had this setup with this exact keyboard when I previously owned it in my sonar days, but I can't for the life of me remember what I did different. I used to be able to ride the individual track fader of the track selected no problem. Now no matter how, even act learn, nothing seems to work. Anyone else have this setup could point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  6. I got an Akai Midimix for my birthday recently, and found that it doesn't work well at all with CbB. I found this thread which solved some of my problems, but it still doesn't light up. (Record Arm, etc.) I also found this article which (I think) explains how to integrate those. I'm not that great with coding, so if anyone is, I'd like to be able to integrate this. Thanks!
  7. Andrew Pentecost

    M-Audio Code 61

    I'm trying to set up the M-Audio Code 61 as a mackie emulation and not making much progress. Both Code 61 and Cakewalk support Mackie so it should be possible. I've managed to map faders, rotaries and buttons as a generic controller but can't get the transport keys on the Code 61 to work. Is there any chance that Code 61 will be added to the list of ACT presets? Does anyone have any advice/templates that they could share?
  8. When in ACT and using an x-touch mini to open & close previous and next plugins in a track strip..... this display pops up on "Tube Saturation"..... it isn't a problem and doesn't cause problems... but is this supposed to be the way it looks or no? Or is it what the Roland / Cakewalk midi controller would show on it's display?
  9. I’m missing field in act that lets me choose buttons (1,2,etc.) from drop down menu to assign actions. I looked in my old versions, Sonar x3 and it’s present. Anyone else notice this? This is in the default preset. Also, have any of you know where I can find a copy of the old Mackie control surface presets? I must have mistakenly renamed or lost. I dont want to reinstall entire program. I was a registered user of sonar platinum before bandlab rescued it. Kudos to them. Great program and support for it.
  10. I had someone reach out to me about being able to control the T-RackS Leslie Speaker VST plugin effect using their MIDI controller. I was able to put a short video together demonstrating how to use ACT (Active Controller Technology) to do this. ACT basically lets you control automation parameters through MIDI which opens up a lot of possibilities. What you run into when trying to control a plugin EFFECT is that MIDI is not necessarily available to be passed through to them so ACT is a great help to do this. One of the caveats is that the plugin you wish to control must be in focus. Another point is to record the changes you are doing through the MIDI controller you need to record the changes as AUTOMATION. I hope this is helpful as you can take this principle and carry it through to other effects and plugins. Enjoy!
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