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  1. is there any vst plugin that is recognised as a instrument that i can plug in mp3/wav drum files to so i can use the step sequencer like the fl studio channel rack?
  2. I am using Windows 11 and downloaded all my legacy products. I have Dimension Pro working but it is not in CWB just on the desktop. It doesn't show up as an instrument at all. I never changed any install paths and this has never happened before. Any ideas?
  3. Hello! It's been a very long time since I used Cakewalk, and today when I started it up, one of the VST plugins started throwing an error. No idea if it's specific to the plugin, but here are a couple screenshots: This is the first little window: When I click OK I get this: (The support link for Cakewalk is dead, btw.) There is absolutely zero provision for asking Roland about this, so I'm hoping someone knows if there's a fix or if I'm royally screwed.
  4. Hey! I did one or two bits songs that i really like with the native Modfilter effect but I also really want to migrate to Ableton's user interface, even though Cakewalk will alway be in my heart;). I started to look a way to use it externally but it only made me understand I could use some advice I'm looking to: . find it and buy it . find a good .vst very similar to Cakewalk's Modfilter (from the DX effects) or even better of course . find an AI capable to recreate it with the help of a screenshot of the effect (here attached btw) . find a way to extract from Cakewlak's files said and cherrished Modfilter THANKS for your help, even so little it might be... and have a good day
  5. Does Cakewalk/Sonar allow VSTs to send/receive MIDI CC and System Exclusive Messages? I tried 2 hours to set Cakewalk MIDI/IN outputs, Syes Echoes, etc.., but to no avail.. My use case is the following: I have a 80s hardware synth Korg DW-8000 which responds to sysex messages . Then there is a VST called FB-7999 which emulates the Korg DW-8000 but it also can be used as Sysex Librarian and also realtime Sysex sender to the Hardware (see pic below). So i want this VST "FB-7999" to send its sysex messages when i move its sliders (an send sysex patches) and also receive sysex from the Korg DW-8000 (e.g. to import sysex patches). Reaper - which i just installed to test it out and normally don't use - can do it via simply defining a MIDI output for the same VST. Can Cakewalk do it (which i use since 1997)? Thanks, Peter ps. i found a similar question but not answer here from 2011: http://forum.cakewalk.com/Sonar-VSt-SendReceive-System-Exclusive-Messages-m2214469.aspx
  6. I downloaded the drum player Sitala but its not showing up in cakewalk and is opening as a separate application. I copied all of the Sitala files that I downloaded to my Vst folder and manually scanned it several times but it still didn't show up. I double checked the files, their locations and even redownloaded Sitala a couple of times and it still fails to show up in cakewalk. Is there any way to fix this?
  7. Hi everyone! I have a weird issue. When I load a instance of Poise and UVI workstation (Which had a free give away for 1 day) vst together in one session, it crashes CakeWalk when pressing play. Weirdly enough it doesn't crash when the play head is not at the beginning when pressing play. But when I save the project and want to start it up, Cakewalk crashes on startup. Using the both vst's sepperatly work just fine without any crashe, and am also able to save and re-open a project with no problem. I also updated CakeWalk to the latest version (apparently the last free version update), but stil crashes when loading both vst's. I found out that when I disable ASIO sound drivers it does not crash. I use Fl studio's ASIO driver btw sinds it enables you hear audio of multiple programs while mantaining the ASIO low latency capebilities. In FL studio and Studio One I can use both vst's in the same project without any problems. No crashes, saves and re-open without any problem. At the moment I'm trying out MPC beats as an alternative for poise in CakeWalk....which is AWESOME!...but...not possible to load more then 1 MPC Beats instance as a VST. Which is a mayor drawback for me. Can Serato studio free be used as a vst? Any suggestions anyone?
  8. In Preferences, the option to scan folders for vsts/VSti's has disappeared in my Cakewalk. I can tick the various boxes there, but when I choose manual scan, scan on start-up, etc nothing happens. I've installed some 3rd party virtual instruments and fx and I want Cakewalk to recognise them. Thank you. Neville
  9. I need help. Some plugins are not showing up in Plugin Manager but I don't know how to decipher the log. Any suggestions?
