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Found 2 results

  1. When I load an old .wrk file from Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 into the new Cakewalk by BandLab, I can not get it to play. As toon as I hit the play button, it will play one note (if the note/s are at the current cursor position) and immediately stop playback. If I change the window to any other file (unsaved untitled, or other loaded .cwp file) and hit PLAY, it takes right off and does what it is supposed to do. Even if I delete all tracks and unplug all midi from the system, the program will not play (one "tick" and stop) I have compared settings between a functional .cwp file and a non playable .wrk file and I can find absolutely no differences in settings. I am using a windows 10 machine with version 2020.05 (build 039, 64 bit) This seems to be a new problem because I have recently loaded old .wrk files and worked with them. When I load the old .wrk files, everything seems normal. Auto sysex files get sent out. Correct colors for the tracks are displayed. All banks, and patches initiate correctly. it just will not play. Like it thinks it's the end of the song or something similar. Push PLAY, program starts, stops instantly. If I arm a track to record and push R to initiate recording, same thing. Start-Stop instantly.
  2. Hello all. Like some of you, I have a backlog of old .wrk files that I created when I used to be a PC person. I have used a MAC OS for years. I now need to access those .wrk files and convert them into midi files so I can open them in Logic (or some other program) on my Mac. It seems my options might be: -Install Parallel Desktop or Crossover Mac, and then install the BandLab version of Cakewalk... and cross my fingers that it might work. -Find a fellow musician who can convert said files for me (for which I could offer some compensation). That's part one. Part two is: If I (or someone) is successful at converting these old (multi-track) .wrk files, when I open them in a new program, will I have access to all the individual tracks? Or will it just convert the project into one midi file from which I will be unable to isolate the tracks? Even if the only thing I can do is convert the tracks and actually be able to hear them again, I could try to build them again from the ground up. I'd greatly appreciate response from anyone familiar with this issue. Thank you! 😀
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