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  1. Hi Can you use an external hard synth in this DAW? I have a Deepmind 6 and a Roland Gaia and would like to use them. any help would be great Thanks Paul
  2. For just $11.99 (instead of $39.99) get Synthophone from SAMPLESO! Synthophone is a deep sampled instrument based on the classic Stylophone combined with Sampleso’s signature Kontakt engine which takes this instrument way beyond its original functionality. This instrument was accurately sampled to behave just like the original unit, capturing each note in all three registers, including noises for the stylus tap and release, with the ability to mix and choose between MIC input and LINE input sources giving further tonal versatility. Originally $39.99, Synthophone is now available for only $11.99. Limited time offer, don’t miss out! NOTE: Requires the full version of Kontakt 5..5.1 or later! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/synthophone-by-sampleso/ Deal ends on September 7, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES 87mb installed. 199 Samples. 128 build-in instrument presets in one NKI. 24 bit / 44.1kHz uncompressed PCM wav samples. Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5.1+
  3. For just $7.00 (instead of $70), get GRAINSTATES, the latest release from Rigid Audio! GRAINSTATES is a set of 128 “granular morphing” textures and soundscapes. On top of that you can import your own WAV/AIF files into each GRAINSTATES layer via drag and drop. GRAINSTATES comes with two sequencers and 4x 64 source waveforms within four distinct layers that can be played back randomly. There is control over granular playback as well as onboard effects like flair, flanger and phaser. Originally $70, GRAINSTATES is now available for just $7.00 for a few days, don’t miss out! NOTE: GRAINSTATES requires the full version of Kontakt 6.4.2! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-2 Deal expires on March 14th, 2020 at midnight eastern standard time. KEY FEATURES 128 Factory Presets. 3 different States within each Factory Preset. 4x 64 (256) Source WAV Sounds. 4 Engines (2x Grain, 1x Wavetable, 1x Timestretching). 2x 64-Step Modulation Tables. Control over Grain Flux, Speed, Detuning, Length and Sample Offset. State-Sequencer with 8 Steps and Morphing. Preset Randomization. Sound Randomization. Random Source Sound Selection while playing. Built-In Production-Quality Reverb. Flanger, Phaser and “Flair”-Effects. User Audio File import via Drag and Drop. Requires full version of Kontakt 6.4.2 VIDEOS
  4. For just $99.99 (instead of $256), get Phase Plant + 3 Banks by Kilohearts. Banks included: Impossible, New London and Tremor with a combined total of 149 Phase Plant presets! Phase Plant is the award-winning modular synthesiser from Kilohearts which combines a limitless generator and modulation system with the Kilohearts Ecosystem of Snapin effects (sold separately). Analog oscillators, samples, wavetables and a noise generator creates the initial sound, which can then be filtered and processed using any combination of Snapins from your arsenal. Phase Plant and the entire Kilohearts Ecosystem is being constantly improved and updated at no extra cost. Originally $256, the whole bundle is now available for just $99.99 for a limited time only (you save a whopping $156). This is an amazing no-brainer offer you should not miss! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-2 Deal expires on February 14th, 2021 at midnight EST KEY FEATURES New era modular workflow with limitless possibilities Powerful generator section with high-quality oscillators, wavetables, samples and noise generators Innovative wavetable editor Simple to complex signal routing Advanced audio-rate modulation Unique modulation system including envelopes, LFOs, randomisers, and more… Three modular effects lanes for hosting Kilohearts Snapin effects Over 550 factory presets (all presets are fully functional regardless of which Snapins you own) Regular free updates with new features and improvements
  5. For only $34.99 instead of $179, get the Synth Bundle by Audiofier! The latest bundle from Audiofier contains Sequi2r EX (with all the expansions!) and Sequi2r Synth, two sequence based libraries for Kontakt (FULL version required). With SEQui2R EX, you are in control! Choose the notes that suit your composition and SEQui2R EX will do the rest. SEQui2R features two separated sound engines, 8 distinct phrases recorders, with independent step panner, step volume, 2 step filters, step distortion and a step lo-fi per engine. This is a limited time offer you should not miss, hurry and save! Offer page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-2 Offer ends on December 6th, 2020 (Midnight EST) SEQui2R EX Key Features Two separate sound engines with 660 sound sources. All four Expansions included. 11.35GB NCW File compressed. One additional Sub Layer per Sound Engine brings a total of 4 sounds per Phrase. 