  10. I'm sorry if I missed this in another post, but I can't for the life of me figure this out or find the answer I need. I've written some stuff(mainly bass parts) using Guitar Pro and converted it to a midi file. I'd like to utilize some of the VST plugins(like modo bass 2) to record the part, but I can't seem to get the midi part to get played through the plugins. I've tried to import the midi file to a pre-existing project and trying to add the plugin in the FX section of the track, but no volume. The closest I've gotten was when I read to "open" the midi file by itself. I could actually hear the midi part, but was unsuccessful in adding the plugin. When I used the "open" method, it would open with 2 tracks. My midi file and a TTS-1 track. Without doing anything and pushing play, the midi file was played. When I tried to add the Modo Bass 2 plugin to the TTS-1 track it wouldn't play anything. It doesn't allow me to add the plugin to the actual midi file track. I feel like I'm missing something completely easy being that I can't find anything on this. Any and all help would be appreciated.
  11. I'm trying to use FL Studio inside of Cakewalk, and leverage the synths I've acquired there. However, I don't want to have a dozen FL Studio instances running if I can at all avoid it. There is an FL Studio Multi VST plugin that theoretically supports 16 inputs, but I can't figure out how to convince Cakewalk that it has that many. The end goal would be to have up to 16 unique MIDI tracks in CW that all point at the same VST, but assigned to different MIDI channels. Hope this is possible!
  12. I just installed cakewalk and I was getting this error message so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it again but this issue is still persisting. I am not able to fix this problem. I tried to search it on YT as well but I didnt get any result. While the install wizard I selected the basic option as well to get it downloaded and my VST plugin folder is in the C drive as well. I am totally lost on whats happening. Any help on how I should get rid of this issue and how should I configure my OS to run it will be appreciated. Also I am running a windows 11 Home version
  13. Hi! I’m getting back into sequencing after many years away and have downloaded the demo of the Korg Triton VST. I’m pretty certain I’ll buy it, but I’m banging my head against the wall with one issue that almost definitely is user error. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to switch banks/patches on the Triton VST from within Cakewalk. I have imported the Triton.ins file and can select patches, but this has no effect on the sound that plays. Similarly, if I select the patch I want in the Triton UI and then record my track, it reverts to patch 1 when I reopen the project. I’ve also tried sending CC 0 and 32 messages followed by a patch change in the event editor and this has no effect either. I would much appreciate any help that this group can provide. Thanks!
  14. Hi all, I've been having some difficulty getting the Engine from Best Service to run in Cakewalk. I set my VST scan folder to the library I'm trying to use, and also tried to navigate there through the media tab from the right side of the cakewalk dashboard. It seems like Cakewalk isn't recognizing the instrument files that end in the .ytil extension. Any tips on getting this set up? Thanks!
  15. Signum Audio are offering 50% off all their Skye and Bute plugins until midnight (GMT) on Wednesday 5th April, 2023. The Plugins: Skye Dynamics is a 3-in-1 Dynamics Processor comprising an Expander, Compressor & Limiter. Skye Clipper is a Clipper and saturator plugin with sophisticated real-time anti-aliasing technology. Bute Limiter 2 is a seriously smooth, ultra-transparent True Peak Brickwall Limiter. Bute Loudness Analyser 2 is a comprehensive loudness meter for referencing during mixing and mastering with built-in presets. Bute Loudness Normaliser can achieve loudness-compliance in just a few clicks, automating the process and ensuring the characteristics of your audio remains true to the original. Bute Loudness Suite 2 is a comprehensive loudness toolkit which includes all our Bute products and as a bonus integrates a True Peak Limiter into the metering plugin. All Signum Audio products are compatible with AU, AAX, VST & VST3 formats and available for macOS and Windows. Signum Audio's products come in a Stereo version, or expanded Surround version which adds support for spatial audio mixing (up to 12-channel configurations). Free trials are available for all Signum Audio's products. Purchasing a licence include free future updates.
