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Found 3 results

  1. Hello When I add vocal tracks I transfer the entire project to my laptop to take it to a small sound insulated room. The laptop does not have my VST banks loaded on it, so I bounce the project to a stereo audio track to hear while recording. The project switches with no difficulty between the 2 different sound cards but when I "save as" and transfer the project back to the original computer the the midi tracks have no audio. The plugins all load successfully while opening . The synth rack seems to indicate the banks are loaded but when I click on the player interface either I get a "this sample is not initiated" message ( Kontakt) or the interface is inactive ( Aria) . This problem is project specific, the original project still functions properly. So it is not about finding the libraries. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
  2. Hey All I can Google this, but would prefer a recommendation. I've got a few audio masters that are in 4 track cassette formats and want to transfer them to a wav file. I have a company near me that is doing stereo cassette transfers, but they don't have a 4 track player. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  3. Hello Group-- I have the option of deciding what to do with a laptop I inherited. I wasn't sure I needed another laptop since I already have one for work, but it crossed my mind that I might be able to install CW on it and use it as a portable DAW. The thing is, I love my full PC DAW and it's a ton more powerful than this laptop, so I would only use the laptop for things it can handle, and then transfer the project over to my PC DAW for all the heaving lifting. --Subjective Question Alert-- Is this worth it? I would love to be able to work on projects while I travel for business, have some extra time at lunch, etc. But, the process of moving a project back and forth between DAWs has me thinking that it might not be worth the trouble. Que up this awesome forum! There has to be someone here who either does this or has done it in the past that has some insights they can share. Thanks in advance!
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