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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys, Using an old Technics piano - the original pedal board broke and can't find a replacement (and the cable used has an usual fitting). I am now trying to run a generic Stagg sustain pedal through my td3 drum module which is working, but registering as CC4 rather than CC64 within Cakewalk (going through the foot controller/hi hat input) Is there a way for me to fix this - I want to have the sustain working in real time while I play (just copying over the data once recorded onto the CC64 channel for playback wont do)? Unfortunately I can't see a way of assigning anything to the sustain function within Keyscape (can Midi learn/assign the pedal to everything bar sustain as there is not a sustain knob/button, or specific settings option as in Pianoteq). Many thanks, Alex
  2. In a live performance, with piano hosted by Cakewalk, I play a rubato (indefinite timing) song intro on piano which ends with a sustained chord. At the right moment I start my backing track. That momentarily interrupts the sound of the sustaining notes (they come back), which sounds TERRIBLE. How do I keep those notes uninterrupted while the track starts? On a Facebook group I got lots of suggestions to try, none of which worked. One moderator replicated the behavior. I'll tell you here what I told whoever was listening on FB... "I absolutely positively guarantee you this has been plaguing other users for years who've never reported or complained- such is the nature of unwanted software behavior and a large user community (I'm a long time Ansys developer). Probably more in the studio with a bunch of musicians around and the blips are an embarrassment among pro colleagues than a big live performance snafu, but enough to draw unwanted attention or snickers. I'd also bet $$$ the fix is easy for the right developer." Thank You!
  3. I'm a new user of Cakewalk by Bandlab I have a MIDI keyboard (C. Aemon LP-6108A) connected to my PC with a MIDI-USB cable (only MIDI in is plugged in, if that changes something), and it works fine. However, when I'm recording using the keyboard, recorded notes' sustain lasts until I stop recording. I have no other MIDI keyboard or DAW, so I can't test if it's fault of my keyboard or Cakewalk. However, when I'm recording on my PC's keyboard, everything works fine. I think it's good to mention that I don't have a sustain pedal. I've been searching throught entire internet for the answer to my question, however found nothing that helped me I would be very grateful for any help, I also put the screenshot of how recorded notes look like
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