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  1. Transport commands via sysex - which Control Surface to use? Or are there other Cakewalk-supported drivers available? I'm using the latest available Cakewalk by Bandlab version and have to assume that has the latest Transport drivers. I don't want to use the Mackie because some of their behavior is problematic - for example, compared to using the computer keyboard, first press of "R" begins recording and transport is rolling, the next press, recording disengages but transport continues rolling (like a punch-in / punch-out would). With the Mackie protocol through the built-in control surface choices, yes, the first message begins recording, the transport rolls. However, when the second message of record, recording is disengaged, but ... the transport stops !! My Control Surface is the Elgato StreamDeck, which has a MIDI plugin that uses the Mackie protocol, but also offers Sysex, Note#, CC#, so I was hoping that I could build a transport set of Sysex commands. The plugin can send keystrokes, so I currently have it send "R", but that only works when Cakewalk app has foreground focus.
  2. I'm trying to set up a Korg nanoKontrol (mkI) for controlling Cakewalk. I can assign volume sliders and pan knobs, no problem. "Right click -> Remote control... Learn." The transport controls have me beat though. No right click available, no remote control option. As far as I can tell, a controller must be in "Mackie MCU" mode and added as a control surface with an appropriate ACT profile. I'm assuming that "Mackie MCU" is a table of control channel assignments? In which case I should just be able to set the cc's for the nano's transport control buttons. I've asked Google, but it just wants to sell me expensive equipment. Q1) Is my assumption correct? Q2) What are the cc's for the transport controls? Q3) Why can't I just "right click->remote control... learn" like I can with sliders and knobs? Thanks.
  3. I'm stuck in an odd spot. I keep the option to zero out midi on transport stop off in order to not have my spitfire instruments mod wheel zero out. But then if there was a pedal down, my notes sustain forever on stop and I have to manually pedal in order to get it to stop. I'd like on option that on transport stop, the pedal is zero'd out, but everything else remains the same. Cheers.
  4. Ok - Interesting scenario - I was just messing around and I was just using MIDI notes to drive and instrument. No audio recorded When I played back the the midi, at the end of the last note, the transport jumps back to now time. Now I expect that behavior, at the end of an audio recording, but I never had just a plain midi track. This effect sounds funky and at first I though there was something wrong. It just sound like the note ends too abruptly. I got around this by recording some blank audio so my transport kept going and all sounded as I expected. I know that I can use "Ctrl-W" disable the "Return to Now Marker", but I did not expect that from a MIDI track. So My question is this - Is this normal behavior for just midi tracks (last note abruptly ends and then Return). Thanks, Syphus
  5. Hi there, I just purchased a new Nektar Impact LX49+ MIDI controller to use with my Cakewalk by Bandlab DAW. Nektar works as a basic MIDI instrument (I can play my VST synths and occasionally map the knobs successfully depending on the VSTi) However when I try to use the DAW Transport controls (Play/Stop etc.) or use the sliders to control the volume in Cakewalk’s mixer, I have absolutely no response. I’ve downloaded all the necessary setup files for Cakewalk SONAR via the Nektar Impact website as a registered user and installed on my Windows 10 machine, and still nothing. I’ve also set up the Nektar Impact correctly as an ACT Controller in Cakewalk settings. Has anyone with a Nektar Impact been able to successfully get it ‘talking’ to Cakewalk and use it to control the DAW transport and volume sliders? It’s been very discouraging thusfar. Really appreciate your time and assistance! cheers
  6. Hello i succesfully connect Cakewalk to Jack_router. My Cakewalk can receive inputs from Jack_router and send ouputs to Jack_router. But i don't find how to trigger Cakewalk Transport when launching Transport in Jack (via Qjackctl). Does anybody have an idea on how to do this? I only see that is possible to trigger Cakewalk with MMC but it's not what i am looking for for my project. Thanks.
  7. Hey all, this is Andy. Please allow for a hopefully simple question regarding automation of real time controls via the AZ Controller control surface. First of all, I was able to setup remote control for CC MIDI messages and SysEx messages (master fader) for a CME UF6 master keyboard. I am struggling with transport control, because the SysEx commands seem to be filtered out through CbB. Internally generated MIDI RT events work as expected. A MIDI monitor shows that the commands are sent by the keyboard and received through the interface. In general one can allow SysEx data to be recorded through the CbB preferences (Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Playback and Recording > Record / System Exclusive). This setting is important for the control surface (AZ Controller) to be able to listen to SysEx events. For some reason however this does not include real time SysEx events (such events that do not start with F0). What could be the reason that events like "Play" (FA 00 00*) and "Stop" (FC 00 00*) are not passed through to the AZ Controller control surface? Is there another setting in CbB that filters these events out? Your help would be much appreciated! Update after further research * MIDI Monitor may display the bytes of the MMC real time messages in a different order than these are sent, and may also omit an information (Device ID). The displayed command codes FA/FC seem to be non standard. Because of this it is now no longer clear to me if the sent messages are compatible to AZ Controller's MIDI RT entries. It is however confirmed that CbB understands the real time messages in MMC sync mode (set as slave device with the keyboard as master).
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