8 programmable phrases per patch, with step-able Filters, Distortion, Lo-Fi, Pitch Bend, Volume and and Pan. Key/Scale Control keeps your phrases in the desired scales and keys. Major, Minor, Diminished and Whole-tone scales are provided. 10 User programmable scales available per patch. Portamento, Stutter and Ornamento per step. Reverse-able and Random notes per step. Randomisation of Sounds, StepFX and phrases. Import and Export of Phrases plus StepFx and User Key/Scales. Midi Notes Midi File Drag & Drop export. Includes Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Convolution Reverb per engine and a Master Digital Reverb. Selectable LP or HP master Filters per engine. Automate-able Step effects, even at a phrase level. Requires FULL VERSION of NI KONTAKT 5.8. (Not compatible with NI Kontakt Player). SEQui2R Synth Key Features Two separate sound engines/oscillators 8 different waveforms categories chosen from the amazing Galbanum, Architecture Waveforms collection, including: Sine, Square, Saw, Triangle, Pulse, Unison, Driven and Mixed. 10 Waveforms per category including Inverse, Serial, Fractal, Formant and more** Sub Oscillator with Square and Sine waveforms and Noise Generator (White and Pink) Individual Tempo-Syncable LFOs and Envelopes for Pitch, Volume, Filter and Pulsewidth, for each oscillator. Extremely small library size, for fastest loading time. Multisampled Single Cycle Waveforms, not samples of Vintage Synths. 8 programmable phrases per patch, with step-able Filters, Distortion, Lo-Fi, Pitch Bend, Volume and and Pan. Key/Scale Control keeps your phrases in the desired scale and key. Major, Minor, Diminished and Whole-tone scales are provided. Portamento per step. Stutter and Ornamento per step. Random notes per step, improvisation function. Selectable randomisation of Sounds, StepFX, phrases, Filters, Envelopes and LFOs. Requires FULL VERSION of NI KONTAKT 5.8. (Not compatible with NI Kontakt Player).
  6. For only $34.99 (instead of $175), get LECTOR – a tremendously versatile VST plugin by Waldorf! Lector puts in your hands a sonic toolset for a wide range of diverse applications. Just about anything goes, from distorting the human voice to adding subtle harmonies to lead vocals and getting creative with movie soundtracks. Robot voices, whispering strings, talking drum loops, rhythmic pads, the resonant ringing of bells, dripping water – the possibilities are all but infinite. With a quick tweak here and there, the Lector turns any incoming signal into novel sounds and effects. Limited time offer, don’t miss out. Promo page: https://audioplugin.deals/lector-a-tremendously-versatile-vocoder-by-waldorf/ Promo ends on September 21, 2020 KEY FEATURES 3 to 100 band Vocoder Adjustable range of Analysis Filter Bank Adjustable offsets and LFO modulation of Synthesis Filter Bank 3-band Equalizer with variable mid band Individual Compressors for Speech and Carrier signal Voiced / Unvoiced Detector Overdrive (types Tube, Diode, Clip) Stereo Chorus / Flanger, 2 to 6 stages Stereo Delay, syncronizable Reverb Sidechain input (VST 3 and Audio Unit) Carrier plug-in (VST 2) VIDEO AUDIO DEMOS
  7. Introducing Largo from Waldorf, a feature packed synth full of character for only $29.99 (normally $174)! This soft synth is Waldorf’s response to constant requests for a full blown Walford Synthesizer in a software plugin package, and it delivers. Featuring three ultra phat oscillators, two of which feature a sub oscillator for huge, deep bass, Largo offers analog wave forms (saw, sine, triangle, pulse) as well as a selection of wave forms from the PPG and Waldorf Wave synthesizers for more versatility. Waldorf takes great pride in offering you the absolute best filters in the world, and you’ll be able to hear the difference whether it’s a low pass, high bass, notch, or comb, they spared no expense when crafting this software synth. Adding some drive to the sounds gives you rich harmonics and graininess that are perfect for both modern and classic music, from EDM to cinematic and beyond. Everything in this synth is laid out for easy access, from the LFOs to the Mod Matrix, to the built in effects such as delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, and reverb. Starting with the presets is a good way to learn how the synth works, then add some drive, or run your sound through the arpeggiator to get sequences and arps and make it your own. If you need a synth, don’t miss this one! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-2/ Deal ends on July 5th, 2020 KEY FEATURES Powerful File Browser Program Manager for easy reorganization of bank content. up to 256 voices per instance (depending on available CPU power) up to 4 layers per sound 4 stereo outputs (alternatively 1 stereo sum) host automation of almost all parameters MIDI Controller automation of the most important parameters
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