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Found 3 results

  1. I have read some posts about VST2 plugins and does Cakewalk by Bandlsbs support it. My answer is no. (YES IT WILL PROBLEM SOLVED) I will tell you why I think so. I also have installed on my computer a "paid" version of Sonar Professional. Cakewalk Platinum will not allow me to play anything through the VST2 software that is installed on my computer. It will open them up, but they do nothing. They just sit there looking like they are supposed to, and all the controls and knobs work but they do absolutely nothing. On the other hand, when I open them up in Cakewalk Professional they work perfectly. I don't know why Bandlabs has decided to not support them, but they evidently don't so in Cakewalk by Bandlabs all VST2 plugins are greyed out and useless. Like I said they will open up, but they do nothing, but they work fine in other earlier versions of Cakewalk. They also work fine in Studio 1, 5 and Fruity Loops. Hope this helps someone. God bless you all.
  2. Hello I am sure this has been discussed. If so please do help me find the topic in the forum. I have installed some new plugin alliance plugins. The vst3 plugins are in the correct folder and when I first installed them cakewalk noticed them in the initial scan, but that was it. I did this with the online installer. I tried doing this with the offline installer as well since this is generally an offline daw. - Plugins still do not show up in cakewalk. I wonder if I need to clean the registry to force cakewalk to notice the vst3 files again? I did try installing these plugins on a different machine with cakewalk and it worked great. Thank you John
  3. Hey guys! Since I reinstalled windows, the cab function does not work on the TH2 producer vst2, (vst3 works fine) and since all 3000+ of my projects uses it I'm kinda f****d. The moment i remove the cab from the vst I just get the delightful amp with no cab sound, but when I apply a cab again the vst just goes silent (no crashing). Hoping any of you had some tips? Ps. switching out to the vst3 version on all my projects is a no go, WAY too much work. But I'm allready using the vst3 for my current projects.
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