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  1. Folks, Here is the Solid State Logic Deal of the day. Get the Solid State Logic X-Gate and X-Limit in one Bundle for only $49.99. That's right, both together for only $49.99 Get the Bundle here now ~~~~~> Musicians Friend Also from Guitar Center and Woodwind and Brass shops Tame dynamic tracks with this versatile gate/limiter bundle. The Solid State Logic X-Gate and X-Limit bundle is a versatile set of mixing tools that help tame dynamic tracks, plus adds classic SSL "glue" and punch to them. X-Gate The Solid State Logic X-Gate is a comprehensive mixing tool inspired by classic analogue gate hardware and workflow from SSL's live and broadcast consoles. Featuring a rolling waveform graph, mid/side processing options and tweakable hysteresis using independent open and closed thresholds, X-Gate builds upon renowned hardware gates, all delivered through SSL's advanced workflow interface. X-Gate delivers a range of unique control features for extended sound sculpting. The intuitive sidechain filter interface and mid/side balance options can be used to focus the gate on unwanted sounds and leave the processed signal as natural or affected as you’d like. In addition to visual feedback, the rolling waveform visualization graph provides an intuitive display of the incoming signal against which to set your open and close thresholds. Ideal not only for sound design in the mixing stage, X-Gate introduces variable lookahead times and zero additional plug-in latency at the lowest setting, making it the perfect tool for tracking situations where mic bleed can distract from the primary source material. EXP and DUCK modes immediately drop the plug-in into two additional modes, visualized by the I/O graph: fixed expander mode for transparent gating and duck mode for attenuating a signal only when it exceeds a threshold. X-Limit The Solid State Logic X-Limit is an easy-to-use visual limiter for increasing the loudness of your tracks and buses without the fear of clipping. Featuring multiple set characteristics ranging from extremely transparent to color and glue, X-Limit also includes a standard-compliant true peak algorithm for precision processing and useful feedback about the limiter's impact on the stereo image of your signal. The all-in-one left-to-right waveform visualization lets you set the limiter threshold and ceiling against the incoming signal, then dial in the gain to increase loudness while catching peaks. X-Limit includes four preset styles—transparent, glue, punch and auto—that adjust the ballistics under-the-hood to achieve different characteristic responses for any given situation. Use punch mode to smash a drum bus, transparent mode to catch peaks on vocals and acoustic guitars or glue mode on a sub-group for a unified sound. Auto mode provides set-and-forget options that adjust the time constants depending on the transient content of your signal. Unique steering and ducking meters indicate how the limiting process might influence the stereo image of your signal and provide feedback to minimize stereo degradation using the channel link control. In addition, X-Limit provides several workflow enhancements such as gain lock, I/O difference auditioning, gain match and a mix control to dial the original signal back in, which is especially useful when using X-Limit to add punch and character rather than catch and control peaks. Features Includes X-Gate and X-Limit plugins Tame dynamic sound sources Adds classic SSL "glue" and punch Intuitive and easy to use Order the Solid State Logic X-Gate and X-Limit bundle today.
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