  16. Hi, whenever I bounce a pair of MIDI tracks there's no audio, just a single straight line without a waveform. The project has over 30 tracks and they give me no problem except these 2 which are using a Quilcom SIM-HC vst. I tried freezing/unfreezing them, bouncing through the "Tracks->Bounce to Track(s)" but it still doesn't work. I understand that the problem is the plugin but, considering that I must mix my project and the error could happen again in the future with other vsts, is it possible to do some troubleshooting to solve the situation? Thanks in advance for the help.
  17. Hi, I am using Cakewalk by Bandlab V.2022.11, 64 bit on a Windows 10 computer. For about a month, the Overloud TH3 plugin has been working just fine. I thought it came free with Cakewalk. But today it is requesting a serial number. It is simply that I was running a Demo version that timed out?
  18. I can’t seem to figure out how to rout multiple MIDI channels to one VST instrument. I assume there must be something I simply don’t understand, because this not being possible seems like a bit of a terrible oversight. For instance, TX16Wx can have up to 12 different patches loaded, but Cakewalk seem to only be able to send MIDI to Channel 1 exclusively. Any other channel receives no data regardless of how I attempt to rout MIDI to the instrument. HALion has 16 different channels that all can load patches, but again Cakewalk only communicates with MIDI Channel 1. Seems like such a silly waste to load an entire instrument like this, only to use one single channel. VSTs that transmit MIDI like EON Arp seems to meet a brick wall in Cakewalk too. In pretty much any other DAW it’s simply a matter of selecting to receive MIDI from EON Arp on the instrument track you want arpeggiated, but no such option in Cakewalk? This can’t be right. Or is it?
  19. Hello, I just finished downloading 8 libraries from EastWest Composer Cloud onto my new computer. I have the ilok license I need in order to use Composer Cloud, and my Cakewalk has been set up to scan the folder where where I directed those libraries. Even after all this, Cakewalk isn't detecting any of these libraries. I don't know what else is missing, and would appreciate some assistance. Johnny
  20. Hey everyone and Happy holidays, We are more than happy to share with you the BeastMass Bundle Deals! Because we know that one is never enough, until 7th of January all of our sample packs & plugins are bundled and on extreme sales! Starting with the full Synth Melodies Bundle -> https://beastsamples.com/synth-melodies-bundle/ 🎁BeastMass Bundles will be available only for this Holiday season.. Make yourself a gift
  21. When you bypass a plugin using the (host) bypass top left button, the plugin is not bypassed in the channel strip and vice versa. Furthermore when the plugin is bypassed in the host it shows orange whereas in the channel strip orange means active which is confusing.
  22. Hello everyone, Here is the Demo of our latest VSTi plugin release: The Psychedelic Guitars Click below & get it for free to try this out https://beastsamples.com/product/psychedelic-guitars-vsti-demo/ The Early-Bird (-60%) Offer of the Psychedelic Guitars ends in 6 days! Enjoy, Beastsamples Team
  23. Hey everyone, I'm curious to know what are some of your guys' personal favorite "game-changer" plugins. What Virtual Instruments and/or Effects made your production that much better and brought it to the next level? And how so? For VIs, my personal favorites have to be Reason Redrum/Kong and Native Instruments Kontakt. With Redrum/Kong, it just made my life so much easier making beats/drum patterns. And with Kontakt, the world is literally your oyster... endless possibilities of professional sounds. For effects, it'd have to be the UAD 1073 and Plate 140. Feels like I'm using the hardware versions. And my mixes just sound so much better.
  24. Hello everyone, After a long period of waiting, SALES TIME is back! You can get every sample pack, bundle or plugin with up to 70% discount! Click below to discover more.. https://beastsamples.com/sample-packs/ The deal will be on for the next 2 weeks! Keep creating, Beastsamples Team
  25. Hi - first a thank you for past answers. It's really great to have a forum of people who know things! Now, for another question...I'm sure that many Cakewalk users have enough VSTs so that a scan takes a lifetime when you get a new product. What is the proper (safe) way to get all the old versions of a product (like Ozone 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 !!) out of the picture. Is it simply removing(moving) the ones you don't use out of the VST folder area and doing a rescan? (in the process probably breaking old song files, but that's a price I am willing to pay). Also, is there a fast way to scan JUST for new installations? Steve
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