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Found 7 results

  1. For countless years, Cakewalk has had an issue that perplexes and frustrates me: When I want to move a step sequencer clip, I click on it 1x, click on the Process menu and...The Slide feature is often available,but not always. Instead, sometimes my only option is Nudge. Respectfully: 1) Why is this happening? 2) Why doesn't the app let ME decide whether I want to Slide vs. Nudge? 3) Can this be fixed?
  2. Hi Bandlab team, I find cakewalk by bandlab's 'start screen'->'recent projects' list very useful. I love that I can pin projects I am still working on. Since the list is limited (can it be expanded?), and when the project is completed I would love to see a possibility to remove latter from the listing. Also, I think it would be very helpful to have sort of short description field alongside with a project name in this list. I often start a project, and name it with a dummy name. And I end up with a bunch of unfinished projects in the list with the silly names like, a2.cpw, test.cpw, try_out.cpw etc.. . It is because the proper name usually comes to me when track is finished, often I starting up by testing some ideas, which end up to be a track worth to be working on. Description field would be a big helper to organize work in progress projects, well at least for me. please consider if possible, thanks!
  3. For countless years, Cakewalk has had an issue that perplexes and frustrates me: When I want to convert a MID clip to a Step sequencer clip, I click on the clip 1x , right click to get a pop-up menu and...somtimes, but often enough to be too frequent, the Convert MIDI Clip(s) to Step Sequencer feature is sometimes grayed out OR does not even appear in the menu. Respectfully: 1) Why is this happening? 2) Can this be fixed?
  4. So I convert MIDI clips to step sequencer clips often, and I have multiple take lanes in each track. But even though I select the take lane I'm in, then click Convert to Step Sequencer Clip, the newly-created step sequencer clip NEVER appears where the original MIDI clip was. So I have to scroll to where the newly-create step sequencer clip appeared (a different take lane; usually the top take lane) and drag the newly-created step sequencer clip to where I want it. Is there a setting to get the newly-created step sequencer clip to remain in the take lane where the source MIDI clip was, so to take the place of the source MIDI clip? I ask, because I want to be more efficient and because what's happening, or NOT happening, is frustrating. I hope I'm the weak link that just needs to be educated.
  5. Please explain how to get Calkewalk to paste multiple copied clips in one track into a new location within the same track...every time. I select clips from multiple take lanes in one track, click Copy, then Click Paste and tell Cakewalk where to start the Paste location, measure-wise. But Calkewalk rarely gets it right. It's like Calkewalk is a person who can't hold multiple things in his arms, only a few. Therefore, what too often happens is Calkewalk just drops them in a fairly random place that is not off by, say, a measure or a tick, but way off. I've even tried grouping the clips and still Cakewalk screws up the paste. Making this even worse is sometimes Calkewalk mutes all of the original clips, so those don't even play in their original location until they are unmuted.
  6. It would be convenient to have tracks also contain an FX Rack in the post fader area OR be able to assign individual plugins to post fader (I prefer the former, though).
  7. I've used Cakewalk so long that my eyes aren't what they once were. This means that small, onscreen text really slows my workflow. It sure would be nice if Calkewalk allowed me to make the font size larger for one or more fields in this view.
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