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Found 3 results

  1. It would be great if the tracks and busses could vary in width in console view like the height can vary in track view. I know we have the 'narrow' option, but if click / drag were an option, that would be awesome. And while I'm asking, it would be even better if it responded to clicking multiple tracks to apply the change in one shot while leaving the unselected tracks and busses as is. Thanks for listening!
  2. This is kind of a polarizing piece of content, but I have met with some good responses! I realize that these views are subjective, but I feel I at least made some valid points.
  3. SEE ATTACHED FILES. I'm crying out for an improvement on each Tracks/Aux channel to get more control over the mono and stereo field without using extra plugins. All that needs to be done is to separate the Mono and Stereo tracks/Aux individually, to bring more control over the mono/stereo channels. So, we would have the option to insert a Mono or Stereo channel with the two knobs on the stereo channel strips of left and right, for more effective control over the stereo channel. Not only do we get control over Mono/Stereo panning, but this method will also improve the width of the track/aux channel. The stereo aux channels work perfectly as is. Just imagine the ability to pan the left and right channel at any percentage you want. Placing both L/R at 25% or placing a snare dead level on 40/50/60% right up to 100% in the stereo field. I sometimes have to use the sonitus phase plugin just to narrow a stereo channel and have to fight with phase issues. So basically by separating the stereo channels on one individual track/aux, this will give you the ability to widen and narrow a stereo track individually. I hope I'm making sense right now.
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